Annette’s Websites of the Week: Pinterest, Carers Week and Holidays for All

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Annette's websites of the week

Pinterest is a new social media outlet that focuses entirely on visual images and photographs. Having used Pinterest for a couple of weeks I have to say that I think it’s one of the most exciting social media channels on the web as it incredibly creative and really does inspire users to ‘pin’ their favourite images.

Like Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest is simple to use, once you know how. Simply sign up and wait for an e-mail invitation. Once you’ve received it (mine took a couple of days) log into Pinterest and explore the visual delights Pinterest has to offer. Users can set up individual ‘boards’ to which they ‘pin’ their favourite images much like making a digital scrapbook.

Pinterest page

Pinterest- our favourite new social media channel

Pinterest is a great place to find blogs, websites and photo galleries that feature content which matches your interests. Plus you’re likely to network with likeminded individuals who share your passions, which will make going online lots more fun.

Even America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama has Pinterest… and so does Bath-Knight!


Carers Week runs from 18th– 24th June 2012 and is an awareness week that prides itself on highlighting the work and commitment that carers make to look after loved ones who are old, disabled or in need of additional care.

This year’s theme ‘in sickness and in health’ hopes to heighten the awareness of the side effects that  carers experience; becoming ill, neglecting their own needs and receiving little or no help  from social services. Carers Week organisers want to help Britain’s six million unpaid carers find solutions to the problems which they face on a day to day basic.

Carers Week 2012

Support carers via this week’s Carers Week campaign

The Carers Week websites features up-to-date information on the campaign and links to the eight charities which have collaborated to bring Carers Week to life. In addition you can read fascinating facts, stories from carers themselves and find events which are taking place for Carers Week.

Holidays for All provide accessible holidays for families, couples and individuals looking to escape everyday life for a week or so. I came across Holidays for All at Naidex and was delighted to find a holiday provider who has so many contacts who can each provide fantastic getaways, whatever your needs.

Holidays for all

Holidays for All- access holidays for carers and loved ones

The Holidays for All website offers links to ten different holiday providers who each specialise in different holidays and breaks. Some are here in Britain whilst others are abroad in Europe, or even further afield to America and Australia. This site is perfect if you’re a carer planning to take a loved one away because Holidays for All can advise you on your best holiday options (making it a stress free experience for you).

I’d also advice getting in touch with the Holiday for All team if you want more information about holidays that disabled or elderly people can go on alone with the addition of a care programme which is ready upon their arrival- a great option if you’re in need of a rest from caring.

Annette’s Websites of the Week – Father’s Day Special.

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Annette's websites of the week

As its Father’s Day on Sunday I thought I’d share some websites that will give you a helping hand in making this year’s Father’s Day extra special- for every type of dad!

Moonpig Cards – Personalised greeting cards are a lovely way to say Happy Father’s Day. If you visit an online customising site such as there is lots of variety, everything from comical cards, sentimental cards, sports themed cards and even photo cards. Each greeting card can be edited specifically for your dad to add that extra special touch.

Moonpig fathers day

Moonpig customised cards

I’ve used Moonpig in the past and was really happy with the whole experience. Picking a card is really simple- search the Father’s Day card selection (or whatever occasion you’re looking for) and edit accordingly. I like to pick cards which allow me to use lots of photographs but chose a design that suits you and your dad best.

My top tip when using Moonpig is to ensure that you spell check any text which you edit as once the card is printed it can’t be changed. Additionally save postage costs by delivering the card directly to your dad’s address- simply select this option in the delivery process.

Final delivery for Father’s Day cards from Moonpig is 2pm today!

Red Letter DaysIf you want to treat your dad to an extra special day out then head to Here you can purchase all sorts of days out, which will be a brilliant surprise for Father’s Day.

Red Letter Days have something for everyone so if your dad’s a fan of sports why not buy a tour of Wembley Stadium or a master class golf lesson. If like my husband, Alan, your dad is a car fanatic, then check out the driving experiences where dads can drive at Silverstone in a Ferrari or Lamborghini, and if your dad has a head for heights how about a Hot Air Balloon ride? The options are endless so it’s sure to be a Father’s Day gift that he won’t forget.

