Royal Wedding Street Parties- A guide to the perfect street party.

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Street Party For years street parties have been the most thought after way to celebrate royal occasion from royal coronations, weddings and jubilees. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Prince William and Kate Middleton’s big day than with the entire community. I’ve come up with top tips on how to create a spectacular street party for everyone to enjoy!

Street Party Top Tips-

Get everyone involved-

 The best part of a street party is getting the entire community together. You’ll find that lots of people are willing to help, especially if they are excited about the Royal Wedding. It’s a good idea to have a gathering before the party and assign different people or families specific roles. Organisation in these sorts of events usually makes parties more efficient and cost effective. And you will usually find that people will put themselves forward for thing they are good at or enjoying doing, whether that’s baking cakes or organising decorations.


Traditional street parties have seen lots people get together for year, so a huge table and lots of chairs are a must. Decorations are the perfect way to set the scene and get everyone into the party spirit. For the Royal Wedding bunting is perfect and easy to make; a task for the children over Easter half term. Simply make sure that your party is colourful and exciting so add flags, ribbons and lots of Union Jacks to set the tone.

Food and drink-

Traditional British party food is perfect way to celebrate Prince William and Kate’s big day. Go with sausage rolls, scotch eggs, delicious sandwiches and a savoury tart. For extra delicious dishes make what you can from scratch with British produce.

street party food and drink

Make a selection of desserts so your guests have a choice, how about a traditional trifle, victoria sponge cake, apple pie and cupcakes for the children. Share the work load and ask a different person to make each dish. This way they everyone can contribute and you will have lots to choose from.

Don’t forget to toast the happy couple with a glass of Champagne for the adults and delicious fruit juice cocktail for the children.


Make your street party as fun as possible by playing party games that both adults and children can enjoy. Get your guests to dress up as if they were part of the royal wedding, play musical thrones and have a face painting stations where you can paint Union Jacks, wedding bells or anything else that takes your fancy.

 Remember your day-

I’m sure that many of you can remember at least one street party from you’re childhood. As the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate is said to be the event of the decade documenting your event with photos is a great idea. To remember the entire day and all of the hard work create a guest book and get everyone to jot down their favourite part of the day. This way everyone’s memories of the day are together.

royal Wedding guest Book

It’s a good idea to remember that there might be some implications with street parties from councils etc… so please do make sure that you check with your local authority before making plans. You can even get street party insurance. It’s also a good idea to have a back-up plan in case of weather or venue disruptions etc.

I hope you have a really great day and enjoy with your friends and family!

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