Websites of the Week- National Trust, Sizzix and Face Britain

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Annette's websites of the week

National Trust- Free Weekend offer– I’ve featured the National Trust in my recommended websites of the week on a number of occasions now and its mainly because I am a real fan.

This weekend National Trust is exclusively opening its doors to over 200 sites in an offer which enables the public to enjoy the National Trust free of charge. Giving families ample opportunity to enjoy all of the treasures which National Trust sites behold and the chance for children to kick start their 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ challenge.

National Trust free weekend

Enjoy a free week at National Trust

It’s worth noting that to be entitled to free administration visitors must fill in a short online form and print out the National Trust Free Weekend Voucher. The free entry voucher is valid between Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April making for an entire weekend of National Trust fun.


Sizzix-Online Craft StoreI came across after seeing a selection of beautifully designed Sizzix patterned paper in a craft magazine. To my delight the Sizzix website is a wonderland for craft lovers like me as it’s packed with creative ideas, products and even features a quilting section complete with patterns- need I say more?

The best thing about Sizzix’s website is it’s free downloadable packs which will get your creativity buds flowing and enable you to create beautiful cards, scrapbooks, gift tags, invites and everything in between. 

Sizzix homepage

Craft website, Sizzix

Capitalising on The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the small matter of street parties, family gatherings and generally lots of celebrations, Sizzix have come up with a range of jubilee inspired paper that is free to download and will add a touch of creative magic to any jubilee party. I’m considering turning my patterned paper into homemade bunting that’s fit for a queen.


Face Britain- Face Britain, a self-portrait art project aimed at children, lit up Buckingham Palace last night as montages of the Queen have been created with over 200,000 school children’s self –portraits to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

Set up by The Princes’ Foundation for Children and the Arts, Face Britain wanted to encourage as many children as possible to create a self-portrait and published them all in an online gallery. The deadline for submission has passed but the website is fantastic to visit nevertheless.

Bright, fun and interactive features a wonderful online gallery and has an interactive canvas which enables users to join in the fun and draw themselves online. But what I like most about the website is how visually exciting it is. Set out it artistic frames and filled with bright colours it’s a website which will please everyone and is perfect for grandchildren.

Face Britain homepage

Face Britain Art Project

Along with fantastic contributions from school children the site also features celebrity art work from a number of famous faces who’ve shown their support. View ‘Famous Faces’ to see self-portraits of Adele, Quentin Blake, Cilla Black and Derren Brown.

All in all is a brilliant website which reflects all of the enthusiasm and creativity which so many school children have put into the Face Britain project; a site which is most definitely worth visiting.

National Trust 50 things to do before you are 11 ¾

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Growing up I spent most of my time enjoying the outdoors and this is the case for most people who are my age. We’d climb trees, play conkers and go exploring all in time to be home before it got dark. It was a great way to grow up because I always knew that there was something outside to keep me and my friends entertained.

Now it’s a rarity to see children exploring the great outdoors and I don’t know if this is because parents feel that their children might be at greater risk of getting hurt or lost or because youngsters would prefer to watch the television, search the web or play on computer games.

50 things to do before you are 11 34 national trust

National Trust hopes to encourage children to enjoy the outdoors

The trust is that experiencing the outdoors when I was a child helped sculpt who I am today. I have a great fondness for animals and I believe that this is because I grew up searching for different bugs and catching butterflies. So I’m delighted to hear that National Trust has today released a list of ’50 things you should do before you are 11 ¾’.

The list includes activities which us grandparents enjoyed hugely as children; climbing trees, making mud pies, building dens, sledging and burying friends in the sand something which I used to do on every family holiday.

In an attempt to show how exciting exploring the outdoors can be the National Trust have enlisted five ‘Super Rangers’ who are all experts in their fields- a treasure hunter, bug catcher and champion stone skimmer- to teach children who visit National Trust sites how to make the best of their surrounds.

Brilliantly the National Trust has acknowledged that children won’t forget all about the technology which they enjoy so much. So they’ve created a website which children can sign up to (with parental approval) and register each of the tasks which they complete. With each completed task children receive online badges, bonus games and surprises from the National Trust which is a great incentive to get kids playing outside.

As grandparents I think that the ‘50 things to do before you are 11 ¾’ campaign is the perfect chance to champion the great outdoors because we can share all of our wonderful childhood experiences and maybe even help our grandchildren complete some of the 50 tasks too.

The campaign doesn’t officially kick off until 21st April which might be worth bearing in mind but view the list online now. Who knows it might bring back some great childhood memories.

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