Rotary Club restore Westbury White Horse for Diamond Jubilee

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I’m always coming across stories which note how generous and able elderly people are. Whether it’s jumping out of aeroplanes for a good cause or simply volunteering their time and effort for charity. Lots of elderly people are giving back to the community and in turn fulfilling their later years with brilliant experiences.

Earlier today I read an article from the BBC which discusses a Rotary Club in Wiltshire whose members are planning to abseil down the hillside of the Westbury White Horse so that they can clean the iconic horse carving in time for this summer’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Westbury White Horse

Westbury White Horse

The news of the club coming together isn’t surprising; I imagine that lots of organisation will be undertaking projects for this summer’s festivities. But what is astonishing is that so many members of the Rotary Club are so keen to take an active role and really get involvement in the abseiling. It’s worth remembering that the average age of the club’s member is 72 and they are all welcoming the challenge of buckling themselves into a harness for a good cause within their community.

For me the Westbury White Horse project is a brilliant example of how getting involved in a club or organisation can be extremely beneficial later in life. The Rotary Club work on projects that will benefit their local community so members put their time and effort into projects that they are passionate about, whilst also meeting new friends and delving into challenges which they may not have done otherwise. Feeling too old to do things can often be a real problem when people get older but it shouldn’t be.  

rotary club abseiling

Members of The Rotary Club will abseil down Westbury White Horse hillside

As an aging population the open mindedness that the Rotary Club has is fantastic. They aren’t letting age define them and why should they? New challenges are a great way to regain a sense of independence which is why we should all try something new every now and again. Of course I’m not suggesting that we all abseil or take on an extreme sport but if you want to then why not. We should all welcome opportunities to enjoy ourselves.

I’d love to know if you’re part of a community group or if you’ve take on an extreme challenge, which you never thought you would do, and if so how did it affect your perspective of old age.

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