Happy Father’s Day from Annette

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Happy Fathers Day

As its Father’s Day today I would like to thank my father for not only being a wonderful father to my brother, sister and I but for his invention that has changed the lives of thousands of people, the first original bath lift, Bath-Knight.

Father’s Day is the perfect chance to celebrate what a fantastic father you have and how he has changed your life. If it wasn’t for my father, Bill Steadman, I wouldn’t be where I am today helping thousands of people get in and out of the bath. As my father lives in Florida I won’t be able to spend the day with him, however, I can look forward to seeing him and my mother in the summertime.

I hope you and your father have a wonderful Father’s Day however you may be celebrating.

My Story by Annette Greenwood

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My name is Annette Greenwood and I am the Managing Director of Bath-Knight.

Quite a few years ago, my story and career as a business woman began here as I began to market a product which we all now know and love, Bath-Knight. 

I knew nothing about business at the time. I was a school teacher, admittedly I had been school head but that’s a far cry from running your own company. But the Bath-Knight was close to my heart, invented by Father, Bill Steadman I looked forward to the challenge and a new direction.

My Father Bill Steadman

 So what would any self-respecting teacher do faced with a new challenge? I went to the library. I took out every book they had on business and read all 28 of them!

Of course, nothing prepares you completely for the challenges ahead but at least I was warned. I also believed, I believed strongly in the product and knew that there were many elderly people who really needed it and that this product would change their lives.

Right from the beginning I wanted a business that I could be proud of. My sister worked with me then and she agreed that we should hold on to our ethics. Never do anything that we would not want to be done to ourselves or our family.

Family has become an important part of Bath-Knight’s success throughout the years. It was my Father whose creation made everything we have here at Bath-Knight possible. With my sister’s help we launched our business and in more recent years my own children have created their own success within our family business.

Robert my son joined us in 1999, after finishing his university studies he quickly progressed and became the Marketing Manager here at Bath-Knight. To my delight Robert’s success has taken him and the company to all corners of the world as he launched Bath-Knight in France in 2003 and more recently in Italy.

2003 brought my daughter Lucy to the company. Much like Robert, Lucy studied before following in her brother footsteps and into the Marketing Managers chair. And later in 2005 Lucy took off to Germany adding another destination to our newly international brand.

Lucy, Alan, myself and Robert.

I am extremely proud of our achievements here at Bath-Knight, as we believe in our products and the services which we offer. That’s why I am happy to put my name and face on the internet and on all advertising.

Over the years I have made many new friends who are customers. I really value their input I often get letters telling me how they use their Bath-Knight and their ideas have helped us to bring in new developments. However, I realise that the world around us is forever changing and becoming more digital and Bath-Knight must do to.

Our expansion online will give our customers more access to our products and allow for more interaction. We have always believed that the Bath-Knight has enhanced thousands of lives and given you more independence in your own home; we believe that the internet can have the same effect.

As Managing Director I want to help you get online to gain some essential internet skills which will not only keep you up to date with the Bath-Knight team and products but also help you gain more independence  with the help of online services.

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