Channel 4’s Four Rooms – a modern take on antique dealing

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When you think about antique shows Cash in the Attic and Antique Road Show instantly spring to mind. Although these programmes have served us well over the years it’s easy to see why some people think that they have become a little outdated.

Last year Channel 4 came up with a new idea that brings the art of antique buying back into fashion. The contemporary show titled, Four Rooms, showcases both selling and buying one-off items and gives at glimpse at how cut throating negotiating can be. 

Four Rooms Dealers

Four Rooms Dealers

Now in its second series Four Rooms has become a success with both a young and older audience who all anxiously await the value of the items featured. This series has included some incredible pieces like a signed dress which Amy Winehouse wore only months before her death, the Volkswagon Golf that Kate Middleton drove whilst studying at St. Andrews, a slice of cake from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip’s wedding cake. Not to mention the chair which JK Rowling sat on whilst writing the first two books in the Harry Potter series.

Four Rooms Amy Winehouse dress

Amy Winehouse dress

Along with these remarkable items the show also has a modern twist, which I think makes it all the more interesting. As sellers only get one chance to make a deal, if they decline an offer which a dealer puts forward it is gone for good. They simply have to move on to the next dealer and hope for the best. If they don’t agree on a price with any of the four dealers they leave without a sale which makes anxious but entertaining viewing.

Four Rooms is definitely a programme which I would recommend for the entire family to watch together because it includes something for everyone from modern day pieces which encompass today’s culture to vintage antiques which carry years of memories and everything in between.

Catch up with Four Rooms on 40D now or tune in to next week’s episode on Wednesday evening at 8pm-Channel 4.

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