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Bath Lifts
Original Bath Lifts

My father Bill Steadman invented the Bath-Knight Bath Lift over 15 years ago, and the beauty of it is, you’ll hardly know it’s there.

Many thousands of people think of my father every time they enjoy a nice relaxing bath.

The real beauty of the Bath-Knight Bath Lift is that it’s so unobtrusive; with no bulky contraptions to clutter up your bathroom. So anyone can have a bath any time with the Bath-Knight Bath Lift.

The original Bath-Knight

Bath Lifts

Deluxe Bath Lift

The Bath-Knight Deluxe Bath Lift, the only Bath Lift on the market with its unique built-in hand rail for your added safety when it lowers you into the bath.

Many Thousands of people have used a Bath-Knight Bath Lift since its birth over twenty years ago, allowing them to have a really good soak in the bath with no struggle at all.

The beauty of the Bath-Knight Deluxe Bath Lift is that being so unobtrusive, you will hardly notice it is there.

The Bath-Knight Bath Lift can be fitted in under three hours by one of our skilled electricians , you could be enjoying a trouble free bath in no time.

Bath-Knight Deluxe


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