Naidex National 2012 Highlights- New Product Showcase

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New Product Showcases are always interesting to view because they give a great insight into where the industry is going. I’m delighted to say that I was really impressed with this year’s New Product Showcase at Naidex National and it’s great to see so much diversity in products which allow people to enjoy themselves through fashion, sport and technology despite having a disability.

New Product Showcase

A rundown of my highlights-

Classic Canes and The Blue Badge Company both caught my eye in the New Product Showcase because they’ve both added a fashionable twist to products which would usually be rather dull- walking sticks and Blue Badge display wallets. Classic Canes even featured a Union Jack folding walking stick which would perfect for The Diamond Jubilee or this summer’s Olympic Games.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see an eye catching piece of art which can be used to help solve a mobility difficulty. ‘Flo Standing and Walking Aid’ by REthinkthings is heavily inspired by Salvador Dali and at a glance gets you thinking about what it actually does. In fact it’s a cleverly sculpted walking frame that curves around the bottom of the leg for extra support whilst walking. Flo is a real statement of style which was fantastic to see and a definite highlight for me.

Sport is undeniably a great outlet for disabled and elderly people and I know that lots of my customers enjoy the thought of playing sport once again so it was nice to see sporting products featured in the showcase.

The Grip-Par Golf Glove by Gripeeze is a simple but effective piece of kit for golfers who want to get their swing back. Built with a strap system, the glove locks your grip enabling you to securely grip a club without pain or tension in your hand or wrist, so you to enjoy 18 holes without suffering.

And for wheelchair users looking for adventure, Molten Rock’s off road wheelchair, which allows users to explore the great outdoors, was also included in the showcase. Working a lot like a mountain bike the off-roader travels over grass, mud and sand so you can travel wherever you like. A fantastic piece of equipment which I think will be a welcomed addition to the market.

Finally, technology has played a big role in the 2012 New Product Showcase; the expert’s choice was Scene & Heard, an iPad app which allows users to make images interactive. But let’s not forget about the one handed joystick, Orthros, which creates accessible gaming for all and is a real favourite of mine from Naidex National 2012.

Did you visit Naidex National this week and if so what was your favourite product in the showcase? Please do let me know by leaving a comment below.


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