Costa Cruising Disasters

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Only six weeks ago news broke that the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia had collided into rocks off the Italian coast. As the ship slowly sunk, finally laying on its side submerged in the shallow water, passengers and crew members were forced to evacuate. 

To date the Concordia disaster has claimed 25 lives and sadly there are still people missing. More distressingly the Concordia captain, Cpt. Schettino is suspected of abandoning the liner during the disaster, which has caused great anger amongst many who believe that the disaster could have been avoided.

Unbelievably Costa Cruising has suffered another blow as the Concordia’s sister ship, Costa Allegra was forced to issue a Mayday signal yesterday after a fire broke out in the ship’s generator room. The fire cut all power supplies to the liner causing it to be left stranded, drifting in the Indian Ocean.

Sunken Costa-Concordia

The sunken Costa Concordia

The Allegra, which was only days into its tour of the Indian Ocean, Red Sea and Mediterranean, was feared to be targeted by Pirates last night. However, the vessel has been recovered and is currently been towed to the Seychelles with all passengers and crew members safe and well.

An experienced cruiser myself I have great sympathy for all passenger on board both the Costa Concordia and Costa Allegra as they must feel tremendous uncertainty about cruising. A way of travelling which I have utterly enjoyed for many years, and know is a firm favourite amongst many, specifically older people.

Although I’ve never personally cruised with Costa I do question the future of Costa Cruising. With two significant incidents in such a short period of time I wonder if Costa will be able to withstand the aftermath of the Concordia and Allegra disasters. Further I’ve speculated if cruising in general will suffer as a result.

Costa Allegra

Costa Allegra

Hopefully the latter won’t happen as cruising is a real joy when all goes to plan. I think it’s important to remember that there is a huge variety of cruise liners all with tremendous history, exceptional service and style.

My advice would be to do a little research and get recommendation from people who have cruised before. I could recommend plenty of liners – all depending on what you want from a cruiser- but I’d stress that all cruise ships have strict safety procedures to prepare passengers for any eventualities so there really is no great need to worry.

Read my cruising blog for more inspiration.

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