Southern Cross Healthcare failure: Care Homes- My thoughts

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Today’s news has revealed that Southern Cross Healthcare has lost a huge 311 million pounds in the 6 months leading up to March. The government are now left to implement a so called ‘rescue plan’ to the 30,000 elderly care home residents whose futures are in question.

Southern Cross HealthcareThe failure of Southern Cross Healthcare not only leaves a heavy burden on the government and residents but a question mark around care service in general; from cost of living in residential care, quality of staff, level of facilities and equipment and above all how residential care can be funded efficiently.

In my opinion the Sothern Cross Healthcare situation is terrible. The thought of thousands of elderly, and in the majority of cases vulnerable patients being left in the lurch is absurd. So forth as to why I am pro living at home, and independently where possible.

There are many arguments against elderly people living at home with many points being made present in media coverage. Some argue that elderly people, who live alone become isolated, depressed and have little help or social interaction. In some cases this is true; however I am a firm believer in independent living.

I am personally a huge advocate for encouraging and implementing help for the elderly who chose to live independently. From helping them get connected with family and friends online to developing the Bath-Knight to provide a product for the home which enables longer independence.

I believe that with the right support network, suitable facilities and a balanced lifestyle which takes account of health care, necessities and well-being when growing old living at home can be extremely beneficial.

Independent living

Many elderly people become fearful of a new environment such as a care facility. They enjoy living at home as it harbours fond memories and is a safe place which they are familiar with.   

Some reading my view may immediately note down the cons to living independently stating that busy lives of family and friends mean caring for elderly relatives is often too difficult. Or the home environment just isn’t suitable for the needs of an elderly person. Such are all very true points, and in some cases can’t be overcome. However things which can be easily adjusted to suit living independently can leave fantastic results for all.  

I can only hope that The South Cross Healthcare shame has proven that care homes are not always the safe haven for the elderly. As although many offer suitable standards of care the security of such facilities now seem to be in jeopardy.

For many living at home would be a far more dignified way to lead their lives, which I am sure you can agree with.

Happy 60th Birthday Annette from the Bath-Knight team!

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Happy Birthday Annette patchwork

We would like to say a huge Happy Birthday to Annette who is 60 today! Annette is currently celebrating her big day with close family and friends on holiday in Italy.

To celebrate the team at Bath-Knight, along with Annette’s daughter Lucy collected the favourite recipes of Annette’s family, friends and colleagues to make a special birthday recipe book, which we know Annette will love and treasure.

We thought it would be a great idea to share a small collection of recipes on the blog so that Annette’s blog readers can enjoy the recipes and share Annette’s celebrations too!

pea horseradish and coriander soup  recipe

 mexican lasanga recipe

Irish Stew Recipe

red velevet cake recipe

Enjoy and Happy Birthday Annette!

Bupa Great Manchester Run- Congratulations Lyndsay!

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congrats lyndsay

I would like to take the opportunity to send big congratulations to Lyndsay, who works in the Bath-Knight Marketing department for successfully taking part in the Bupa Great Manchester 10K run at the weekend.

Lyndsay achieved a fantastic time of 1 hour and 4 mins, and was running the 10k to raising money for chosen charity Mencap.

We are all very proud of Lyndsay and her fantastic achievement!

Comic Relief Bath Survey

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Bath-Knight Comic Relief Survey:

Bobble Day

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Friday mornings kick off with a Bath-Knight Managers meeting; however last week’s meeting was a rather different affair.

As the team and I went over our facts and figures, we were soon whirled up in bright orange wool as we attempted to make orange bobbles for Age UK’s Official Bobble Day.

The bobbles, which reminded everyone of the finishing touch to a brilliant winter woolly hat, were the driving force behind Age UK’s first Bobble Day, which has sprung from the charities ‘Spread the Warmth’ winter campaign.


I’ve taken an active interest in this particular campaign as I was startled by the shocking statistics that show 250 elderly people die every day because of the cold weather.

Participating in the first ever Bobble Day was great fun for everyone involved, even if cutting out cardboard circles was a rather laborious task, the bobble idea itself was very unique and got everyone talking.

Age UK made a great effort to make the campaign digital and online. We tweeted the team over at Age UK throughout the day and heard that they were delighted with our efforts towards the brightly coloured bobble day; the entire day had an orange theme everything from bobbles to clothes and even cakes and cookies were orange!


A rather special touch is the online gallery which Age UK set up specifically for Bobble Day featuring fabulous photos of people from all over the country making and wearing their orange bobbles proudly. The gallery includes everyone from well know famous faces, elderly people, babies, office workers, charity workers and even their pets.

