World Cancer day 2012

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Saturday 4th February is World Cancer Day. Recognised around the world, it’s a day which offers the chance to remember those who have suffered and died from cancer. But also creates the perfect opportunity to come together and raise awareness of the many different types of cancer, educate people on how to safeguard themselves and create positive change.

As it’s estimated that ‘1 in 3 cancer deaths can be prevented through changing lifestyle habits’, this year’s World Cancer Day is promoting the theme ‘Stand Up and Do Something’, encouraging everyone to make a positive change to their life.

world cancer day

This year supporters can join World Cancer Day online with the Facebook Application which has prompted hundreds of people to pledge a change. I think using online resources such as Facebook offers a fantastic way to get people involved, plus other people’s suggestions offer great inspiration.

Change can be anything from eating healthier, getting more active, lightening your work load to reduce stress or even attending medical check-up. All are incredibly simple but extremely effective.

Happy World Cancer Day 2012!


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  1. I have lost two family members to cancer. I have come to believe fear and hate are at the very root of cancer. Fear of death and hate of pain. Diet and activitys are worthless with out faith.

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