Doggie Yoga with The Lady Magazine

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My weekly ‘Calling all Ladies!’ e-mail from The Lady Magazine has possibly made my day with its link to the article ‘The Ruff Guide to Yoga’.

The article reckons that the doggie yoga trend, which is currently huge in America, will soon hit the UK meaning that your tranquil yoga classes may soon have the added addition of doggie companions.

Doggie yoga the Lady

You may or may not be aware that I have two boisterous dogs myself, Summer and Toffee, who are full of life and bounding with energy, far too much for a class which focuses on balance, calmness and tranquillity, which is why I find doggie yoga so amusing.

Dog Yoga lady magazine

Having said that my daughter’s dog, Portia, who is a prim and proper pooch may be the perfect fit and I’d love to see her have a go, especially if she could manage some of the yoga positioned posted by The Lady.

Fantastic story for a Friday afternoon- have a great Bank Holiday Weekend.

Assistance Dogs- Canine Partners

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Recently I’ve noticed a rise in negative media attention surrounding dogs and their owners. Today I read a distressing story about an elderly gentleman who has sadly died after been attacked by his neighbours pitbull.

At the cash point

As a dog owner myself, I understand how much time, attention and effort is needed for dogs to acquire the calm and friendly temperament which most owners desire. However, it would seem that proper training and perseverance with such is being ignored by some making devastating events inevitable.

So when I was browsing news sites yesterday and came across the story of Bryon, the golden Labrador who is able to assistant his owner Kate in all manner of ways, I was delighted to finally see a positive and uplifting story about dogs, who are indeed ‘ A Man’s Best Friend’.

Bryon is an assistance dog who is specially trained to help Kate with everyday tasks from manoeuvring her wheelchair, helping her cross the road, collecting items from supermarket shelves, loading the washing machine and even getting cash out of a cash machine.

More than just a friendly pet, Bryon is able to answer over 100 commands and has become a life line and source of independence for Kate, whose mobility has been reduced due to a long term health condition.

bryon washing up

Bryon washing up!

Responsible for Bryon and hundreds of other assistance dogs is Canine Partners, a charity organisation who are dedicated to training dogs and pups, who will go on to enhance the of life disabled people across the UK.

I was lucky enough to see a demonstration by Canine Partners at Naidex 2011– an industry exhibition which showcases homecare, mobility and rehabilitation products. The demo, which involved two Canine Partners assistance dogs, was spectacular. Showing not only the extraordinary skill and intelligence of the dogs but also how much enjoyment they are able to share. As I’m sure you can imagine the show was most popular amongst exhibitors.

bryon washing machine

Bryon loading the washing machine

I think it’s really is worth taking note of how training a dog with simple commands can make a big difference. I’m not suggesting that all dogs should become assistance pups, I know my own are a little too boisterous for that, but simple obedience rules can help a lot and avoid further unruly dog attacks.

Animals in Care over Christmas- Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

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As an animal lover its heart breaking to read that some pets won’t be celebrating Christmas at home this year. Even more heart breaking when you read that some haven’t had a home or family for numerous years.

Earlier today I read an article in The Lady magazine ‘Nut meg-scented kennels? You must be barking’. The article sights the work of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home during the Christmas period as journalist Laura Topham spent the day visiting the centres current residents.

The truth is Laura’s account at Battersea is a little ‘catch 22’. The animals are looked after incredibly well and over Christmas time Battersea Dogs and Cats Home pull out all the stops with special Christmas dinners, nutmeg scented kennels and catteries and even hand knitted jumpers to wear on a Christmas day walk. All topped off with a present or two for the animals to celebrate the festivities like everybody else.

Battersea Dogs and Cats

But behind this image of a happy Christmas is the sad reality that the future is uncertain for many of Battersea’s residents, which is incredibly sad to think about especially considering that many animal shelters see an increase of unwanted pets after Christmas.

As heart breaking as it may be to think of such wonderful animals living in limbo, it’s important to reflect on the positives. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home are able to make Christmas extra special thanks to the hard work of their staff and volunteers, many of whom will be working during the Christmas period.

Supporting animal care facilities is something which we can all do and most impressively it’s much easier than you may think. If you can’t committee yourself to a set timetable of work then why not make a donation.

Battersea Cleo

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has a brilliant online shop which allows you to purchase Christmas lunches –bargain at only £2.50- pet toys, snacks and grooming sets.

Alternatively find a centre close to your community. City Dogs Home is local to Staffordshire and accepts donations, all of which help to create Christmas joy for animals that don’t have a home or family to spend the festive period with.

Country Life campaign to Save Sealyham Terriers

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As an animal lover I know the pleasures which pets can bring to a home especially dogs who have a great way of making a family feel complete.

My own dogs Toffee and Summer are great companions and here in the office Lucy’s dog, Portia is always a welcomed guest.

Sadly it would seem that the adorable Sealyham terrier breed is now at risk of becoming extinct. A news report which I read recently stated that only 49 Sealyham puppies were recorded here in Britain last year.

A popular breed in the 1920’s Sealyhams were considered somewhat of a fashion statement. A favoured dog choice amongst Hollywood A-Listers and Royalty alike, however, now it would seem somewhat different.

sealyham country life

Country Life SOS: Save Our Sealyhams

They are brilliantly charismatic and genuinely loyal making them a perfect family dog. On top of that Sealyhams are brilliant working dogs. Often used as pest control in farming to get rid of rodent and other unwanted guests. Unfortunately it would appear that they are now becoming ‘rarer than a tiger’.

Country Life Magazine, an advocate for all things rural, believes that letting Sealyham become extinct would be tragic- and I agree too. In their latest edition Country Life are getting the word out there about Sealyhams with the ‘SOS: Save Our Sealyhams’ campaign.

Encouraging people to think about dogs and the qualities which they possess, the campaign hopes to highlight the lovely qualities of Sealyhams and help save them from extinction.

Visit My Sealyhams for more information about Sealyham Terriers and Country Life to read their feature on Sealyham’s.

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