Panorama: Undercover Care- My thoughts

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I am sure many will agree that Panorama: Undercover Care shown on BBC last night was shocking to watch.

panorama logoThe documentary saw undercover reporter, Joe Casey, film abusive behaviour, which was inflicted on learning disabled and autistic patients who were residents at Winterbourne View Care home in Bristol.Shockingly the abuse was carried out by the carer workers who had been trusted to look after and support the patients.

Terry Bryan, a former senior nurse at Winterbourne contacted Panorama after reporting concerns of abusive behaviour to both Winterbourne management and the Care Quality Commission with no response from either, Panorama investigated.

I watched the programme and found myself in shock and disbelief at what I saw. The care for patients seemed to be completely neglected, and I often questioned who the patients were and who carers were- finding it difficult to define the two.

The care home, which specialised in care for vulnerable patients who suffered specifically from learning difficulties and autism, should be a safe haven, which provides quality care and attention to its patients. Instead we saw a chaotic environment where violence, anger and abuse were the focus.

The footage was shocking for not only viewers but experts in the field. One professional featured on the documentary claims that the abuse which happened to a patient called Simone could easily be defined as torture. Something which is difficult to comprehend in a modern, well equipped care facility which had been visited and successfully investigated by regulators prior to the documentary.

iplayer panorama

I find it hard to understand the behaviour of these so called carers as their bullying behaviour has caused needless pain for not only the patients but also their family and friends who has no idea of the abuse- this was clearly stated during the documentary.

Panorama: Undercover care was an eye opener for all involved; as a viewer I was genuinely upset by the footage and I’ve seen this echoed by the huge amount of media coverage which the documentary has received this morning.

I am glad to read that the documentary has fuelled a police investigated and probed for an in-depth look into the care industry’s standards and practice. However, I can only hope that the Winterbourne Care home case was a rarity, and that the work of all care workers won’t be tarnished by a few individual who have disturbingly taken advantage of their positions.

Panorama: Undercover Care is available to view on BBC Iplayer- click for more information.

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