“Granny Nav” invented for older drivers

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Last month it was reported that the number of elderly drivers has hit a record high; over six million British drivers are now over the age of 70.

Now a study is being carried out at Newcastle University which hopes to help elderly drivers to drive safety and confidently with the use of modern technology.

The team at Newcastle University have come up with various different methods of using technology including ‘DriveLAB’. A car equipped with technology which enables researchers to monitor the stress levels of older drivers, their eye sight, the speeded which they tend to drive at and their general driving habits.

old driver

New technology could have improve the confidence of older drivers

In addition the researchers have also come up with updated satellite navigation system directed at older driver, which has been duded the “Granny Nav”.

Similar to a regular stat nav, the Granny Nav is designed to be a tool which supports drivers but has been modified with older drivers in mind. For example it enables drivers to select a safe and easy route which avoids right turns. As many elderly drivers struggle to judge oncoming traffic and therefor right turns often become a stressful part of driving.

Sat Navs Granny Nav

Granny Nav's will be an alternative to normal sat navs

The Granny Nav also offers an easy way of voicing directions. Instead of using meters and yards like regular systems it will direct driver by pointing out local points of interest like pubs, phone boxes or post offices. For example one direction could be ‘turn left before you reach the post office’ which stimulates an easier and more personable approach that is less likely to panic older drivers.

I personally find my sat nav incredibly useful and therefore think that an enhanced system for elderly driver could be extremely beneficial and have a positive impact on their confidence and attitude to driving. For many elderly people driving is a key to independence so I think that the Granny Nav is something that we should nurture and support fully.


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