Red Letter Day

Red Letter Day

The best thing about a Red Letter Day gifts is that you don’t have to decide on a date when you purchase the experience. So you can give your dad his Red Letter Gift on Sunday and then organise a date to go motor facing, hot air balloon riding etc… whenever is convenient for both of you- most experiences let spectators go along and watch so you get a day out too. –  Earlier in the week I blogged about audiobooks and how they have been revived thanks to modern technology. Now you can download audiobook onto smartphones and iPods which makes listening to stories easier than ever before.

Audiobooks with

If your dad loves to read but can’t because he’s too busy or finds reading text in a book too much of a strain then why not load your iPod or smartphone will a selection of audiobooks for Father’s Day. The website has a huge selection of books (classics, new books and best sellers) which are affordable (around £3.99 each) and can be uploaded onto a device in seconds!

Using audiobooks as a gift is a great way of encourage dads to get back into literature, especially if he’s had to stop reading because of old age or poor eye sight. And it’s a fantastic way to get older dads to use gadgets such as iPods. I’d love to know if you like this idea so please do leave a comment below!

Annette’s Websites of the Week- Anthropologie, National Volunteer’s Week, The Lady Magazine

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Annette's websites of the week

Anthropologie – The internet is a great place to shop because you can find brands which may not have stores located in your hometown. Only yesterday I found a gorgeous American based fashion and lifestyle website

Anthropologie sells clothing, accessories, shoes and bags and a whole host of interior ware; bedding, lamps, wallpaper, artwork and kitchen accessories which all have an artistic and free spirited feel and incorporate a huge range of wonderful colours which really brought my attention to the site.

anthropolgie website

Anthropologie has a grown up hippie approach (that’s my impression anyway) which is difficult to come across nowadays and I absolutely adore it. is certainly a site I’ll be revisiting and storing in my favourites file. Even if you don’t make a purchase the site’s creative layout and beautiful garments are a real delight to look at.

National Volunteer’s Week- Did you know that this week has been host to National Volunteer’s Week? Running from 1st – 7th June 2012 National Volunteer’s Week has celebrated the thousands of people who volunteer their time and raised awareness of how you can lend a hand by volunteering.

Volunteers are crucial to charities and organisations who reply on the generosity of others, and it’s not just the charities that reap the benefits. People who choose to volunteer get an enormous sense of satisfaction and a feel-good feeling because they’ve made a difference to a cause they feel passionately about.

Volunteers Week 2012

Anyone can become a volunteer and the sectors of where to volunteer are endless. Schools, charities, hospitals, tea rooms, community centres, shops, local events… The trick is to pick something that you have a personal connection to or can offer practical help to.

I always think that volunteering is a great idea for elderly people and those who have recently retired. Often too much free time can lead to loneliness and in some cases depression. Volunteering a couple of hours a week will not only give you social interaction but keep your brain active and make you feel good!

For volunteering opportunities visit or

The Lady Magazine- I’ve blogged about The Lady Magazine in the past because it’s one of my favourite weekly magazines. A fan of the magazine, I follow The Lady on Twitter, and often check out their website to read blogs and get daily updates from The Lady team.

The Lady Magazine website

In recent weeks has been revamped. They’ve stuck with their bold and instantly recognisable logo but updated the layout making the Home Page a lot more visual with up to date graphs, quirky retro icons and beautiful images that definitely get you clicking through the site.

I really enjoy visiting The Lady online and think that it’s opened up a new readership to the iconic magazine. With fashion forward style pages, blogs from different ‘Lady’ readers and a range of features from, how to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and dressing for the Ascot Races, to dealing with Alzheimer’s, there is something for every Lady; however young or old.

Annette’s Websites of the Week- Love Food Hate Waste, Royal Horticultural Society, Olympic Torch Relay

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Annette's websites of the week

Love Food Hate Waste- This week I’ve been sharing some of my favourite veggie recipes for National Vegetarian Week. On the search for veggie dishes I visited the Love Food Hate Waste website which is packed full of handy ways to prevent food and drink waste with top tips and fantastic recipes that use up food you might have otherwise thrown away.

