Google Zeitgeist list 2011

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As more of us are getting online it’s interesting to read about who and what we search the web for. Today Google, the world’s most recognised and highly thought after search engine, has released its annual Google Zeitgeist list documenting the top web searches of 2011.

The annual study, which is thought to capture the spirit of our age, offers interesting reading as alongside unsurprising top searches are a couple which are a little more obscure.

Google Zeitgeist 2011

The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton was a huge calendar event this year; I wrote about the event here on my blog and was greeted with a breath taking amount of hits. So it comes as little surprise that the Royal Wedding topped ‘Fastest rising searches in 2011’.

However, other top searches are a little more questionable. For example ‘What is scampi’ was the second top search in Google’s ‘What is…’ list and it would seem that nobody seems to know why. The sudden and bizarre interest in Scampi is a little bewildering but I think this wonderfully illustrates the freedom and ability that the internet offers- endless information to feed your curiosity whatever the subject may be.

Elsewhere on the Google Zeitgeist list 2011 are searches to find out more information about politics. ‘What is AV?’- The Alternative Vote- came high up on the list, which refreshing indicates that people in the UK took the time to research political system which could potentially affect politics here in the UK.

Politicians themselves, however, weren’t so successful. Nick Clegg the Liberal Democrat leader has taken a blow according to Google becoming the ‘Fastest falling person’ to be searched in 2011.

Google Zeitgeist 2011

Of course celebrities, movies and retailers all made it to the top. The likes of Adele, Groupon, Ed Sheeran and Asda become top searches in 2011. Fitting like a glove with this year’s music charts, bargain hunting fascination and the new online discount shopping trend.

It’s incredible to see that Google can produce such a reflective documentation of a period of time. Amazingly simple searches stormed the prestigious ‘Top UK searches’ list with Facebook, YouTube and Hotmail at the helm. All of which are extremely reflective of how and why we use the internet and that’s to communicate with each other.

Read all of the Google Zeitgeist List 2011 via The Telegraph here.


The Apprentice Final 2011- Inventor Tom Pellereau wins!

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Tom-PellereauTom Pellereau was crowned winner of The Apprentice in last night’s 2 hour special episode.

Although nice guy Tom appeared to have some good ideas- excluding emergency biscuits, I’m still a little baffled by that one. His track record of success on the show wasn’t anything to shout about, which is why I have to admit to being a little bit surprised by Tom’s victory.

Nevertheless Lord Sugar chose Tom to be The Apprentice 2011 winner and his new business partner.

Big congratulations to Tom!!

If you missed The Apprentice Final including the interview stage which gets everyone talking. Watch it BBC iPlayer now.

Bobble Day

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Friday mornings kick off with a Bath-Knight Managers meeting; however last week’s meeting was a rather different affair.

As the team and I went over our facts and figures, we were soon whirled up in bright orange wool as we attempted to make orange bobbles for Age UK’s Official Bobble Day.

The bobbles, which reminded everyone of the finishing touch to a brilliant winter woolly hat, were the driving force behind Age UK’s first Bobble Day, which has sprung from the charities ‘Spread the Warmth’ winter campaign.


I’ve taken an active interest in this particular campaign as I was startled by the shocking statistics that show 250 elderly people die every day because of the cold weather.

Participating in the first ever Bobble Day was great fun for everyone involved, even if cutting out cardboard circles was a rather laborious task, the bobble idea itself was very unique and got everyone talking.

Age UK made a great effort to make the campaign digital and online. We tweeted the team over at Age UK throughout the day and heard that they were delighted with our efforts towards the brightly coloured bobble day; the entire day had an orange theme everything from bobbles to clothes and even cakes and cookies were orange!


A rather special touch is the online gallery which Age UK set up specifically for Bobble Day featuring fabulous photos of people from all over the country making and wearing their orange bobbles proudly. The gallery includes everyone from well know famous faces, elderly people, babies, office workers, charity workers and even their pets.

We made a special bobble for office doggie Portia and she was featured in the online gallery to my great delight. Bath-Knight’s Marketing Manager was also over the moon to see her cat Smokey in the gallery, after she took a photo of him rolling around in orange wool as she was making bobbles at home.

Overall Bobble Day was great and although we’re still not quite sure what we will be doing with all of our bobbles. Maybe we could stitch them onto a woolly scarf or quilt. The Bath-Knight team raised funds for Age UK’s Bobble Day which is marvellous.

Bath-Knight Achievement Awards

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Many may feel down in January as we wave goodbye to Christmas festivities and hello to another year of hard work and deadlines.

However at Bath-Knight, January brings our Achievements Awards Ceremony, a brilliant event that gives me the perfect opportunity to reward my staff upon their achievements.

I really do enjoy this event as it truly is all about the staff and their hard work, which ultimately creates our great success. Excellent achievers receive certificates and trophies to document their hard work and success here at Bath-Knight.

The event will be held this Sunday and attended by myself, current staff and influential members of staff who have since retired. We will be taking lots of photos, which I will share in a later blog!


Healthy New Year.

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Here at Bath-Knight we understand the benefits that a healthy lifestyle brings to our customers. And with a New Year in our grasp what could be better than approaching it with a new, healthier way of living.

It is well known that eating a healthy balanced diet enhances our lives regardless of age or gender. However, as age gets the better of us it is even more important to consider what we are eating, drinking and how much activity we are getting, as such can truly make life easier and more enjoyable.
By simply ensuring that you eat plenty of fibre, calcium and iron rich foods you can improve your diet. However, it is unrealistic to try and entice a healthy way of eating and living without realistic help and advice.

So we’ve come up with a fabulous menu of dishes which all contain healthy and nutritional foods which are good for you and most importantly mouth wateringly delicious!

Looking for a great source of both iron and calcium, which will help to keep your bones strong and a great way to prevent Osteoporosis? Why not try Sardines and Watercress on toast for as a healthy lunch.

For an iron rich dinner which is also an old favourite try Pan Cooked Liver with Rosemary and Onions. Accompany with a fruit juice drink, which provides plenty of Vitamin C, which in turn helps your body to absorb the iron.

Or try a classic, quick and easy dish of jacket potatoe with cheesy baked beans a fantastic source of fibre that tackles stomach and intestine problems.


And for the most importantly meal of the day breakfast, kick start with a bowl of high fibre cereal,  a mix of fruits and a glass of fruit juice.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!!

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