Annette’s Websites of the Week- Anthropologie, National Volunteer’s Week, The Lady Magazine

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Annette's websites of the week

Anthropologie – The internet is a great place to shop because you can find brands which may not have stores located in your hometown. Only yesterday I found a gorgeous American based fashion and lifestyle website

Anthropologie sells clothing, accessories, shoes and bags and a whole host of interior ware; bedding, lamps, wallpaper, artwork and kitchen accessories which all have an artistic and free spirited feel and incorporate a huge range of wonderful colours which really brought my attention to the site.

anthropolgie website

Anthropologie has a grown up hippie approach (that’s my impression anyway) which is difficult to come across nowadays and I absolutely adore it. is certainly a site I’ll be revisiting and storing in my favourites file. Even if you don’t make a purchase the site’s creative layout and beautiful garments are a real delight to look at.

National Volunteer’s Week- Did you know that this week has been host to National Volunteer’s Week? Running from 1st – 7th June 2012 National Volunteer’s Week has celebrated the thousands of people who volunteer their time and raised awareness of how you can lend a hand by volunteering.

Volunteers are crucial to charities and organisations who reply on the generosity of others, and it’s not just the charities that reap the benefits. People who choose to volunteer get an enormous sense of satisfaction and a feel-good feeling because they’ve made a difference to a cause they feel passionately about.

Volunteers Week 2012

Anyone can become a volunteer and the sectors of where to volunteer are endless. Schools, charities, hospitals, tea rooms, community centres, shops, local events… The trick is to pick something that you have a personal connection to or can offer practical help to.

I always think that volunteering is a great idea for elderly people and those who have recently retired. Often too much free time can lead to loneliness and in some cases depression. Volunteering a couple of hours a week will not only give you social interaction but keep your brain active and make you feel good!

For volunteering opportunities visit or

The Lady Magazine- I’ve blogged about The Lady Magazine in the past because it’s one of my favourite weekly magazines. A fan of the magazine, I follow The Lady on Twitter, and often check out their website to read blogs and get daily updates from The Lady team.

The Lady Magazine website

In recent weeks has been revamped. They’ve stuck with their bold and instantly recognisable logo but updated the layout making the Home Page a lot more visual with up to date graphs, quirky retro icons and beautiful images that definitely get you clicking through the site.

I really enjoy visiting The Lady online and think that it’s opened up a new readership to the iconic magazine. With fashion forward style pages, blogs from different ‘Lady’ readers and a range of features from, how to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and dressing for the Ascot Races, to dealing with Alzheimer’s, there is something for every Lady; however young or old.


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