As someone who really enjoys food I’m conscious about trying to get the most out of my groceries so LFHW’s website is perfect for me. I like the recipe search tool which uses categories according to the ingredients you have and the type of meal you want to make- a quick breakfast, light lunch or a vegetarian evening meal etc…

Love Food Hate Waste Website

Love Food Hate Waste

You’ll discover a huge variety of beautiful dishes which can be made out of pantry essentials and leftover, helping you save money and use all the delicious ingredients that you bought at the supermarket/grocers.

Also check out LFHW’s tips on ways to make sure you don’t over stock your fridge and how to control the amount of food you’re cooking. I’ve found the ‘Perfect Portions’ tool really helpful for ingredients such as pasta and rice- I always make more than I need.

Royal Horticultural Society- This week Royal Horticultural Society have been busy hosting the annual Chelsea Flower Show and it’s fair to say that they chose the perfect week as the sun hasn’t stopped shining.

I wrote a blog earlier in the week about my favourite gardens featured at this year’s show and since the RHS have handed out awards to their favourite gardens and gardeners. You can view all of the winners and nominee at the Chelsea Flower Show 2012 section of RHS website along with a host of photographs of the gardens and video footage from this year’s event.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show website

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Whilst at  I also had a nosey around the site’s gardening section which has lots of information about how to tend your garden during the summer months. Including how to maintain a grow your own veggie patch, which is handy to read if your currently growing your own veggie, fruit and herbs like me.

This weekend is set to be a scorcher so why not try and get your grandchildren to help you around the garden. If they aren’t convinced read RHS’s top tips on gardening for the whole family where you’ll find fun garden tips aimed at children, but don’t forget the sunscreen.

Olympic Torch Relay- As I’m sure you already know the Olympic Torch Relay began its tour of the UK last weekend. The torch has already travelled from Land’s End to Worcester and is now en route to Cardiff before it tours Wales.

Throughout it’s week- long journey various famous people from the world of sport have carried the flame including Darren Campbell, Sharon Davies, Zara Phillips and Didier Drogba. Along with these sports personality’s people from local communities have also had the opportunity to carry the flame, which was saluted by two elephants at West midlands Safari Park yesterday.

BBC Olympic Torch Relay website

BBC Olympic Torch Relay

As the torch travels most people want to keep track of its whereabouts, including me. I’ve been tracking the torch via BBC News who has created a fantastic Torch Relay landing page that gives up to date coverage of the relay.

From here you can view a live video stream or read up to date reports of what’s happening on the relay. The page also includes an interactive map with the route highlighted and estimated times of arrival, plus pictures from the relay so far. A great resource which I’m sure I’ll be glued to next week when the torch arrived in Staffordshire.

Annette’s Websites of the Week: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, BBC IPlayer and Talking Tables

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Annette's websites of the week

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution- On Saturday 19th May Jamie Oliver is hosting the first ever international food revolution day. He wants people to join together and share their skills, knowledge and passion for food with the hope that together we champion healthy and notorious food.

Food Revolution Day logo

If you read my blog earlier this week you’ll know that I’m a real supporter of Jamie’s vision and I think that getting involved is something that everyone can do really easily by hosting a dinner party or spending an afternoon in the kitchen with grandchildren and getting them to do some of the cooking- you’ll be surprised by how eager they’ll be to get involved.

The Food Revolution Day website is a fantastic resource for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the campaign and how you can support Jamie and his army of foodies. Get ideas for events; register yours online or search for an FRD event in your local area. Alternatively use the website to find some delicious recipes– Jamie Oliver has even featured a special collection of his own.


Talking TablesYesterday I blogged about party accessories from Talking Tables after seeing their Jubilee Range of cake toppers and cupcake stands- the cupcake thrones are my favourite. Although the website currently features lots of Jubilee inspired items it also has a variety of other ranges which could come in handy for birthday parties and summer BBQ’s.

talking_tables_party ware

Specialising in everything from party ware for children’s parties, weddings, anniversaries and afternoon teas Talking Tables is a great site to keep bookmarked for inspiration when you’ve got an event to organise.

I think that the prices online are pretty pricy, however there is something for every occasion and some of the items really are show stoppers so you could mix and match stand out pieces alongside more affordable party basics from supermarkets etc… Overall a really lovely site that will get you into the party spirit.


BBC iPlayerI regularly use BBC’s iPlayer to catch up with TV programmes which I’ve missed or forgotten to record. Although I’m aware that lots of people use this online on-demand service I’m always a little surprised when I come across people who’ve not used iPlayer or don’t know what it is.

