Age UK Donate a Coat celebrity supporters

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Age-UK LogoRecently Age UK introduced 2011’s Donate a Coat campaign. Encouraging the public to dig out their old winter coats and donate any which they won’t be wearing to Age UK shops up and down the country. With all proceeds going to Age UK’s ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign.

Excitingly the campaign has kicked up a gear and attracted some high profile support as celebrities from all over the entertainment industry have parted with their winter warmers for Age UK.

Holly Willoughby

The likes of Katherine Jenkins, Graham Norton, Holly Willoughby, June Whitfield, Lynda Bellingham, Gary Lineker and Fearne Cotton have all donated a stylish coat along with a host of other famous names.

june whitfield

Working in association with The Daily Mirror, Age UK has set up an eBay store so that you can bid on the star studded coats with all proceeds going to Spread the Warmth campaign. Helping make winter easier for older people here in the UK.

View The Mirror’s article for more ways to donate and links to all coat auction sites.

Annette’s Websites of the Week 28th November- 2nd December 2011

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Annette's websites of the week

This week I’m going for a rather Christmassy theme in my website selections as we’re finally into December and the countdown has officially begun. – I think it’s fair to say that we all get a little carried away by Christmas. Buying lots of presents and indulging into delicious food and drink. However, when you sit back and think about how much we spend celebrating it can be a little over the top especially when others aren’t so fortunate.

Baring this in mind I was really happy to see that Age UK has created a charity gift scheme which can enable disadvantaged people around the world to celebrate Christmas time. Importantly with gifts that can really change their lives and make you feel incredible for purchasing them.

 cows n things age uk

Cows ‘n’ Things, hosted by Age UK supplies practical and much needed resources for people in developing countries. The gift shop sells all sorts of exciting gift which you may have never imagined purchasing.

Why not buy a family a cow, a goat or farming tools which are considered to be real treat overseas. A school uniform available on Cows ‘n’ Things will enable an orphan to go to school. Or a Cataract operation priced only £14, which can change a person’s life forever.

The site is a wonderful idea offering somebody else a wonderful gift, which they would not be able to purchase themselves- the perfect way to spread joy for Christmas. – Christmas markets are a brilliant way to get into the Christmas spirit and in recent year Christmas markets and fairs have become more popular than ever. There is a spectacular 197 markets here in the UK alone.

Christmas is a specialist website which explores both markets and locations in great detail. Featuring markets here in the UK and across Europe it’s a great site to visit if you’re planning on visiting a Christmas market this year and looking for a little inspiration.


The site offers the opportunity to review your experience. So if you’d like to make a recommendation, give some a top tip or pass on any feedback this is your perfect opportunity. Furthermore Christmas is packed with information from opening hours, directions, market features and hotels- this could come in really hand if you’re planning on making your visit into a weekend break! – I try and avoid Christmas shopping on the high street where possible. This is mainly because it’s so busy and often in store prices are more expensive than buying products off the internet.

By using price comparison websites you can really sniff out a bargain. I’ve explored a couple of these sites. However, I’m really fond of an easy to use price comparison site which simply allows user to type in a product and finds the cheapest available.


The beauty of price comparison sites is that shoppers can still purchase items from their favourite brands, however at the most reasonable price. Meaning that you don’t lose quality but save, in some cases, an enormous amount of money.

There are plenty of price comparison sites online including and Google provide their own shopping searches which offers price results. Have a look around and most importantly make the most out of price saving sites.

Donate a Coat campaigns

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For many people winter is a particularly testing time and with ever increasing heating bills staying warm during the cold winter months is becoming tougher and tougher, especially for elderly and vulnerable members of society.

Age UK the charity for older people have relentlessly campaigned for further help for the elderly during the winter. Their ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign is rolled out each year and aims to make winter as easy as possible with advice, information and schemes which have the potential to make a real difference.

age uk donate a coat

This winter Age UK are introducing ‘Donate a Coat’ which has also been adopted by The Salvation Army. Both scheme run along the same lines, simply encouraging the general public to donate any unwanted winter coats which can be passed on to someone in need.

Age UK’s appeal is aimed more specifically at older people with donation been made in stores. The coats will go on to be sold and all processed will then be ploughed directly into the Spread the Warmth campaign.   

With some seriously high profile support from the likes of supermodel Elle MacPherson, actress Helen Mirren and fashion designer Stella McCartney, who have all donated a winter warmers. Age UK’s scheme is set to be a big hit.

