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Anyone who reads my blog regularly will be aware that I’ve been blogging with for some time now. I’ve really enjoyed using and would most certainly recommend it to anyone looking to get started in the world of blogging.

However, after careful consideration I’ve decided to move my blog to a self-hosted site which is a little more technical but better suites to my needs. The URL to my blog remains the same and all previous content is included. You may see some slight changes visually but nothing too drastic. creative

I was really happy with the blog transfer and will now have plenty of opportunities to make visiting the Bath-Knight Blog as user friendly as possible. However, I sadly lost contact with my followers and would love for you, and any new readers, to click my e-mail subscribe box to ensure that we stay in touch. Simply type in your e-mail address and you’ll be kept up to date with all of my posts.

Thanks for reading and making the Bath-Knight Blog such a success.


Happy Father’s Day from Annette

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Happy Fathers Day

As its Father’s Day today I would like to thank my father for not only being a wonderful father to my brother, sister and I but for his invention that has changed the lives of thousands of people, the first original bath lift, Bath-Knight.

Father’s Day is the perfect chance to celebrate what a fantastic father you have and how he has changed your life. If it wasn’t for my father, Bill Steadman, I wouldn’t be where I am today helping thousands of people get in and out of the bath. As my father lives in Florida I won’t be able to spend the day with him, however, I can look forward to seeing him and my mother in the summertime.

I hope you and your father have a wonderful Father’s Day however you may be celebrating.

Royal Mail price increases enforced today

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Royal Mail caused outrage earlier this year when they announced that the price of first and second class stamps would be increased by 14 pence. In recent weeks angry customers have stockpiled on postage stamps to avoid paying the increased prices that were enforced today.

From now on purchasing a first class stamp will cost 60p while a second class stamp will cost 50p. Sadly it’s thought that elderly people and those with small businesses will be hit hardest by the price increases.

postage stamps

Royal Mail price increase starts today

Here at Bath-Knight we receive daily thank you letters and cards from elderly customers who rely heavily on Royal Mail to send letters and messages to communicate with their family and friends. For many of these elderly people, who live off low incomes and are Royal Mail’s most devoted customers, the increased price will prove to be extremely costly and possibly force them to seek alternatives methods of communication.

Like the majority of people I’d be sad to see Royal Mail demise because it’s a postal service which has served the country for so many years. However, with such price escalations, in a period of economic hardship, I imagine that lots of people will eventually chose cheaper digital options like e-mailing, instant messaging, social media and texting.

Fingers crossed the tradition of sending handwritten letters won’t be lost forever because there really is something special about receiving a personalised letter in the mail every once in a while.

For a full Royal Mail price list as of 30th April 2012- please click here.

Titanic Captain Edward John Smith commemorated locally

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Sunday marks 100 years since the Titanic sunk in the Atlantic Ocean en route to New York. This weekend a host of memorial services are taking place to remember the 1517 people who lost their lives on the Titanic.

Captain Edward John Smith

Titanic Captain Edward John Smith

Here in Stoke-On-Trent, where Bath-Knight is based, a commemorative plaque dedicated to Titanic’s Captain Edward John Smith is going on public display on the Victorian terraced house in Well Street, Hanley where the Captain was born and lived as a child.

The memorial plaque, which honours the Titanic Captain in his hometown, was commissioned by a local brewery called Titanic Brewery. It’s said that Captain Edward John Smith’s part in the world famous ship was a huge inspiration behind their name and part of the reason why they decided to commission the plaque.

It’s great to finally see that Captain Edward John Smith is being remembered here in Stoke-on-Trent as there is little else to remember him by in the city. I also think that it’s a great touch to have had the plaque designed by local potter, Malcolm Hawksworth, who has spent years working in the local pottery industry.

Happy Easter and Bath-Knight Easter Closure

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I’d like to wish all of my readers and Bath-Knight customers a very happy Easter. I hope that you all enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend and take the opportunity to enjoy a family day out.

Like lots of other businesses we do take a short break over the Easter period so the Bath-Knight offices will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday and reopen for business as usual at 9am on Tuesday 10th April.