BBC IPlayer

So I decided to include BBC iPlayer into my recommendations this week because it’s a site which is incredibly easy to use (plus a great way to get started on the internet) and can be a handy tool if you’ve miss something which you’d have like to watched. I caught up with Chatsworth earlier this week after missing it on Monday evening which I’d recommend watching.

You can use the iPlayer to view programmes which have aired on BBC TV or Radio. Search the ‘Most Popular’ selection for shows or if you’re looking for something more specific then select the relevant channel and day it was aired (or search by A-Z). Once you’ve found the programme click and play- it’s worth noting that most programmes only stay online for a certain amount of time so be sure to check out how long you’ve got to watch to avoid disappointment.

Annette’s Websites of the Week- Britain’s Got Talent, London 2012 Olympic Games & Age UK Care in Crisis

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Annette's websites of the week

Britain’s Got TalentThe country seems to be gripped by Britain’s Got Talent after a series of live semi-finals this week. With the 10 finalists now selected everyone is looking forward to Saturday night’s live final show (ITV, 7.30pm) where the public will choose the 2012 BGT winner who will receive an enormous £500,000 and the opportunity to perform at the Royal Variety Show in front of the Queen.

I’ve really enjoyed this year’s show but I have to admit that I’ve not had chance to watch every semi-final show so I am a little behind on which acts got through to the final. Luckily the Britain’s Got Talent website is packed with all of the latest news from the semi-final shows including profiles of this year’s finalists, videos of their performances and exclusive interviews with contestants and judges.

So if you’re planning on watching the Britain’s Got Talent final this weekend checkout the website before hand to find out more about your favourite act. I’m backing the ‘paw-some’ duo Ashleigh and Pudsey because I can’t help but adore a dancing doggy.

London 2012 Olympic Games- This summer’s Olympic Games seem to be edging ever closer and this week a handful of events have taken place to ramp up the excitement including The School Games and the lighting of the Olympic Flame. Today the Olympic Orbit Tower, a steel sculpture designed by Anish Kappor was officially opened too.

The statement sculpture, which has caused a dived between people who love it and loath it, boasts a structure that is taller than New York’s Statue of Liberty and a observational suite that offers panoramic views of London. I’m yet to decide whether or not I like the design- what do you think?

Olympic Orbit Tower

Olympic Orbit Tower

In addition to the opening of Orbit Tower an extra 200,000 Olympic tickets were released this morning to Olympic applicants who were unsuccessful in securing tickets for the Games during earlier ticket distributions. With tickets to most events on offer, including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, I’m sure that there will be lots of very happy Olympic customers by the end of today.

Check out the London 2012 website for more information on event, venues etc…

Age UK Care in CrisisThis week’s Queen’s Speech to open parliament disappointed many people including those who had hoped for a change in the social care system. Instead of a full social care bill been announced the speech revealed that only a draft bill on social care would be drawn up by the government this year.

Care in Crisis

Please support Age UK’s Care in Crisis campaign

For charities such as Age UK who have campaigned for change the draft bill is deeply unsatisfying. Despite this Age UK is still steaming ahead in their campaign for change in social care. To achieve a full bill next year they need to secure as much support as possible, which is why Age UK want as many people as possible to sign up to their Care in Crisis petition.

The online petition takes less than a couple of minutes to complete and includes a full and in depth insight into the whole Care in Crisis campaign, which I believe is worthwhile supporting because it could eventually help implement crucial change to the care system that we will all use at one point or another- sign the petition here.

Annette’s Websites of the Week- Naidex National 2012

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Annette's websites of the week

Naidex National 2012 has been a focus point this week because of the annual exhibition at The NEC in Birmingham. Having already posted my highlights from Naidex I thought it would be a nice idea to finish the week with a Naidex themed websites of the week.  – If you visited Naidex this week you no doubt came back with a list of products that you want to research online. Thankfully the Naidex website is set up with a simple A-Z category system that makes searching for products and suppliers stress free. 

Naidex National 2012

Along with directing visitors to everything featured at the show- exhibitors, products, industry experts- I like how includes a live Twitter stream which made following the expo throughout the week easy and fun.

