Annette’s Websites of the Week 26th-30th September 2011

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 Annette's websites of the week

Bath-Knight – Usually I try to take remain as impartial as possible when selecting my favourite websites, ensuring that I use a wide variety of my favourite sites from lots of different brands and businesses.

However, this week I couldn’t resist including because it looks so great since we re-launched the revamped site earlier this week.

The site still included all of the quality information which helps customers decided if our products are right for them. But now has a fresher feels, great product photographs, a streamline finish and extra special touches which make it really up to date; I love the roll over imagery on the home page.

Bath-Knight homepage

What’s extremely important is customers contacting us about what they’ve seen online. With that in mind the new site makes getting in touch incredibly easy as we’ve invested in many different ways to get in touch. Additionally my blog, Bath-Knight’s Facebook and Twitter sites are all accessible via the new site and new customers can get to know our happy customers through the many testimonials featured throughout.

The team and I are really happy and hope that our customers find their online experience with Bath-Knight as enjoyable as possible.


petrol –Supporting family and friends in their ventures is of great importance to me because I’ve has so much support throughout my career.

My brother, Lee Steadman has used his inventive mind for many years to come up with different ideas and wonderful creations. His latest ‘Diesel Head’ is extremely special because it’s a device which is so beneficial to consumers.

The Diesel Head is a misfulling prevention device which has a clever ‘fit all’ design, helping thousands of people to prevent the dreaded mistake of putting petrol into a diesel tank.


When I spoke with Lee I was startled to hear that an estimated 1000 misfuel mishaps happen every day. Comparing this with the charge to repair a misfuel totals a pretty hefty bills, which is why I really am behind Diesel Head as a product.

Retailed at an affordable price the Diesel Head been praised by motor journalist Quentin Wilson for its quality and concept. It’s a great product which could save a small fortune.

Visit – for more information on misfuel prevention.


zizzi – I receive lots of promotional e-mails and have to honestly say that I don’t always get around to reading them. However, in an attempt to organise my inbox earlier this week I stumble up – the website to Italian restaurant Zizzi.

I’ll confess to not having eaten at Zizzi but their website alone has enticed me to along and experience their food, atmosphere and ambiance- I just need to find a suitable branch now.

Filling the screen with beautiful imagery in a collage style the landing page most definitely has the wow factor. Beaming with bright colours and interactive details it flaunts a variety of fonts, styles and patterns with lots of links to explore.

zizzi website

Clicking on each link viewers are treated to another overhaul of great website design which is brilliantly creative whilst still being practical and informative.

I love the online menus and ‘A Zizzi Christmas’ displays their Christmas menus with such festive loveliness that I’m considering which menu I would most like to taste.

This website is one which I accidently landed on but I’m so glad that I did because it really is lovely to browse. Perfecto!

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