Beryl and Betty win Best Entertainment Show at Sony Radio Academy Awards

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Last night the Sony Radio Academy Awards took place at a lavish ceremony in London. Considered to be the Oscars of the radio industry the award show welcomes some of the most familiar voices from the radio including Chris Evans, Nicholas Parsons and Jeremy Vine.

However, the stars of last night’s show weren’t the national radio stars who you might have expected. Instead the spotlight was on pensioners, Betty Smith and Beryl Renwick, who host a Saturday evening show on BBC Radio Humberside that won this year’s Sony Radio Award for Best Entertainment Show.

beryl and betty Best Entertainment Show

Beryl and Betty – Best Entertainment Show Winners

Aged 86 and 90 Beryl and Betty have become the oldest winners of the radio accolade and have turned into a radio sensation after been described by the Sony Radio Award bosses as a ‘joyous entertaining double act’ who are successfully giving ‘a voice to a sector of society unrepresented on radio’.

I couldn’t agree more with Sony Radio as Betty and Beryl’s show, which is produced and hosted by co-presenter David Reeves, showcases just how full of life and passionate older people are. Dubbed the ‘golden girls’, Beryl and Betty talk about everything from their day to day lives, fashion, memories from the good old days and their love of Michael Buble, all with so much enthusiasm that it’s infectious.

Beryl and Betty with David Reeves and their award

Beryl and Betty with David Reeves and their award

Beryl and Betty’s big break came as quite a surprise as they only took to the mic after been ‘spotted’ by David Reeves whilst on a tour of their local radio show six years ago. He was so infatuated by their sense of humor and upbeat outlook on life that he offered them a slot on the show and the rest is history.

All too often older people are written off because of their age, which is why I’d like to send huge congratulations to the Beryl and Betty on the success of their show which is officially the Best Entertainment Show on the radio. You can listen to the Beryl and Betty online here or catch them at 6pm on Saturday evenings.

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