Elsewhere The Salvation Army is working in association with breakfast TV programme Day Break who will be promoting the campaign from 21st– 25th November. Also rallying a host of celebrity support from Arlene Phillips, Gok Wan, James Corden, Theresa May, Phil Tufnell and soap stars from Emmerdale and Coronation Street plus many more, their Donate a Coat campaign is reaching out to the masses.

Salvation army donate a coat

With a promise to pass any donated coats on to vulnerable people who are struggling to afford suitable winter wear. The charity has created hundreds of outlet for people to donate with 150 Salvation Army depot points across the country and 340 ASDA supermarkets holding donation points on their car parks. Providing ample opportunity for everyone to get on board and make a donation.

I think that both schemes are wonderful ideas; brilliantly simply but incredibly effective in the winter months. The only specifications, which both Age UK and The Salvation Army ask are for the donated coats to be in a good condition. Remember that size, style, colour and brand don’t matter. The charities are simply looking for generous donations which will help keep someone safe and warm.

I’m more than happy to join a good cause and donate a coat myself. Will you be donating one too?

Age UK hit Big Knit Target

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innocent-drinks the big knitIn the summer Age UK announced that they would be going ahead with their annual Big Knit event teaming up with Innocent– the brand behind delicious fruit smoothies.

Age UK and their loyal supporters had a rather mammoth task of creating 650,000 mini woolly hats, which would decorate Innocent smoothie bottles on sale in Boots and Sainsbury’s this November.

Enlisting the help of all knitters regardless of age or experience Age UK simply required your help to make The Big Knit, a big success in turn helping make winter warmer for older people.

With great delight Age UK have announced this week that they have in fact met their target goal of 650,000! Having seen a couple of photographs online the hats look brilliant, so cute and colourful.

So with the knitting complete the hats are now snuggly sitting on Innocent smoothie bottles waiting to be purchased. With the promise that for every bottle sold 25 pence will be donated directly to Age UK, who are campaigning to ensure a secure, safe and warmer winters for older people in the UK.

I would like offer a big well done to all who took part and make The Big Knit 2011 another success.


Cold Weather Alerts Service

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Last year we experienced the coldest winter in 100 years and despite efforts from various organisations to keep vulnerable sectors of society safe thousands of older people died simply due to the cold weather.

In an attempt to tackle the estimated 27,000 unnecessary winter deaths a ‘Cold Weather Alert Service’ has been launched today.

Provided by the Met Office and Department of Work and Pensions the scheme principally works with the NHS and other agencies such as social services to help implement safe guards against winter deaths.

Cold Weather PosterUpon reports of significantly bad or server weather approaching the Met Office will now issue weather alters (ranging in levels dependent on circumstances). From there the NHS and other organisations involved take actions to ensure public safety.

Read a full report from the Met Office regarding the Cold Weather Alert Service here.

These actions involve ensuring that vulnerable older people receive a daily house call when the weather is particularly bad, providing human contact and ensuring personal safety, which is particularly reassuring.

It comes as no surprise that Age UK– the UK’s largest charity for older people are backing the weather alert service incorporating the service in their ‘Spread the Warmth’ winter campaign.

Personally, I think that the service is a positive step forward. However, it’s difficult to avoid the problem of ever increasing high cost of energy bills, which is ultimately causing significant problems. I think many would agree that until people can heat their homes significantly winter will continue to be a difficult time.

GO ON Give an Hour

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go on give an hourSetting up my blog a year ago I wanted to inspire other people to get online by showing them how easy the internet is once you know the basics.

Within the last year I’ve kept abreast of campaigns which encourage people to get online as I understand the importance of being digital. Only last week I blogged about Age UK who are currently searching for their 2012 Internet Champion– a great feat for an individual who has gained a lot by simply using the internet.

Elsewhere the UK’s Digital Champion Martha Lane Fox, who has worked tirelessly to get people online, has introduced a brilliant incentive encouraging people to offer their help to friends and family.

give an hour 1

‘Give an Hour’ intends to turn ordinary people (who are able to use the internet) into Digital Champions, which sounds incredibly grand but is in fact brilliantly easy. The scheme is pretty much self-explanatory as Martha and her team are simply asking you to donate an hour of your time and in doing so helping someone into the digital world.

