British Pie Week 2012

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It’s British Pie Week and to celebrate I’ll be sharing some of my favourite pie recipes this week- I did the same last year and it was a great success, you can read 2011’s recipes here. For British Pie Week 2012 I’m hoping to share classic pie recipes which are firm family favourites alongside recipes that are a little bit more adventurous. Spicy pies, veggie pies and even pies with a splash of alcohol.

Before I open my recipe book I have to comment on how well loved British Pie Week has become. Quite astonishing the simple supper of pie and mash has been reinvented into a trendy and fashionable meal of choice. Fancy pie and mash has even become the selling point of many newly established eateries.

Pieminister kenneth

My favourite is Pieminister, a Bristol based company who have cleverly crafted a menu of signature pies which they serve with creamy mash and silky gravy. I regularly visit their Pie Minister branch in Trentham Garden’s which is only a stone’s throw away from home and guaranteed to be delicious.

Capitalising on their love of pie the Pieminister team are celebrating British Pie Week 2012 by travelling across the country (from Bristol to London and back) in their ice cream turned pie van called Kenneth. Generously they will be dishing out scrummy pies to passers-by.

This enthusiasm and love of such a traditional meal is brilliant to see and will hopefully encourage people to make their own delicious pies at home. One of my favourite homemade pies is a classic Chicken and Mushroom pie. This hearty classic is easy to make and reasonably cheap- perfect for families. My top tip is to ensure you use chunky pieces of chicken and plenty of seasoning.

British Pie Week Chicken and Mushroom Pie

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