Websites of the Week- Harry Potter Studio Tour, Pepperberry by Bravissimo and Friends Reunited

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Annette's websites of the week

Warner Bros. Studio Tour- The Making of Harry Potter- If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter films you will no doubt be excited to hear that Warner Bros. Studio- The Making of Harry Potter officially opens this weekend.

The studio tour, which is set to attract thousands of fans daily, gives visitors an insight into how the magical films were created and lets visitors explore some of the most famous sets in the Harry Potter films including Gryffindor’s Common Room, the potions classroom, Dumbledore’s office and even Hagrid’s Hut.

Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley in Harry Potter Studio

Most excitingly visitors get to enter through the iconic Great Hall, which will be a magical moment for all Harry Potter fans including myself, and exit the tour with a walk along Diagon Alley where they can peer through the shop windows and even purchase their own wand.

Opening the studios to fans is something which I think will be incredibly successful and a real treat for families who have followed Harry and his friends. Having seen a photograph of the Hogwarts Castle model that is featured in the London based studio I’m looking forward to going on the tour to see how much time, effort and creativity went into making such a magnificent series of films.

Great Hall Harry Potter

Great Hall Harry Potter Studio

Warner Bros. Studio Tour- The Making of Harry Potter would be a great day out for Easter holidays but please note that all tickets must be purchased prior to your visit. Visit the official website to source tickets and general information including directions, prices etc… and browse the tour’s Facebook page for exclusive photos of what to expect from the Harry Potter Studios.


Pepperberry clothing by Bravissimo- Fashion is a great way of expressing yourself and I love nothing more than buying a new outfit which looks good and feels great. For me the most important part of buying new clothing is ensuring that the garment fits properly.

But this is often easier said than done, as finding clothing which fits perfectly can be a real problem for ladies. So it is with great delight that Bravissimo have introduced a new range of clothing called ‘Pepperberry’.

Pepperberry clothing is ‘designed with your boobs in mind’ so you don’t have to worry about blouses gaping at the button holes or buying a size bigger. Pepperberry have designed a range which is sized as usual size 8-18 (UK) but also incorporates room and comfort for your shape specifically.

Pepperberry clothing

Pepperberry clothing by Bravissimo

Customers pick from the additional sizes of ‘Curvy’, ‘Really Curvy’ and ‘Super Curvy’ enabling the garments to flatter your shape and fit to perfection. Speaking from experience there is nothing worse than buying a size bigger than you need which is why I believe Pepperberry’s new sizing system will be a hit amongst ladies who love fashion but hate sizing issues.

Pepperberry’s range is not only stylish but also colourful and tasteful with dresses, tops, coats and skirts meaning that there really is something for every style and every occasion. Check out your Pepperberry size and browse the range at now.


Friends Reunited– I’ve include the all new Friends Reunited website on my weekly recommendations because I believe that it could be a fantastic website for older internet users and the perfect place for people who are just starting out online.

Friends Reunited

The new look Friends Reunited website

The site boasts a theme of nostalgia and encourages its users to document their memories of the past in a digital memory box. Users can flick through all sorts of images, videos and news clipping to help jog their thoughts, which is why I believe that Friends Reunited could be extremely beneficial to the elderly. Helping them remember the good times in a modern way.

Fingers crossed Friends Reunited will become an internet success and help older people, many of whom are reluctant to go on the internet, enjoy the World Wide Web by filling it with the things which they have enjoyed from many years ago. Remember that signing up to Friends Reunited is completely free

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