We made a special bobble for office doggie Portia and she was featured in the online gallery to my great delight. Bath-Knight’s Marketing Manager was also over the moon to see her cat Smokey in the gallery, after she took a photo of him rolling around in orange wool as she was making bobbles at home.

Overall Bobble Day was great and although we’re still not quite sure what we will be doing with all of our bobbles. Maybe we could stitch them onto a woolly scarf or quilt. The Bath-Knight team raised funds for Age UK’s Bobble Day which is marvellous.

Knitting for Kindness

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When I came into the Bath-Knight office this week and someone mentioned a new passion for craft making I just knew I had to write a blog. In actual fact, Lyndsay who works in our Marketing department is attempting to learn a new craft ever month this year.

What a wonderful challenge I thought to myself before I proceeded to ask what crafts she would be hurling herself into. When she said that January would bring knitting I was pleased and after realising that she was a complete novice I was overjoyed.

Today I came into work armed with my trusty knitting needles ready to show her the ropes and realised how sociable and charitable crafts can be.

I love to knit and it is something which I enjoying doing with my Mother. It is a simple craft that can end in garments such as scarfs, cardigans, cushions, quilts, blankets. But the most wonderful things that I have ever created by knitting are teddy bears. Yes, teddy bears, a small hand crafted teddy bear which is made with lots of love.

My Mother and I stumbled upon a fantastic charity, Teddies for Tragedies, an organisation which sends knitted teddy bears to disadvantaged children all over the world. The teddy bears are a small gift that can become a special, meaningful possession for children who have sometimes lost everything. 

To contribute you simply knit a teddy bear, so far my Mother and I have knitted 8 bears following the patterns available on the Teddies for Tragedies website. From there Teddies for Tragedies has a handful of charities which they work with to ensure that the cuddle toys go to children who need them.

The idea of cheering children up with such gifts came after the odd cuddly toy was packed into a medical emergency aid box, when medical staff handed out the toys along with essential medical care to countries in great need the teddy bears brought a great sense of joy and most importantly allowed children to smile!

Closer to home a local charity called Ray of Hope takes in hand crafted knit wear, anything from baby clothes, shawls, soft toys and other crafted items like cards. However, all have to have a baby theme ready for the babies which are being taken care of on the Maternity and Neonatal wards at the Leighton Hospital in Crewe.

Many of the babies here are premature so small sizes are appreciated, the charity prides itself  on having such a brilliant sense of community and are always looking for new knitters to contribute.

I can’t stress how easy it is to get involved. It is a great feeling to spend time knitting something which is not only adorable but going to a grateful home, whether that is here in a local maternity unit or thousands of miles away where a knitted bear is one of a child’s very few or sadly even their only toy.

With some luck and lots of practice Lyndsay will be posting her first knitted teddy to a very welcoming home! If you would like to be involved follow the links.

Teddies for Tragedies:

Ray of  Hope:

Ray of  Hope Patterns:

Bath-Knight Achievement Awards

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Many may feel down in January as we wave goodbye to Christmas festivities and hello to another year of hard work and deadlines.

However at Bath-Knight, January brings our Achievements Awards Ceremony, a brilliant event that gives me the perfect opportunity to reward my staff upon their achievements.

I really do enjoy this event as it truly is all about the staff and their hard work, which ultimately creates our great success. Excellent achievers receive certificates and trophies to document their hard work and success here at Bath-Knight.

The event will be held this Sunday and attended by myself, current staff and influential members of staff who have since retired. We will be taking lots of photos, which I will share in a later blog!


Merry Christmas!

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It is my last blog of the year and what a wonderful year it has been.

Here at Bath-Knight we have had an exciting digital year, developing our presence online and working hard to make the most of online resources.

I am extremely happy to be part of the digital movement, now an active user on Twitter, where we follow our customers, fellow mobility aid services, generous charities and the odd celebrity.

As I have encouraged my readers to get online to see the benefits it has to offer myself and the team have done the same. Creating a Facebook page especially for Bath-Knight and also for Portia the office dog, we wouldn’t want her to feel left out of our exciting adventure into the digital world. Here I can view customer profiles, upload photographs and get involved in conversations.

Finally, I have ventured into the blogsphere right here on wordpress. It is a wonderful place to note down what is happening in and around Bath-Knight. From marathons for wonderful charities, plans of a MoonWalk around the beautiful city of Edinburgh, celebratory occasions in the office, sharing campaigns which I think will really be beneficial to you and finally sharing my ideas, recipes and personal thoughts.

I have thoroughly enjoyed our step into the digital world and hope that 2011 brings more excitement, blog views and twitter followers.

Bath-Knight is taking a short time out to enjoy the Christmas period. We will be back on 4th January 2011 with some great blog ideas for you to look forward to!

