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Like millions of others I get great pleasure out of reading and although there is nothing better than picking up a book and flicking through the pages I often don’t have the time to sit down and read. In fact the only time I do get to devour a great book is whilst on holiday or on a rare quite weekend.

With so many books that I’d love to read but know I won’t get around to for months I’ve been looking into audiobooks. Once seen as a method of reading for blind people or those who finding reading a difficult task in general, storytelling via audiobooks is fast becoming a fashionable way of enjoying books.


Tonnes of book but not enough time to read

Gone are the days of cassette tapped audiobooks as audible books have been brought up to date by modern technology. Amazon approved company Audible.co.uk allows users to download audiobooks onto their iPhones, smartphones, iPods, Kindles and computers so that readers or listeners should I say, can enjoy books on the go.

You simply download your chosen book- chose from classics, new releases and best sellers– plug in your headphones and listen away. Perfect if you commute to work, have lots of housework to do or your sight is finding long spells of reading too difficult. Some people might not be convinced by audiobooks but I think they are a practical and convenient way to fill your time with great literature. The only difference is you’re listening rather than reading.

woman with headphones

Audiobooks are becoming a popular choice

To add a special touch modern audiobooks are narrated by actors or in special cases the books authors, which is brilliant if you’re reading an autobiography or memoirs because the subject could be telling you their story. This is the cases for The Fry Chronicles by Stephen Fry, How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran and Life on Air by David Attenborough, which I think would be fantastic to listen to as David Attenborough is so eloquent.

Audiobooks no longer have a negative stigma so why not take on this modern approach to storytelling and enjoy even more books. If you’ve not got a smartphone or iPod ask your children or grandchildren to download a book and burn it to disk- this way you can listen on a CD player at home.

A Year with Yours- 2012 Annual

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a year with yoursEarlier this year we purchased ‘Fashion We Wore’ a fantastic coffee table book by Yours magazine, which documents fashion through the decades. Filled with beautiful images and fantastic stories from the women behind the clothes it was an instant success.

Now Yours have released their 2012 annual. Formatted as a diary, the page packed annual is a wonderful collection of reader’s stories, photographs and memories accompanied by the magazine’s own favourite recipes, quizzes and craft techniques.

A great book to casually flick through, I adore how Yours’ have created a book which reflects their readers so well. Incorporating their memories and past time makes the annual feel very much like a diary which we all want to read.

yours annual page 1

Furthermore, the annual uses some wonderful images. Ones which readers themselves have sent in accompanied by a story from their teenage years including the trials and tribulations of growing up which we all can relate too.

Of course my favourite part of A Year with Yours is the recipe selection- a delicious recipe for each week. Ranging from simple smoothies, traditional summer puddings and new twists on old classics like Paprika and Parmesan Lamb. Yummy!

yours annual page 2

With so much content it would make a perfect gift for any Yours reader as it so brilliantly captures the spirit of the magazine; homely and so lovely to read. Complete with quizzes, poems and short stories for all of those who like to keep the mind active it’s a great addition to this year’s collection of magazines.

I hope you enjoy A Year with Yours 2012- purchase the book from Yours online now.

Books glorious books- Super Thursday

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Did you know that today is ‘Super Thursday’? Maybe, like me, you thought it was a name conjured up to celebrate the unseasonal glorious weather we’re experiencing today. But that’s not the case. In fact Super Thursday is the busiest day of the year for those in the publishing industry. As over 200 books go on sale today in time to become Christmas best sellers.

This year there is plenty to choose from as lots of famous faces are releasing books alongside credited authors. Unsurprisingly comedians are taking centre stage with comics such as James Corden, Lee Evans and Steve Coogan all putting pen to paper to write autobiographies.

super thursday

In the culinary department celebrity chef and my personal favourite, Jamie Oliver is following up his phenomenal ‘30 minute meals’ with ‘Jamie’s Great Britain’. The cookbook which makes the most of British food – hotly tipped to be another huge seller.

I’m thrilled to see that Joanna Lumley has finally written her memoir simply titled ‘Absolutely’. I’m certain that it will be a great read citing not only her exceptional career in entertainment but her work as a human rights activist in particular her involvement in the Gurkha Justice Campaign.

As an avid reader it’s great to hear that such a large volume of publications are hitting the shelves. Unfortunately today I read critics condemning Super Thursday as a mere marketing tool to ensure that these titles end up on Christmas lists.

super thursday books

For me a hardback book personalised with a note for the recipient outlining why you’ve chosen that book is a classic Christmas gift, and one which I certainly take advantage of. Instead of condemning Super Thursday I’d like hope that we can collectively embrace excitement towards reading by encouraging people to buy books and enjoy them.

Thanks to Super Thursday I’ll have plenty of time to decide what to get who. Although maybe not quite yet… I don’t want Christmas to come around too quickly.

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