If you’re planning on visiting Naidex National next year I’d recommend visiting the site to get a feel for what you can expect from the show- check out the printable PDF’s of ‘Show Features’ including The New Product Showcase which I’ve found really useful. Rethinkthings is home to one of my highlights from this year’s Naidex the stylish ‘Flo’ walking frame. The website is full of quirky products which all have a similar artistic style to the Flo. Plus the site includes a blog that explains all of Rethinkthing’s products in greater depth which is definitely worth a read.

rethinkthing logo Orthros by Lepmis was my favourite product from Naidex 2012 because I was bowled over by how much joy the one handed video gaming joystick gave to its fans. A small but informative site, hosts a variety of different products which are all adapted to make video gaming accessible to disabled fans so it’s definitely worth book marking if you’re a gamer who currently has difficulties handling  generic controllers. I’m sure you can tell from my Highlights post yesterday Naidex is hugely diverse so it’s a delight to say that accessible gardening was also on display from The Mobile Garden who has come up with an in or outdoor gardening solution.

Their invention, a circular rotating planting tray, allows gardeners to plants vegetables, flowers and plants from their wheelchair or the comfort of a chair. It’s a lovely product which I’m sure all keen gardeners will be interested in especially as summer is just around the corner. I’d recommend visiting the website where you can watch a demonstration video which explores how the mobile garden works in its entirety.

www.ihusaccess.comThe Independent Living Home Show was hosted by iHUS who specialise in creating living spaces which are accessible to you. Their website includes an impressive portfolio of work which is exquisite and shows how homes can be adapted with additional living space.

Although I know that renovation is a big step for most people we have worked with customers who’ve used the Bath-Knight in speciality adapted Granny Flats, our latest was featured on Grand Designs. I think the iHus website is a great one to keep on file for future options and inspiration.

Annette’s Websites of the Week- Just Giving, Queen Victoria’s Scrapbook and BBC’s Diamond Jubilee

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Annette's websites of the week

Claire Squire’s Just Giving page The untimely death of Claire Squires, the 30 year old runner who collapsed and died only a mile away from the finish line of last weekend’s London Marathon, has dominated this week’s headlines. Despite been an incredibly sad story the generosity of the public in such a sad time has been overwhelming.

Claire Squires Just Giving

Claire Squires' Just Giving for Samaritans

Over 70,000 donations have been made on Claire’s Just Giving charity page raising an incredible £811,000 (at this moment in time) for her chosen charity, Samaritans. Inspired by Claire’s story I’ve pledge a donation myself and feel confident that it will be welcomed tribute to Claire and help both her family and Samaritans regain something positive from such a tragic lose.


Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Scrapbook Prior to Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee only one other monarch has achieved such a milestone, Queen Victoria who celebrated her Jubilee in 1897. To celebrate the first ever Diamond Jubilee, and the life and reign of Queen Victoria, the website ‘Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Scrapbook’ has was launched this week.

The interactive site, which allows users to click through an online scrapbook, covers all areas of Queen Victoria’s life including her becoming a Queen, her love and marriage to Prince Albert, the Queen’s home and her empire and Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Scrapbook

Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Scrapbook Homepage

What’s so unique about the website is that all content, including official documents, paintings, audio and film clips, diary entries and personal letters from Queen Victoria, are from Royal archives which have been specially opened for people to enjoy prior to this summer’s celebrations.

I’d most definitely recommend this website if you’re interested in learning more about Queen Victoria and her Diamond Jubilee (a great site for grandchildren) as it includes everything from pressed flowers from Queen Victoria’s Jubilee bouquet and even the royal seating plan of the 1897.


BBC Diamond Jubilee: Royal Tour MapsYesterday I blogged about the Queen and Prince Phillip visiting South Wales on the welsh leg of their Diamond Jubilee Tour of the UK. Throughout the coming months the Queen will visit the towns and cities throughout the country whilst other members of the Royal family will represent the Queen overseas.

On these visits The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will travel to South East Asia, Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall will visit Australia and New Zealand and The Duke of York will travel to India.

BBC Royal tours in maps

BBC Royal tours in maps

Throughout these visits, many of which are in commonwealth countries, special tributes will made to the Queen and her 60 years on the throne. To keep track of the Diamond Jubilee globetrotting the BBC have created a site with interactive maps that documents the royal tours.

