Bath-Knight installed in Channel 4 Grand Designs home

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Earlier this year I received a telephone call from a pre-existing Bath-Knight customer who was planning on moving house and would therefore need a new Bath-Knight installed.  Such calls aren’t too out of the ordinary as lots of customers’ circumstances change and go on to affect their bathing needs, which we are more than happy to assist with.

However, this specific call was somewhat different as it came with a surprising story. The lady who called was Mrs Penny Denby from Keston, Kent. With a decision to change the family living arrangements Penny had invited her mother Jean to live with herself and husband Paul, ultimately offering Jean more company and a family orientated space to enjoy life in.


Along with understanding Jean’s desire to remain as independent as possible, Penny knew that her mother was an enormous fan of her Bath-Knight and would struggle without it. So Penny called on Jean’s behalf and also explained the extraordinary home which her mother would soon be enjoying. 

Interestingly the Denby’s home and its story was picked up by Channel 4 who decided to feature it in their famous property design programme ‘Grand Designs’. As Penny and husband Paul had actually decided to demolish their previous home of 23 years to rebuild a modern, efficient family home that would fulfil the needs of the whole family in its place.

grand design inside the house

For Penny’s mother the house had to be accessible and offer her a space of her own, and of course included the essentials which make her life more comfortable and enjoyable. On the top of Jean’s list was a Bath-Knight which allowed her to enjoy a long soak in the bath.

Working around a host of architectures, construction workers and designers the Bath-Knight fitters installed a Bath-Knight Deluxe to the delight of the Denby’s as now Jean could look forward to a relaxing bath in her spectacular new home.

As a thank you gesture the team were invited to visit the Grand Designs home during a trade show in early April of this year. Bath-Knight’s Digital Marketing Assistant Katie went along to view the Bath-Knight Deluxe and tour the house.

Bath-Knight in Grand Designs

I’m told by Katie of how fantastic the properly is from its modern architecture, magnificent open spaces and contemporary finishes. She continued to explain how the property has been thought out extremely well to ensure that it’s beneficial to everyone, quite impressively including an elevator which easily transports people from upstairs to down- a true Grand Designs home!

Katie was also lucky enough to speak with Penny and Jean who graciously spoke of the sheer pleasure which her Bath-Knight has provided over the years, ‘I love to have a bath, I hate showers, which is why I get so much enjoyment from the Bath-Knight. It’s like enjoying a normal bath again; you can’t even notice that the Bath-Knight is there’. Jean also went on to declare her delight to see such a tidy installation in her new bathroom.

grand designs bromley

The Sylvan Glade Grand Designs home has been a fantastic project to be involved with and it’s a true testament to the Bath-Knight for the Denby family to use our service once again in their new home. I’ve personally found that this particular installation offers a great chance to boast of how discreet the Bath-Knight truly is, sitting so beautifully inside a contemporary designed home (it’s such a pity that it we didn’t catch a glimpse on last night’s show) which I am sure the Denby family will enjoy greatly.

Watch Grand Designs featuring Penny, Paul and Jean’s home on 4OD now- click here.

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