Friends Reunited relaunch

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In the year 2000 Friends Reunited took the internet by storm as thousands of people registered with the website to reconnect with old school friends. It was hugely successful and possibly the first social networking site which the majority of people used. 

Despite being hugely popular in its prime; I remember lots of school reunions thanks to the site. Friends Reunited quickly became overturned by newer social networking sites such as Myspace and most notably, Facebook. Unable to keep up with its competitors Friends Reunited was sold in 2005.

Friends Reunited Home Page

The all new Friends Reunited website

After seven years Friend Reunited is back with a new image and unique concept that hopes to bring internet users back to the site. This time around Friend Reunited is focusing on nostalgia, allowing users to remember great memoires from the past and share them with friends online.

The new-look site has worked in conjunction with Press Association and the British Library to create a catalogue of public memories- jubilees, royal weddings, Olympic Games, music events, all variety of public events. Together they have assorted a collection of photographs, videos and news clippings which users can browse through and ‘keep’ if they remember. Anything which the user keeps is then sorted in the user’s personal online memory box.

From there users can add their own personal thoughts and images to their memory box- merging both personal and public memories together. Cleverly the site allows you to share your memory box with friends via Facebook or it can remain private on Friends Reunited it’s completely up to you.

Friends Reunited Home Page

Collect your memories in an online memory box

Having explored the site I like the idea of a memory box and the image stock which Friends Reunited has established is really impressive; this is definitely a selling point. But I’m not convinced that the site will be as popular as other social networking sites because it is so different from Facebook and Twitter.

The site has lots to offer but it’s not for everyone. Memory boxes are time consuming and take a lot of effort to create so it is definitely a site for older people rather than younger. Fingers crossed the theme of nostalgia will encourage more older people to use the site and get online- a definite recommended site if you’re helping someone take their first steps on the internet!


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