My thoughts- The rioting across England.

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The rioting across London, which has now spread to other areas of England, is devastating to view.  News reports showing burning buildings of businesses and homes, shops being looted and innocent lives left in turmoil by people who seem to have little respect for society is truly tragic.

With strong police presence in all affected areas it is hard not to ask the questions what is going on and why hasn’t this callous violence been stopped?

I am glad PM David Cameron has returned from his summer holiday to assess the trouble. People need to feel safe again I hope that he can quickly achieve this.

Aaron Biber

I’m struck by the news footage and feel ashamed that such behaviour has happened in the UK. One photo I saw on The Telegraph says it all. 89 year old Aaron Biber looks at the remains of his barbershop in Tottenham. It is a heart breaking scene. Terrifyingly those responsible for these outrageous riots are mostly youngsters who are holding their own communities hostage with mindless and disgraceful behaviour.

Aaron Biber2

I think that we need to be strong now. We cannot accept these dreadful acts of criminality, which are bringing hysteria to the streets of England. We need to ask ourselves how in our modern, caring society can people behave in such an appalling manner, and why do these people believe that violence, theft and intimidation is acceptable.

For up to date news on rioting – click here.

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