One map follows the Queen and Prince Phillip’s tour of the UK and the other, a map of the globe, tracks all international visits. Each map is pinpointed with destinations where the Royal family will visit and will be updated with videos clips, photos and articles about their travels as they happen.

A great way to keep up to date with the events in the run up to the Diamond Jubilee.

Websites of the Week- National Trust, Sizzix and Face Britain

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Annette's websites of the week

National Trust- Free Weekend offer– I’ve featured the National Trust in my recommended websites of the week on a number of occasions now and its mainly because I am a real fan.

This weekend National Trust is exclusively opening its doors to over 200 sites in an offer which enables the public to enjoy the National Trust free of charge. Giving families ample opportunity to enjoy all of the treasures which National Trust sites behold and the chance for children to kick start their 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ challenge.

National Trust free weekend

Enjoy a free week at National Trust

It’s worth noting that to be entitled to free administration visitors must fill in a short online form and print out the National Trust Free Weekend Voucher. The free entry voucher is valid between Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April making for an entire weekend of National Trust fun.


Sizzix-Online Craft StoreI came across after seeing a selection of beautifully designed Sizzix patterned paper in a craft magazine. To my delight the Sizzix website is a wonderland for craft lovers like me as it’s packed with creative ideas, products and even features a quilting section complete with patterns- need I say more?

The best thing about Sizzix’s website is it’s free downloadable packs which will get your creativity buds flowing and enable you to create beautiful cards, scrapbooks, gift tags, invites and everything in between. 

Sizzix homepage

Craft website, Sizzix

Capitalising on The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the small matter of street parties, family gatherings and generally lots of celebrations, Sizzix have come up with a range of jubilee inspired paper that is free to download and will add a touch of creative magic to any jubilee party. I’m considering turning my patterned paper into homemade bunting that’s fit for a queen.


Face Britain- Face Britain, a self-portrait art project aimed at children, lit up Buckingham Palace last night as montages of the Queen have been created with over 200,000 school children’s self –portraits to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

Set up by The Princes’ Foundation for Children and the Arts, Face Britain wanted to encourage as many children as possible to create a self-portrait and published them all in an online gallery. The deadline for submission has passed but the website is fantastic to visit nevertheless.

Bright, fun and interactive features a wonderful online gallery and has an interactive canvas which enables users to join in the fun and draw themselves online. But what I like most about the website is how visually exciting it is. Set out it artistic frames and filled with bright colours it’s a website which will please everyone and is perfect for grandchildren.

Face Britain homepage

Face Britain Art Project

Along with fantastic contributions from school children the site also features celebrity art work from a number of famous faces who’ve shown their support. View ‘Famous Faces’ to see self-portraits of Adele, Quentin Blake, Cilla Black and Derren Brown.

All in all is a brilliant website which reflects all of the enthusiasm and creativity which so many school children have put into the Face Britain project; a site which is most definitely worth visiting.

Annette’s Website of the Week- Britain’s Finest

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Annette's websites of the week

Before Easter I did lots of research on places to visit with my family over the Bank Holiday weekend. Generally I get lots of my ideas from other people’s recommendations and then look further into them online. This way I’ve always got a starting point rather than aimless searching for nothing in particular.

However when I was recently searching the web I came across a wonderful site called ‘Britain’s Finest’ a website that catalogues the best places to visit in Britain. The site covers all areas of tourism across the country sharing the best hotels, B&B’s, museums and galleries, gardens, sports attractions and the country’s most thought after pubs and restaurants.

Britains Finest

Britain's Finest Homepage

With so much variety and practical information it’s packed with ideas and inspiration if you’re trying to think up the perfect family day out or weekend away. But most interestingly its extensive content might spring a surprise on how much your local area has to offer.

I searched “Stoke-on-Trent” for ideas for those weekends when it’s nice to do something but when I don’t want to stray too far away from home and was astonished by how much there is to do which I wasn’t aware of. For example I didn’t realise how many beautiful dog friendly gardens there are in and around my home town and the amount of pottery and china factories which are still open to the public.

So with all of this in mind I would definitely recommend spending a little time browsing Britain’s Finest as it could help fill your weekends away with exciting activities but also spruce up those quite weekends at home-

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