You’re possibly thinking ‘where am I going to find an hour of free time?’  So here comes the clever twist. On 30th October the clocks go back an hour, meaning that we all gain one hour for free. Give an Hour wants everyone to do something productive with their free hour by helping someone get online- using the time whenever is convenient for you.

I personally think that it’s an incredible idea as we don’t have the excuse of not having time or being too busy. One hour is the perfect amount of time to go through the basics and everyone is a winner- you become a Digital Champion and your loved one learns new and increasingly vital skills.

give an hour 2

On the Go-On Give an Hour website the team have created all sorts of ways to get people inspired but most importantly a ‘Digital champion pack’, which is free to download and includes everything you’ll need to transfer your skills to someone else. Including booklets for beginners, certificates and a mythbuster for anyone who isn’t convinced they’ll get anything from the internet.

It really is a wonderful idea one which I am certain will be a success. Here at Bath-Knight I’ll be encouraging the team to donate an hour of their time and hopefully be transferring my own skills to a friend in need.


Age UK searching for Internet Champion 2012

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Did you know that here in the UK 5.7 million over 65’s have never been on the internet? That sadly means that an awful lot of older people are missing out on the benefits that the internet offers.

Age-UK-Logo-WebCampaigners and internet advocates (including me) highlights these fantastic benefits because they really are tremendous; staying in touch with loved one, finding new hobbies, banking, paying bills, and finding bargains by shopping around online are all incredibly easy and instantly available via the web.

Though some over 65’s are apprehensive to try something new, others can’t wait to take on a new adventure and the internet is just that- a digital adventure which can take you to lots of new and exciting places.

So it’s great to see Age UK are once again acknowledging those people who have taken on the challenge of becoming internet savvy by searching for ‘Internet Champion 2012’; two people who have gained a lot from simply using the internet.

age uk the internet changed my life

This year the Age UK team are looking for people whose life has changed since getting online. They want you to share your personal stories about getting online including the ups and downs which you’ve encountered along the way. Explain the pleasure of the new skills you’ve learnt and how you would inspire others to get online (if you’re not doing so already).

Last year’s Internet Champions went down a storm, and since been crowned they’ve shared their victory with lots of internet users at various events throughout the year. By sharing their hints and tips they’ve helped others make the leap online.

age UK internet champions 2011

Personally I think it’s incredible to hear of how the internet has created positivity in people’s lives. As I understand how much of a lifeline the internet truly is. By using my blog alone I get to connect with people who I wouldn’t have before, along with being able to share my thoughts and opinions. It’s just one fantastic element of the online world which anyone can explore.

So if you know, or you are a King or Queen of the internet, then what are you waiting for? Age UK want to hear from you. Tell them how the internet has changed your life and you could potentially be Age UK’s Internet Champion 2012.

Apply online at Age

International Day of Older People 1st October 2011

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Saturday 1st October marked International Day of Older People, an annual event held across the world to celebrate older people and their contributions to make society a better place.

banner IDOP

The event was created in the early 1990’s by the United Nations, who thought that it was a great opportunity to recognise the elderly and raise awareness of aging. Now more than ever aging is an issue which people are interested to learn more about and International Day of Older People offer the perfect chance to do so.

This morning I read lots about International Day of Older People 2011 including statistics which help put the wonderful achievements of elderly people into perspective. One report stated that ‘people aged 60 and over represent almost 11 per cent of the total world population’ and this number is expected to rise. Startlingly in developing countries many elderly people work for their entire lives and unimaginably live on ‘less than one dollar (60 pence) a day’.

International day of older people

Age UK and HelpAge International are campaigning to introduce pension schemes into developing countries, where grandparents work to provide for entire families. The charity schemes hopes to help elderly people find more financial assistance of which they are entitled.  

Here in the UK Prime Minister David Cameron made a commitment over the weekend to ‘encourage older people to play a greater role in society’. I think that in lots of cases this is already taking place. As when I sat down to think about elderly people I instantly thought about grandparents who play a huge role in family life, older people who volunteer their time to great causes and elderly individuals who have a brilliantly positive attitude towards life.

A survey released on Saturday to mark International Day of Older People in the UK also noted that due to an increasing rise in aging by ‘2035, an estimated 100,000 people will be 100 years old or more’- a huge increase from the 12640 centenarians today.

International Day of Older People

I find these statistics both wonderful and somewhat baffling. Hearing that we are living longer is great news- a longer lifetime will enable us to achieve and contribute much more. However the strain which an aging population will put on society is something I which am sure will be interesting to watch unfold.

