Top Tips: Keeping cool in the hot summer sun!

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Summer time is great as it makes me feel so much happier. Bright mornings and light evenings make the days feel fresh and generally give people a natural sense of happiness.

This week summer has arrived with soring temperatures. Here in the office we’ve had fans on full power in an attempt to keep cool, which brings me to my point. That enjoying the summer heat is great however, staying safe in such weather is also extremely important.

Elderly people eating outside

Keep safe in the sunshine with my top tips:

  • Drink plenty of water- Staying hydrated is the most important part of staying safe in the sunshine. I tend to drink plenty of water on a regular basis to ensure I don’t become dehydrated. This is a really simple and effective summer tip!
  • Stay protected- Sun protection is essential so think about sun cream, hats and light weight clothing. Use a reasonable SPF and apply throughout the day to ensure you get maximum protection. Personally I applying sun cream before leaving the house and carry a handbag size cream to use whilst out and about.
  • Fresh air- During summertime I like to open windows in the house to let plenty of fresh air circulate throughout. This helps make me feel fresher and more comfortable. I know that some might worry about security but if this is the case write yourself a little note as a reminder to close any windows before leaving the house or going to bed.
  • Go outside- Enjoy the weather and get into the garden. Just remember not to overdo it during hot spells. If you planning on gardening do anything strenuous in the early morning or evening when the temperature is a little cooler. During the day I like to find a shaded spot, read a book and enjoy the summertime.
  • Siesta- A classic Mediterranean tradition which works wonders in the summer heat. I find that the hot weather makes me feel a little drowsy during the day, which is why I tend to take a nap during the afternoon. Napping at this time means I generally avoid the summer suns highest heat- a relief when it is really warm outside.
  • Feel good- I like wearing bright clothing when it’s sunny because it makes me feel good. And I have a tendency to eat lighter meals and choose from a healthier selection of foods. Stock up on fresh fruit, salads and fish as an alternative to heavier veggies and meat dishes for general well-being during the summer months.  

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