I and all at Bath-Knight wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Take care and stay warm.

Getting Started: Bath-Knight Online Guide

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Getting started online can be a daunting thought for many. However, by making the most out of your online resources, being active online can quickly become very positive. I have witnessed this myself, as my 89 year old Father in law has recently started to use the internet to shop online and e-mail family located all over the world. Using simple to use, step-by-step guides are often a quick and simple way of using the internet without any trouble.

As the Managing Director of Bath-Knight I want you to make the most out of our website. Having created the site for you, helping you use is very important to me and the Bath-Knight team. We have created an easy to follow guide which directs you to our home page and for those feeling more adventurous to the online brochure request form.
How to get on to and order a Bath-Knight Brochure

1. Open your Internet explorer.
2. Once you are on your Internet home page, click the URL bar at the top of the page.

Internet Home Page

3. Select the current URL/www. address (this will become highlighted)
4. Once highlighted erase.
5. Now type in the Bath-Knight URL address-

URL Address bar

6. Wait to load, this make take a couple of seconds so be patient- don’t be tempted to keep clicking, as you’ll find, as I did that more pages will open than needed.
7. When loaded you will be on the Bath-Knight home page.

Bath-Knight Home Page

Welcome to The Bath-Knight Home page, I am so proud of our website after years of meetings, research and hard work I think that we have the perfect website for you. Here you will find a Bath-Knight video featuring myself, our product list and information regarding how to contact us here at Bath-Knight.
8. To order a brochure, simply scroll down to the bottom of our home page.

9. On the left hand side of the screen you will see an oval icon titled ‘Free Brochure’ click here.

Click 'Free Brochure' logo

10. Our site will now direct you to another page. Here you are required to fill in an online request form.
11. Simply type in the required information and select which products you are interested in.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email

Required information page

12. Please don’t forget to tell us where you heard about Bath-Knight in the tab provided, this helps us monitor how you found out about our website.
13. When all your details are entered and your happy click ‘Submit’.

Thank You!

14. You will now be directed to a ‘Thank You’ page. This confirms that we have successfully received your details and will be sending you more Bath-Knight information shortly.

I sincerely hope that you have found the ‘Bath-Knight online guide’ helpful and easy to use. My next post will concentrate on links which lead you to helpful guides by other sites and cover areas such as e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and Skype.


My Story by Annette Greenwood

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My name is Annette Greenwood and I am the Managing Director of Bath-Knight.

Quite a few years ago, my story and career as a business woman began here as I began to market a product which we all now know and love, Bath-Knight. 

I knew nothing about business at the time. I was a school teacher, admittedly I had been school head but that’s a far cry from running your own company. But the Bath-Knight was close to my heart, invented by Father, Bill Steadman I looked forward to the challenge and a new direction.

My Father Bill Steadman

 So what would any self-respecting teacher do faced with a new challenge? I went to the library. I took out every book they had on business and read all 28 of them!

Of course, nothing prepares you completely for the challenges ahead but at least I was warned. I also believed, I believed strongly in the product and knew that there were many elderly people who really needed it and that this product would change their lives.

Right from the beginning I wanted a business that I could be proud of. My sister worked with me then and she agreed that we should hold on to our ethics. Never do anything that we would not want to be done to ourselves or our family.

Family has become an important part of Bath-Knight’s success throughout the years. It was my Father whose creation made everything we have here at Bath-Knight possible. With my sister’s help we launched our business and in more recent years my own children have created their own success within our family business.

Robert my son joined us in 1999, after finishing his university studies he quickly progressed and became the Marketing Manager here at Bath-Knight. To my delight Robert’s success has taken him and the company to all corners of the world as he launched Bath-Knight in France in 2003 and more recently in Italy.

2003 brought my daughter Lucy to the company. Much like Robert, Lucy studied before following in her brother footsteps and into the Marketing Managers chair. And later in 2005 Lucy took off to Germany adding another destination to our newly international brand.

Lucy, Alan, myself and Robert.

I am extremely proud of our achievements here at Bath-Knight, as we believe in our products and the services which we offer. That’s why I am happy to put my name and face on the internet and on all advertising.

Over the years I have made many new friends who are customers. I really value their input I often get letters telling me how they use their Bath-Knight and their ideas have helped us to bring in new developments. However, I realise that the world around us is forever changing and becoming more digital and Bath-Knight must do to.

Our expansion online will give our customers more access to our products and allow for more interaction. We have always believed that the Bath-Knight has enhanced thousands of lives and given you more independence in your own home; we believe that the internet can have the same effect.

As Managing Director I want to help you get online to gain some essential internet skills which will not only keep you up to date with the Bath-Knight team and products but also help you gain more independence  with the help of online services.

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