Nick Hewer- Countdown’s New Host

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Countdown has become a television institute having entertained the nation with conundrums and teatime teasers for the last 30 years. Although I’m not a frequent viewer, it’s a show which I love to get stuck into when I do get the chance, and I know that it is a firm favourite with our customers.

In the past, notably during Richard Whiteley’s reign, the Bath-Knight television advertising campaign saw record breaking responses with customers calling with enquiries having seen our adverts in between their favourite day time TV show Countdown.

Nick hewer Countdown

On the first show of 2012- the year which Countdown celebrates its 30th birthday- I tuned in to see how new recruit, and my favourite sidekick of Lord Sugar, Nick Hewer got on during his first day as Countdown host- notebooks and thinking caps at the ready!

The role which was originally held by the late Richard Whitely has become somewhat of an honour to behold. Since Richard’s death a number of different people have taken the reigns including Des O’Connor and more recently Jeff Steeling. All of whom have offering something unique to the show.

Richard Whiteley and Carol Voderman

Now is the turn of 67 year old Nick Hewer, a onetime PR guru who is one of Lord Alan Sugar’s most treasured business aids and close friend. A television favourite of mine (I’m a big fan of The Apprentice) I thought that Nick did an exceptional job and will become a very welcomed member of the Countdown team.

A true gentleman he paid a respectable tribute to Richard Whiteley and the hosts who have gone before him, before settling into the chair to host his first ever presenting job. Enthusiastic, witty and above all extremely likable, Nick fits the bill perfectly.

Nick Hewer Countdown 2

True to his persona on The Apprentice Nick was, as always, armed with his animated facial expressions. Calm and extremely distinctive he was also complementary and kind. Congratulating the breath-taking speed at which young contestant Jack Worsley worked to win his victory on the show. Cracking the conundrum in only a second we barely heard the iconic tick-tock of the Countdown clock.

A very wise man indeed Nick is a real joy to watch. Having struck an immediate rapport with his Countdown colleagues, Suzie Dent and Rachel Riley, Nick seems very much at home on Countdown, which means there is only one thing left to say… Nick, you’re hired!

Catch up with Countdown on Channel 4OD now – click here for link.


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  1. I am sure that Nick will do a better job than his predecesor, I just hope that the producers of the programme will engage much more entertaining people in dictionary corner. Recently there have been some really boring and uninteresting guests in that chair.

    • Thanks for reading!
      Nick is doing a wonderful job- a welcomed addition to the show!
      As for dictionary corner, I suppose that it is all down to personal preference. Do you have any specific suggestions in terms of who you think would brighten things up?

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