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Anyone who reads my blog regularly will be aware that I’ve been blogging with for some time now. I’ve really enjoyed using and would most certainly recommend it to anyone looking to get started in the world of blogging.

However, after careful consideration I’ve decided to move my blog to a self-hosted site which is a little more technical but better suites to my needs. The URL to my blog remains the same and all previous content is included. You may see some slight changes visually but nothing too drastic. creative

I was really happy with the blog transfer and will now have plenty of opportunities to make visiting the Bath-Knight Blog as user friendly as possible. However, I sadly lost contact with my followers and would love for you, and any new readers, to click my e-mail subscribe box to ensure that we stay in touch. Simply type in your e-mail address and you’ll be kept up to date with all of my posts.

Thanks for reading and making the Bath-Knight Blog such a success.


Netmums- Parent bloggers network

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I’m really impressed to hear about latest feature- The Parent bloggers network.

Netmums is a fabulous online site offering advice to parents from child friendly events, hints and tips to keeping children healthy, well behaved and generally promotes positive parenting skills.

The site seems to set itself apart from others thanks to its ability to become localised. By simply selecting your region the site transforms into a source of information which is accessible to you and your family- great if you’re looking for a summer activity or a new childcare facility.

parent bloggers network

It’s well known that Netmums is somewhat under the shadow of its high profile competitor ‘Mumsnet’, the online forum based parenting guide, which has a sister site ‘Gransnet’ aimed at grandparents and the older generation.  

However, chance could be ahead as has seen incredible success since launching ‘Parent bloggers network’ at the beginning of the July 2011.

Based around the concept that parents often search the web for answers to parenting questions, Netmums has cleverly design a blog network which groups parent bloggers blog’s together.


As a blogger myself I have really enjoyed browsing through the Netmums blogsphere where 588 bloggers are now featured online. The content is endless covering all areas possible from general parenting to books, working mums, single parents, healthy and event humour.

Everyone is welcome to feature their blog on the network, which is what appears to make Netmums bloggers network so successful. It’s great to think that users can find answers to their pondering questions whilst exploring hundreds of fantastic blogs.

Overall a great place to seek real advice from real Mums, Dads and Grandparents. Enjoy!

School holiday activities with Grandchildren- Staying at home

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Staying at home during school holidays can sometimes be greeted with grumbles from children who want to get out and about. However, a day at home can be as much fun, and is generally a much more affordable way to keep children entertained.

So today I’m sharing my top tips on what to do when you decide on having a day at home with your grandchildren. I try to keep these activities for raining days or when going out and about seems a little grim.  Hope you enjoy!

Staying at home:

Cooking & baking-

A traditional holiday treat for me was baking delicious cakes. Lucky for us it’s still guaranteed to be enjoyed by all children. I like to bake cupcakes and let the children decorate theirs with quirky decorations. It’s a really exciting way to spend an afternoon, sat waiting for the oven to ping decorating to begin!

Once you’ve baked enough cakes why not try making your own pizzas. This is really, really great fun especially for children who are a little older. Make your own dough or if easier buy pizza bases from a supermarket. Get creative by adding a mixture of all your favourite toppings!

school holiday activities staying at home


Holding a craft day is good fun with grandchildren and for me extremely worthwhile. I enjoy patchwork quilting and give my quilts to family and friends as special gifts. So teaching my grandchildren all about patchwork quilting is really rewarding as a grandparent, as we can spend time doing something enjoyable together.

There are lots of different crafts, something which everyone will enjoy- do some research on the internet for inspiration if you like. I think it’s a good idea to keep a crafts box in the house for any unexpected visits so I stock up on creative bits and bobs when possible.

summer holidays crafts and blogging

Scrapbook/Photo blog

Making a scrapbook is a great way to document school holidays. Add photos, entry tickets, posters and leaflets from anywhere you have visited during the break. Decorate with glitter, paints, chalks and anything else from your craft box. Scrapbooks are great fun to make and even better to look back on in a few years’ time.

Alternatively, you could create a school holiday blog to document your fun days out, baking, crafts making etc… Get the children to write a little piece about their favourite part of the day/week and add photos and links accordingly.  This might be a little ambiguous for smaller children but having a digital copy is a good option if you want to share it with other family member and friends.

Top Tips- Blogging tips for the elderly

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As you can probably tell I really enjoy blogging. For me it’s a great platform to tell people about my day to day life, my business and the industry which I work in.

Personally blogging has become an outlet which allows me to express my thoughts and opinions, which is why I think blogging is perfect for silver surfers. It’s limitless in a sense of how much you can write about and is a great way to keep your mind active and share views.

I have to admit that I was a little sceptical about blogging in the beginning, that’s mainly because I knew little about it. However, having grown to adore it I thought I would share some top tips to help you on your way into the ‘blogsphere’.


  1.  Set up a blog- Sounds pretty obvious but firstly you need to set up a blog. I like ‘Wordpress’ as it’s a free blog service which allows you to customise your blog with a selection of layouts. Built in functions allow you to add photos, video and multimedia elements and most of all its really easy to use.
  2. Find something you like and write about it- Lots of people think that if you have a blog it needs to cover a specific area of interest like fishing or fashion or crafts. If you’ve got a passion which you solely want to focus your blog around great. But if you haven’t then don’t be put off. Instead write about a variety of subjects which interest you- eventually you will find a topic that you enjoy writing about.
  3. Post regularly- Posting regularly is important because the more blogs you write the more people want to come back and read. Sometimes it’s difficult to think up new blog ideas, I have first-hand experience of this. My advice would be to find something which you’ve enjoyed doing during the day and write about it. Maybe you’ve had something wonderfully delicious for dinner- why not share the recipe!
  4. Tell people about your blog- If your blogging then the chances are you will be online and have an email account or be a part of a social network site. These are great ways to tell your friends and family about your blog. Once you’ve published a blog why not tweet the link, post it on your Facebook wall or email it to your contact list. Chances are friends will leave a comment and that’s it’s a great feeling!
  5. Be open minded & stick with it- Blogging is like anything – it requires time, effort and a little open mindedness. Don’t be afraid to write your personal opinion but keep in mind that other people might disagree. Don’t be offended because that’s the beauty of blogging, there is plenty of room for everyone’s view.
     Importantly stick with your blog- it doesn’t matter how many views you get. Blogging is a great way to write about things which you’re passionate about. And in turn, is a great activity to keep your mind active.

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