Patchwork blankets for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

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As I’m sure many of my regular readers will be aware I adore dogs and I’m also a huge fan of knitting. So when I read about a new appeal to get knitters knitting for homeless dogs at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home I couldn’t resist sharing it.

Battersea are looking for volunteers to make hand knitted blankets for pups who are living in foster care and to make it even easier Battersea’s Dogs and Cats Home has called upon the expert help of Lauren O’Farrell aka ‘Deadly Knit Shade’. A professional knitter and the founder of Whodunnknit, who has come up with a simple but beautiful patchwork pattern that anyone could knit (perfect for beginners).

Marcel the dog and his Purly Paw Print Patchwork Blanket

Marcel the dog and his Purly Paw Print Patchwork Blanket

The Purly Paw Print Patchwork Blanket is simple to follow with only knitting and purling required but what makes the blanket extra special is the paw print design integrated into each square. Battersea aren’t fussed about the colour of yarn which you use so I’m planning on something bright and playful to hopefully lift a dog’s spirit.

Once the blankets are complete Battersea Dogs and Cats Home will be putting them into doggie bags which also contain food, bedding and toys for pups that are going into foster care before they find a permanent home.

Battersea hope that the blankets will become a comfort to the dogs, many of whom have had difficult lives, and much like our special toys or quilts which we all possessed as children the blankets will become something that the dogs can cuddle and find comfort in wherever they maybe.

The Purly Paw Print Patchwork Blanket

The Purly Paw Print Patchwork Blanket photo by Lauren O'Farrell

I feel really inspired to start knitting especially because these blankets are going to such a worthy cause. Rescue dogs can generally feel very isolated so I’m sure that something as simple as a warm and comforting blanket will make them much happier and hopefully help them find a loving home.

Download The Purly Paw Print Patchwork Blanket pattern from .

Animals in Care over Christmas- Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

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As an animal lover its heart breaking to read that some pets won’t be celebrating Christmas at home this year. Even more heart breaking when you read that some haven’t had a home or family for numerous years.

Earlier today I read an article in The Lady magazine ‘Nut meg-scented kennels? You must be barking’. The article sights the work of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home during the Christmas period as journalist Laura Topham spent the day visiting the centres current residents.

The truth is Laura’s account at Battersea is a little ‘catch 22’. The animals are looked after incredibly well and over Christmas time Battersea Dogs and Cats Home pull out all the stops with special Christmas dinners, nutmeg scented kennels and catteries and even hand knitted jumpers to wear on a Christmas day walk. All topped off with a present or two for the animals to celebrate the festivities like everybody else.

Battersea Dogs and Cats

But behind this image of a happy Christmas is the sad reality that the future is uncertain for many of Battersea’s residents, which is incredibly sad to think about especially considering that many animal shelters see an increase of unwanted pets after Christmas.

As heart breaking as it may be to think of such wonderful animals living in limbo, it’s important to reflect on the positives. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home are able to make Christmas extra special thanks to the hard work of their staff and volunteers, many of whom will be working during the Christmas period.

Supporting animal care facilities is something which we can all do and most impressively it’s much easier than you may think. If you can’t committee yourself to a set timetable of work then why not make a donation.

Battersea Cleo

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has a brilliant online shop which allows you to purchase Christmas lunches –bargain at only £2.50- pet toys, snacks and grooming sets.

Alternatively find a centre close to your community. City Dogs Home is local to Staffordshire and accepts donations, all of which help to create Christmas joy for animals that don’t have a home or family to spend the festive period with.

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