Big Energy Week

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The rising cost of fuel is increasingly becoming a burden for many people in today’s economic climate. Reading facts and figures such as ‘43% of us are worried we won’t be able to afford our next bill’ is becoming the norm.  So I was happy to read about Big Energy Week– a promotional week set up by the Citizen Advice Bureau to encourage the public to learn more about how they can reduce their fuel bills.  

Running from 16th-21st January Big Energy Week is bringing together the big energy companies, consumer organisations and government agencies. Working together they are helping to reduce fuel bills with advice, support and practical tips.


On the Big Energy Week website finding resources which could help you is quick and easy. If you’ve got a energy saving question which lots of people maybe enquiring about visit ‘Save energy- Save money’, which has useful links and answers general questions.

If you’re questioning whether you should move tariffs in order to save money visit the ‘Tariff and payment method’ section for guidance in doing so. Furthermore the ‘Financial Help’ is particularly helpful if you are planning to make a claim.

If you’re worried that you need to speak to someone in person check out the range of local events– simply type in your postcode to find events near you. Here you can speak to someone and explain your issues. This face to face advice may be incredibly helpful if you’re in a pickle and struggling to find ways to pay your fuel bills.


It’s also worth noting the countless links to supporting organisation. I’ve discovered organisations which I was previously unaware of but could prove to be incredibly helpful. For example, Home Heat Helpline, a free line which prides itself on offering straight forward help and advice, and The Energy Saving Trust are both backing Big Energy Week by offering practical tips and informative information.

Those over 60 should automatically be entitled to Winter Fuel Payments- helpline 08459151515.

I think it’s brilliant to see Big Energy Week encouraging people to find the very best deals. I’m a real believer in finding the best price, something which was once seen as more hassle than it’s worth, but today this couldn’t be any more important or worthwhile.

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The Citizen Advice Bureau is suggesting comparison sites, much like the car insurance ones which are adverted on the television. Sites such as do the hard work for you and could potentially save you a bundle of cash.

If you are worried about how much energy you’re using visit the Big Energy Week website for friendly advice. Alternatively print out the Citizen Advice Bureau’s managing fuel bills handbook for more information and credible contacts.


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