World Autism Awareness Day 2012

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world autism awareness dayToday is the fifth annual World Autism Awareness Day and people across the globe are coming together to raise awareness of autism and support autistic people and their families worldwide.

World Autism Awareness Day is one of only a few awareness days which is supported by the United Nations. Their support displays the need for further awareness and a higher profile of autism internationally. World Autism Awareness Day hopes to help educate more people about autism and change the way autistic people are treated by society in general.

Here in the UK over one in 100 people are autistic and almost half a million family members are affected by the condition because autism is such a unique disability. No body with autism is the same and there is no cure (as yet). Some autistic people can live a somewhat independent life with minimal support whereas others need full time care; this variety shows the range of people who are on the autism spectrum.

However, many people outside of those who are affected by autism are unaware of what autism actually entails. Today is the perfect chance to learn more about the disability that affects thousands of people and understand why it’s important to know about autism even if it doesn’t affect you directly.

light it up blue for autism

Autism is a disability which makes communicating and social international extremely difficult. Autistic people find new people and environments difficult to handle as they rely heavily on a routine. Adjusting to change in everyday life can cause real distress which is why it is important for the whole of society to have an open mind towards autism.

World Autism Awareness Day hopes to encourage more autistic people to join communities which can help them. But more importantly it wants to open the eyes and minds of society to help everyone have a positive outlook on autism as a positive attitude from society could help improve the life of an autistic person forever.

Please take the opportunity to educate yourself about autism today by visiting The National Autistic Society, Ambitious about Autism, Autism Initiatives and Autism Speaks and don’t forget to ‘Light it Up Blue’ for autism- wear something blue, paint your nails, make a blue cake!


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