On the whole I think that International Day of Older People 2011 should celebrate the huge improvements in healthcare, medical advances and the way in which we life. As these improvement are continuing to enhance and prolong life expectancy worldwide, which is most defiantly worth celebrating.

itea and biscuits week 2011 with Age UK

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Discovering the digital world is an exciting journey, regardless of age or agenda. For example I use my website and blog to showcase both my professional and personal thoughts. For me the internet is a wonderful arena to stay connected.

However, the problem most people face is getting started. I know that lots of people want to be a computer whiz but are too worried that they might get it wrong to even start. Thankfully, this week Age UK is hosting itea and biscuit events up and down the country to get more people online and digital.

The events, which are free, are taking place in local schools, libraries, community centres and village halls and ran with new comers in mind. Offering the opportunity to get to grips with the internet, mobile phones and even digital cameras so that you can capture your favourite moments and send them on to family and friends.  

itea and biscuit

The idea behind itea and biscuit is basic but brilliant; making friends, socialising and becoming a little savvier with technology over a nice cup of tea. So if you’re thinking about creating a Facebook profile but worried that you might not have any friends online, get in touch with those in your itea and biscuit session so that you can learn together. It makes getting involved in the digital world easy and a whole lot more fun.

Remember that itea and biscuit session are for beginners so don’t feel nervous or intimidated. Go along with an open mind, willing to learn something new and you’ll be truly amazes by what you can achieve.

For more information about itea and biscuit session click here and to find an event in your local area click here.

Annette’s Websites of the Week 29tth August- 3rd September 2011

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Annette's websites of the week

sport relief logo– This week has been especially sporty with Team GB scoring a gold medal in the World Athletic Championships and 70 year old Roger Allsopp becoming the oldest person to swim the English Channel.

Such great sporting achievements provide an excellent excuse to talk about ‘Sports Relief’ the charity event ran in conjunction with Comic Relief.

This year actor and all around entertainer David Walliams is getting involved with Sports Relief again after participating in 2006 where he swam the English Channel. Later in 2008 he braved the shark infested waters of the Strait of Gibraltar, and in 2010 he took part in celebrity cycle relay to Land’s Ends.

Now David is embracing on his most dangerous and tasking Sports Relief challenge yet. He will swim the River Thames in eight continuous days covering a total of 140 miles starting from Lechlade in Gloucestershire and finishing in Central London with Big Ben as his finishing post.

David Walliams

David will be faced with the brutal current of the Thames alongside busy traffic and unpredictable weather. His swim begins on Monday 5th September; all money raised will go toward Sports Relief. I’d like to offer David the very best of luck and will be tracking David challenge online.

Sponsor David Walliams River Thames Sports Relief Challenge- here. –Age UK has featured on my favourite websites of the week previously and this is because I’m a huge fan of Age UK and the work which they do to support the elderly. Packed with endless and most importantly helpful information the website truly is a go to source for the elderly or carers.

Furthermore I admire the creative thinking which Age UK applies to their campaigns. Their latest is the annual Big Knit which is been ran alongside healthy smoothie company Innocent. To accompany their campaign Age UK has created a wonderful knitting pattern booklet– the perfect way to get started on mini woolly hats.

Age it’s a great site, which I really enjoy scrolling through from time to time. To find out more about Age UK and specifically the Big Knit 2011 event visit the website.

the big knit age uk – As much as I adore my e-reader, my saviour when on holiday or travelling, I will never lose my love towards books; curling the spine, flicking the pages from chapter to chapter and using a tatty old bookmark which travels from novel to novel.

However, it would seem that people have either stopped enjoying great literature or are instead making the most of technology to read great stories. As our libraries, the homes of great literature are sadly at risk of closure.

The Women’s Institute, an organisation which has shaped the lives of many women throughout the country are running ‘Love your Libraries’ campaign to encourage people to support libraries and show how much value libraries have on education and local communities.

love your librariesAs a former teacher I know the importance which libraries have on educating. Furthermore when I created my own business a trip to my local library was my starting point. Here I loaned every business book I could find and read each one from cover to cover. These are resources which wouldn’t have been accessible to me without my local library, and such held information which has been fundamental in my success.

For these reasons I am whole heartedly behind The WI’s ‘Love Your Libraries’ campaign and hope that lots of others get behind the campaign too. What could be more important to a community that a library filled with fantastic books?

Download a petition support form from The WI official website now.

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