Bathing for Therapy – Relaxation with aroma and hydro therapy.

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Some years ago I worked alongside former nurse Helen Passant and together we created ‘Bathing for Therapy’. A handbook which discusses the methods and techniques that can be used to create the most relaxing bathing experience.

A field which I know is extremely beneficial to many of my customers, the book was a huge hit upon its release and we continue to receive praise for the publication even today. So I thought that revisiting the subject here on the blog would be a rather nice idea.

Bathing for Therapy cover

I often get asked how to create the easiest and most relaxing bath time and my immediate response is to consider your own needs as these are incredibly important to easy bathing, especially within the elderly. Remember that there seems little point relaxing in a bath if you’re stressed about how you’re going to get out safely.

Investing in a hydrotherapy spa bath is a good option for those who suffer from extensive aches and pains as the water pumps soothe and massage. Bath-Knight’s walk-in bath range offers easy access baths in a variety of sizes, styles and functionalities that work according to your specific needs. And of course the Bath-Knight band is designed to allow those hydro bubbles through.

Alternatively aromatherapy is a great way to achieve easy bathing within a more typical bathing environment (remember there is no stopping using both aroma and hydro therapy together). I’ve found that many people gain greatly from aromatherapy and it tends to becomes part of their routine.

The Perfect BathWhen I was training for a charity walk last year (unfortunately I was unable to compete due to an injured foot) I regularly bathed using essential oils such as lavender, lemon grass and Chamomile to massaging my aches and pains whilst in the bath.

I discovered that aromatherapy can be as easy as you like. If you’re cautious at first simply add a drop of bath oil to your bath and relax. When you become more comfortable use a mix of blends and rub problem areas (if needed).  It is incredibly effective and can help with a variety of complaints and health issues which are difficult to cure.

Bathing for Therapy back coverJoint aches, poor circulation, varicose veins, high and low blood pressures and skin problems are all problems which can be eased with a cause of aromatherapy. To ensure that you target your problem area with the most suitable oils I’d recommend doing a little research beforehand. Chemist and pharmacists are reliable sources. Additionally the internet is full of sites specialising in hydro and aroma therapy. I would suggest reading Holistic Healing with Liz McWatt who offer plenty information on Aromatherapy.

The beauty of aromatherapy is it can become personal to you. Be open minded to different treatments by making your own recipes – I’ll be blogging about some of my favourites next week. Homemade recipes are often cheaper than shop bought counterparts and work just as well.

If you would like to recieve a free copy of the Bathing for Therapy Handbook email with your details and we’ll be sure to send you a copy.


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  1. There’s nothing more relaxing than a hydrotherapy bath — highly recommended!

  2. interesting article like the product Bath knight

    • Hi Bridget,

      Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed the article.

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