Hairy Bikers Meals on Wheels Campaign

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Many of my readers will know that I love to enjoy great food with great company. For my most recent birthday I received a fabulous collection of recipes compiled by my closest friends, relatives and colleagues which remind me (and them) of fond memories together.

This passion for great food drew my attention to a new series which aired on BBC two last Tuesday night. Hosted by Dave Myers and Si King known to many foodies as the ‘Hairy Bikers’ we see the two investigate ‘Meals on Wheels’, the institution which has fed vulnerable elderly people here in Britain since the war and why it is falling into decline.

hairy bikers meals on wheels

Having watched Tuesday’s episode it’s sad to see that Meals on Wheels has become so out dated and unstaffed. Staggeringly in recent years the meals delivered to elderly people has been cut by a third. This is generally down to the complexity to which the Meals on Wheels system works.

I wasn’t aware of the ‘postcode lottery’ which the iconic culinary service holds as service providers vary from local authorities to privately owned business and charities. But essentially it is volunteers who are the back bone of Meals on Wheels. Those who delivery meals to our grandparents and elderly neighbours but sadly willing volunteers are in decline too.

To make a gloomy picture seem a little duller watching Si and Dave try out what Meals on Wheels actually offer to their clients is also saddening. For those who are lucky enough to receive a meal are often left with a bundle of frozen fodder or a warm meal which has been cooked from frozen supplies. It was surprising to see that a Meals on Wheels kitchen in Elmsbridge wasn’t even supplied with kitchen knives never mind fresh veggies to peel, chop and dice.

meals on wheels delivery

So the Hairy Bikers have a mission… to make a change and give the elderly people quality food, healthy food and a great variety of fresh food from Meals on Wheels which they all very much deserve. Additionally they want to create a more up to date image of Meals on Wheels, one which people will want to be involved with, hopefully introducing a new generation to the once British phenomenon.

Episode one introduced 77 year old Grace, 88 year old Gloria and 81 year old Sue who have all decided their time for decades. But it’s essential to get more people on board to offer a larger variety and more social interaction for the elderly people who depend heavily on Meals on Wheels for food and friendship. And the Hairy Bikers plan to make this happen.

Hairy Bikers Meals on Wheels

I do hope that Hairy Bikers’ Meals on Wheels inspires people to help make a difference as the passion which Si and Dave have is incredibly inspiring to watch. Personally I loved to watching the show and really am anticipating next week’s episode as its documents a wonderful campaign, delicious food and importantly sheds light on the hard fact that unless change happens; fresher food, better meal choices and more volunteers the services available for our ever growing aging population looks grim.

For more information visit and watch on BBC iPlayer


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  1. I would like to volunteer to deliver meals

  2. Please reply

    • Hello.

      Great Meals on Wheels need lot of volunteers. To do so you need to find a Meals on Wheels service near you, who are actively looking for volunteers.
      The BBC’s Hairy Bikers’ web page has a great link which allows you to find local volunteer opportunities. Here’s the link –

      Thanks for reading the blog-

      • hi im pauline duncan from winchbough scotland i would like to volunteer to deliver or help in the kitchen meals on wheels

  3. would like to volunteer

    • Hi Pauline.

      It’s great to hear that you would like to volunteer for Meals on Wheels- they certainly need lots of helps.
      I’ve had a good look around the Hairy Bikers’ BBC website and found a great link which allows you to search volunteer opportunities in your local area –
      I hope this helps and thanks for reading.

  4. I hadn’t realised that it had fallen into such decline. I will look into volunteering. It’s a shame that we fail to properly care for our elderly in this country.

    • It’s extremely sad which is why volunterring is such a postive way to help!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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