15 minutes of exercise a day can boost life expectancy by three years.

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A new study released today suggests that by simply exercising for 15 minutes every day life expectancy can be boosted by three years and the risk of death cut by 14%.

Whereas previous statistics offer unobtainable advances, stating that getting fit and staying healthy takes hours of gruelling work in the gym. I find these statistics really encouraging as 15 minutes of activity each day is achievable for everybody.

Even better 15 minutes of ‘exercise’ can be any sort of tasking activity which works up a sweat. So I’ve come up some efficient ways to get fit and do all of your daily tasks too.

Household activities

  • Climb the stairs– I’m guilty of piling things up and then taking everything upstairs in one go. Instead take things up when you need too. You’ll go up the stairs more times than usual but gain lots more exercise than normal too.
  • Wash the car– It’s a job which I always put off and usually end up going to a drive through service. However, scrubbing and buffing the car until it looks brand new is a great way to work up a sweat and saves pennies.
  • Gardening- If the garden is looking a little dishevelled why not go outside and pull out some weeds, mow the lawn or just have a general tidy up. Gardening really does get the heart rate going and is a great way to get some fresh air. But remember that gardening generally means lots of leaning over so take it easy and rest if you need too.
  • Walk the dog- This is one of my favourite ways to exercise as I love taking my dogs out for walks. In fact my dogs are so energetic that they usually end up walking me! I like to take alternative routes depending on what I’m doing on specific days, which is a good way to get some variety.
  • Play with grandchildren- If you’ve got grandchildren you’ll know that they can keep you active for hours never mind 15 minutes. But to make sure you do exercise plays fun games with them. I like musical chairs as it’s a classic game which gets everyone excited and with some much running around it’s a brilliant way to stay active!


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