Annette’s Websites of the Week 7th-11th November 2011

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Annette's websites of the week – On Armistice Day the Poppy Appeal couldn’t be more prevalent. Many people will be seen wearing their Poppy’s with pride today, falling silent for those who have fallen.

All this week I’ve been online supporting the Poppy Appeal. My weekly blog posts have been dedicated to the war time heroes, whose efforts and achievements have truly shaped the way which we live today.

An institution of 90 years, the Poppy Appeal is now online and has a brilliant presence. The site is full of wonderful information explaining why the appeal is still so incredibly important and features plenty of ways to get involved with the appeal yourself.

andy murray

With a running total of how much the 2011 appeal has risen thus far, the site is beautiful presented with poppies and a campaign featuring famous faces (Andy Murray and Helen Mirren to name a few) encouraging people to remember.

Furthermore the appeal has launched a Poppy Shop, which is available exclusively through the site. Selling all sorts of memorabilia from jewelled poppies, which I’ve brought myself, music, books, badges, pins and other accessories it’s a great hub to produce more money for the appeal.

All in all a brilliant digital channel for the Poppy Appeal. – Following the Poppy Appeal on Twitter I discovered ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ a brilliant interactive website which visually collates the public support for the appeal and the Armed Forces.

Annette Royal British LegionBy simply uploading a photograph of yourself, adding a message of remembrance you will be featured in a stunning online Polaroid gallery of support.

Currently 17,261 people have taken part in the campaign which brilliantly reflects the strong public support for the 90th Poppy Appeal – quite astonishing. Having read some of the messages featured it’s a brilliant idea and true credit to all involved.

Here in the office we’ve uploaded our own photographs which are now sitting proudly shoulder to shoulder with many of your images and loving messages. Why not have a go yourself its great fun and a wonderful way to show how much you care about the Armed Forces. – Genealogy websites are hugely popular as they allow people to trace their family history, discovering unknown facts about their ancestors.

Building up an in depth family tree can be extremely exciting as it’s something which the entire family can get involved with. This week I’m sure that many people will have thought about family members who were involved in war time efforts many years.


This week only is offering free entry to World War I records, which reveal service records, pension records, photographs, medical history, award dates and recordings and conduct information of servicemen during the First World War.

All of the information featured is legitimate and therefore can be a trusted resource. Normally, this information would only be available with a membership charge – the perfect chance to find out more about your war time family history.

Long Lost Family- Tracing families

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long lost family

I caught ‘Long Lost Family’ a documentary series which traces and reunites family members on the television last night.

Presented by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, who was adopted as a child himself Long Lost Family shows the time, effort and expertise which goes into finding a family member.

Last night’s episode was very touching but showed both happiness and tragedy. We met Kirsty a mother who gave up her baby boy when he was born 25 years ago, and Jeannie who was searching for her younger brother who was adopted when she was 8 years old.

long lost familyThe cases ended differently, as Kirsty was successfully reunited with her son James. However, Jeannie’s search was more complicated and lead to heartbreak as she discovered that Geoffrey died in a boating accident years ago.

Research took the show across the world in a quest to find Jeannie’s brother, which is what I found most interesting. I love how even many years ago when paper recorders were sacredly kept it is still possible to trace a person’s whereabouts.

Hopefully Long Lost Family will encourage more people to look into their family history. Even if you don’t have someone specific to look for, finding information about your family history can be very rewarding. It’s also a great activity for the elderly, who might be able to tell you more information from their memory. Old photos might help jog an elderly person’s memory too.

There are great online programmes which can help you trace your family history such as More traditionally a trip to a library could be helpful. Charities such as The Red Cross and The Salvation Army both offer family tracing services too.

So gather some relatives and find out more about your history. It could be interesting!

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