Annette’s Websites of the Week- 12th-16th March 2012

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Annette's websites of the weekSt Patrick’s Day Guinness Advert It goes without saying that for many people St Patrick’s Day celebrations aren’t complete without a pint (or two) of Guinness. Although I don’t drink a lot of the world famous Irish stout myself, I appreciate its incredible success and Irish heritage.

Over time Guinness have become renowned from their advertising campaigns- the Guinness Factory in Dublin has a fantastic advertising museum showcasing their back catalogue of adverts. For St Patrick’s Day 2012 Guinness have come up with a funny advert showing you just how well loved Guinness really is…


UK Hand Knitting Association- Earlier this week I discovered “yarnstorming”, a new knitting craze that is sweeping the country. As a knitting fan the creativity of yarnstorming has inspired me to pick my knitting needles and get more creative.

What’s most interesting about yarnstorming is that creations are mostly made by groups of people who are generally part of a knitting club which makes knitting not only a hobby but also a social event.

yarn balls

The UK Hand Knitting Association have complied a directory of knitting clubs which run across the country. Clubs are generally informal and take place in a variety of different venues from libraries, coffee shops and even pubs.

All clubs advertised on the UK Hand Knitting Association’s directory welcome new recruits and are friendly bases for knitters to come together and to celebrate the art of knitting. If you are planning on joining a group I would recommend making contact with the group organiser as published in the directory to find out specific details of an individual group.


Mother’s Day-  As Sunday is Mother’s Day- a gentle reminder- I thought I’d note down a couple of handy websites for those who are yet to purchase the perfect Mother’s Day gift. 

Flowers are always a great option as you can buy her favourite on any budget. For an affordable bunch head to a supermarket or if you got a little more to spend visit the Interflora website which has lots of choice. Interflora is delivering on Mothering Sunday (orders have to be placed before 5pm tomorrow) which would make a brilliant Mother’s Day surprise.

If your Mum is a fan of chocolate there is no better place to visit than Thorntons. This year Thornton’s have created an enormous selection of Mother’s Day goodies ranging from extravagant hamper of chocolates to smaller packages which are great gestures- remember it’s the thought that counts!

mothers day flowers

As a mum myself I can honestly say that simply knowing your children appreciate all of your hard work is plenty. So for those who don’t wish to buy expensive gifts why not make a delicious meal and let your mum or grandmother put her feet up and relax. Waitrose have teamed up with Delia Smith once again to create the perfect Mother’s Day lunch- Roast Chicken with Lemon & Thyme– the recipe is quick and easy to make and is guaranteed to go down a real treat.

Christmas Advert- Marks and Spencer

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Marks and Spencer never fail in television advertising. Having created countless crackers with their hit team of advertising beauties – Twiggy, Lisa Snowden, Danni Minogue and Myleen Klass to name a few- this year’s Christmas advert is calling on fresh new talent from The X Factor.

mischa b

Accompanying a festive scene of friends and family opening their favourite Christmas goodies, The X factor contestants collectively sing ‘When You Wish upon a Star’. Cleverly the advert is been continually edited reflecting the contestants who remain in the competition.

I’m very fond of M&S and think that the logic behind the advert is really inventive- collaborating with a group of people who are currently in the limelight is very forward thinking. Furthermore it’s incredibly festive. My only fear is that any controversy surrounding the show could reflect badly on M&S. Overall thought it is one of my favourites this Christmas.

Christmas TV Adverts – John Lewis

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John-LewisChristmas television advertising has become a huge hit in recent years with many large brands using their adverts to mark the start of the Christmas season in real style.

I thought it would be a nice idea to share a couple of my favourites here on the Bath-Knight blog. I’d be interested to see what you make of the adverts and whether or not they draw you into the brands Christmas selection or not.

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2011

Renowned for creating adverts which move the audience to tears this year is no different for John Lewis as the 2011 advert documents a young boy’s anxious wait for the big day. Complete with advent calendar chocolates, nativity play fancy dress and restless night not forgetting almost constant clockwatching it’s a true triumph, which so brilliantly captures childhood memories of Christmas time.

John Lewis end the advert with a clever twist which definitely made me ‘aww’ as its revealed that the little boy was in fact so anxiously waiting because he couldn’t wait to give his gift to his mum and dad- very fitting for the brand’s slogan ‘For gifts which you can’t wait to give’.

For me it’s a wonderful advert, one which so wonderfully has the ability to convert anyone into a complete softie for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Not convinced…? Watch it here.


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