My final Easter craft for Easter 2012 is decorating eggs. Follow this simple guide from Red Ted Art who’s tutorial appeared in Tesco’s magazine for the most colourful and decorative eggs. My only tips would be to make sure that you hard boil the eggs to avoid any messy mishaps and be as bright and bold as you like!

Bath-Knight Facebook Timeline

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Some of you might already be aware that Bath-Knight has both Twitter and Facebook accounts. The team and I use these platforms as an extension to our website as they are great places to communicate with our customers online.

Recently Facebook announced that they would be changing all Facebook business pages to the new ‘timeline’ layout so on 31st March we made the switch to a timeline format.

BathKnight Facebook

Bath-Knight's Timeline on Facebook

To accommodate the change we’ve added new images, including a cover photo which shows our product range in its entirety and a new and improved welcome page. The content on Bath-Knight’s timeline will remain very similar to before and include details of blog updates and news stories that we feel will be relevant to you, plus links to our product pages on the official Bath-Knight website.

Facebook is a fantastic place to get online and share your thoughts so if you haven’t already, join us on Facebook by clicking the ‘Like’ button. Feel free to comment on our post and even share them with friends. Look forward to seeing you there!

Check out Bath-Knight on Facebook today –

What is independence?

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The digital world is a wonderful place to share ideas and thoughts. Earlier today Ruth Amos inventor of StairSteady proposed the question, ‘what does independence mean for you and your customers?’ as part of a project to find out the meaning of independence to different people and businesses.

Here at Bath-Knight independence is a treasured way of life which we hope to enhance. Often my customers yearn to remain living independently in their own homes, which is why I get so much pleasure from knowing that my products, especially the Bath-Knight bath lift, are designed and used as tools to enable independent living for older people.

elderly couple living independently

Independence - living life as you desire

I have always been an advocate in encouraging older people to remain in their homes for as long as possible and this is because too often we hear horror stories regarding quality of care in elderly care facilities. More recently this poor service has been coupled with extortionate cost that far outreach funds available to an elderly people or their family.

This substandard quality of care has resulted in thousands petitioning for the government to take action. Today 60 charities including Age UK and Joseph Rowntree Foundation are lobbying MP’s at Westminster, urging the government to reform the current care system into a service which is of high quality, cost effective and accessible to all.

These lacking qualities in our current care system seemingly strip away any independence for people receiving such care. I often question why an increased focus isn’t put on the ways to enable elderly people to remain in their own homes for longer. Simple and thought-out modification can enable the freedom of independent living which integrates both safety and quality of life for elderly people.

So for me the premise of independence is the ability to live life as you desire with the freedom and choice to live at home. Growing older should not become a problem instead we should celebrate this feat of longevity together and adapt our lifestyles accordingly.

Good Care Guide – Review site for eldercare and childcare facilities

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Good Care Guide, a website which allows users to rate and review care facilities for elderly people and children has been launched this week.  The elderly sector specifically has questioned whether or not such sites are appropriate.

Like Trip Advisor the Good Care Guide (GCG) allows users to review their experiences- good or bad. Reviews are published online allowing other users to read and take into consideration when deciding upon an elderly care home or childcare centre for loved ones.

Good Care Guide

New review website - Good Care Guide

The ‘user experience’ element of the site is something which interests me greatly. A huge believer in sharing experiences I regularly take recommendation on board and so do my customers. Many Bath-Knight customers recommend us to friends and family and these word of mouth recommendations have brought us great success over the years.

So generally I think that an archive of personal reviews, cleverly stored on a single online database, has the potential to be a great resource. Plus it adds a new dynamic to the way that we reviewed and assessed care facilities.

However it’s difficult to ignore the nature of these specific reviews. Writing about incredibly personal and in some cases sensitive subjects, many reviews will be emotionally charged. For these reasons I can’t help but feel that some established care facilities may fall victim to reviews which don’t truly reflect their services.

