Age UK Fall Awareness Week 2011

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We all take a tumble once in a while and although we know that elderly people are prone to falling over more often, many of us fail to understand extensive problems that a fall can cause.

Thankfully Age UK have launched ‘Fall Awareness Week’, which is taking place right now with lots of local events taking place to prevent elderly people from falling over.

fall awareness week age uk

Fall Awareness Week 20th-24th June

The events range from (my favourite) walking stick MOT- checking that your walking stick is in tip top condition, and a safety aid rather than a hazard. Quizzes and exercise classes which aim to keep you active- staying active makes our bodies more agile therefore we are less likely to take a tumble. And finally ‘wrong glasses’ activities to ensure eyesight is being looked after properly. There is a real push for the elderly to get their eyes checked as poor vision is becoming an increasing source of falls.

All of this might seem obvious but such can reduce the risk of falling over and prevent life changing knock on effects. The unpleasant reality is that a server fall can not only immobilise a person but in serious cases cause death. More commonly falls reduce self-confidence, which generally leads to less independence and a more isolated existence.

I personally think that it’s a great idea do a little research about local Age UK events nearby as with their help and support you could really help yourself or a relative prevent a costly tumble.

For more information visit Age UK online.            


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