Good Care Guide ladies

Hopefully the website will be used alongside other resources

I’ve also read that healthcare professionals are concerned that the site maybe be used as a playground for naming and shaming and I can understand their concern- it’s often said that people are more likely to write about a negative experience more so than a positive one. But if the correct safeguards are put in place to ensure reliability and balance I can’t see why Good Care Guide won’t be an informative site to visit.

Overall I’d hope to think that people would use the site as a resource which they can combine with more official information; local authority reports, staff levels and quality of care. I’d also suggest remembering that your opinion may differ from someone else’s so take each review with a pinch of salt and read a handful to get a general idea.

Bathing for Therapy – Relaxation with aroma and hydro therapy.

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Some years ago I worked alongside former nurse Helen Passant and together we created ‘Bathing for Therapy’. A handbook which discusses the methods and techniques that can be used to create the most relaxing bathing experience.

A field which I know is extremely beneficial to many of my customers, the book was a huge hit upon its release and we continue to receive praise for the publication even today. So I thought that revisiting the subject here on the blog would be a rather nice idea.

Bathing for Therapy cover

I often get asked how to create the easiest and most relaxing bath time and my immediate response is to consider your own needs as these are incredibly important to easy bathing, especially within the elderly. Remember that there seems little point relaxing in a bath if you’re stressed about how you’re going to get out safely.

Investing in a hydrotherapy spa bath is a good option for those who suffer from extensive aches and pains as the water pumps soothe and massage. Bath-Knight’s walk-in bath range offers easy access baths in a variety of sizes, styles and functionalities that work according to your specific needs. And of course the Bath-Knight band is designed to allow those hydro bubbles through.

Alternatively aromatherapy is a great way to achieve easy bathing within a more typical bathing environment (remember there is no stopping using both aroma and hydro therapy together). I’ve found that many people gain greatly from aromatherapy and it tends to becomes part of their routine.

The Perfect BathWhen I was training for a charity walk last year (unfortunately I was unable to compete due to an injured foot) I regularly bathed using essential oils such as lavender, lemon grass and Chamomile to massaging my aches and pains whilst in the bath.

I discovered that aromatherapy can be as easy as you like. If you’re cautious at first simply add a drop of bath oil to your bath and relax. When you become more comfortable use a mix of blends and rub problem areas (if needed).  It is incredibly effective and can help with a variety of complaints and health issues which are difficult to cure.

Bathing for Therapy back coverJoint aches, poor circulation, varicose veins, high and low blood pressures and skin problems are all problems which can be eased with a cause of aromatherapy. To ensure that you target your problem area with the most suitable oils I’d recommend doing a little research beforehand. Chemist and pharmacists are reliable sources. Additionally the internet is full of sites specialising in hydro and aroma therapy. I would suggest reading Holistic Healing with Liz McWatt who offer plenty information on Aromatherapy.

The beauty of aromatherapy is it can become personal to you. Be open minded to different treatments by making your own recipes – I’ll be blogging about some of my favourites next week. Homemade recipes are often cheaper than shop bought counterparts and work just as well.

If you would like to recieve a free copy of the Bathing for Therapy Handbook email with your details and we’ll be sure to send you a copy.

Merry Christmas from the Bath-Knight team

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Merry Christmas

I’d like to wish all of my blog readers and Bath-Knight customers a very merry Christmas and send my best wishes for the festive period.

I think that this is a wonderful chance to also thank you for reading and contributing to my blog over the last 12 months. I’ve had a brilliant response, which makes the blog so worthwhile and a great alternative outlet for Bath-Knight as a company.

The Bath-Knight office is closed during the festive period (the team and I will be back in the office from 3rd January 2012). However, I have prepared some Christmas posts which you might find handy- keep an eye out for these next week.

Everything from recycling Christmas waste including cards and wrapping paper to wonderful leftover recipes which I am sure you will all love. Additionally I’ve shared a couple of Christmas time activities which I like to do with my grandchildren.

And finally I’d like to say good luck to anyone who is planning on making their Christmas dinner with the help of Gordon Ramsay and his Christmas cookalong live on Channel 4 on Christmas Day.

All the best from me and once again Merry Christmas!

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