TV Christmas Adverts: BBC Consider Yourself One of Us

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The BBC’s Christmas advert is an instant favourite of mine. Unlike other Christmas adverts this year, which have a slightly more serious approach, the BBC’s ‘Consider Yourself One of Us’ advert is incredibly fun and truly captures the happiness of Christmas time.


Featuring a host of BBC favourites including, Bruce Forsyth, Graham Norton, Lenny Henry and Tess Daly. Alongside favourite’s from BBC TV shows Doctor Who, Outnumbered, The One Show and BBC Breakfast the advert is all singing, all dancing festive fun.

With all of our BBC favourites letting their hair down for Christmas Fun I’m a real fan of this particular advert- plus I love that Sir David Jason is the star of the show. Ultimately, and most commendably, the BBC has brought their ‘family’ together for Christmas time. Instead of only using younger entertainer or the old favourites, the BBC has successfully created a universal collaboration with everyone’s favourites, which is a great delight!

Christmas Advert- Marks and Spencer

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Marks and Spencer never fail in television advertising. Having created countless crackers with their hit team of advertising beauties – Twiggy, Lisa Snowden, Danni Minogue and Myleen Klass to name a few- this year’s Christmas advert is calling on fresh new talent from The X Factor.

mischa b

Accompanying a festive scene of friends and family opening their favourite Christmas goodies, The X factor contestants collectively sing ‘When You Wish upon a Star’. Cleverly the advert is been continually edited reflecting the contestants who remain in the competition.

I’m very fond of M&S and think that the logic behind the advert is really inventive- collaborating with a group of people who are currently in the limelight is very forward thinking. Furthermore it’s incredibly festive. My only fear is that any controversy surrounding the show could reflect badly on M&S. Overall thought it is one of my favourites this Christmas.

Delia Smith’s Classic Christmas Cake at Waitrose

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Who would have thought that Christmas would come around so quickly? And with the date ever approaching children are preparing Christmas lists and the TV ad breaks are themed with mince pies Christmas carols.

Over the weekend I caught a glimpse of Waitrose’s Christmas advert, the luxury supermarket who are enticing customers with the help of Heston Blumenthal and cookery goddess Delia Smith.

delia smith christmas cake Beautifully designed with an enormous tree, candy cane ribbon and presents galore it’s undeniably festive. However it was the presence of Delia who really caught my attention armed with her Waitrose Christmas Cake Kit.

With only six weeks until 25th December now is the time to get baking (if you’ve not already made a start on your Christmas cake). The beauty of Delia’s ready prepared set is the ingredients are all premeasured and ready for you to mix, simply add fresh eggs, and butter, orange and lemon zest- perfect for anyone who is a little unsure when it comes to baking.

With a quick step by step guide from Delia, which is all fits into a half minute advert, it’s a brilliant way to get round the hardship of preparing to make the classic Christmas cake.

In my option baking the cake is the easiest part of the process, simply follow the instructions and keep a close eye on the cake whilst baking. I find that it is in fact feeding the cake with brandy, ensuring it’s infused with a generous helping of classic Christmas taste which is most important.

I made my own cake last month so I’m now at the ‘feeding’ stage. Like Delia I pricked the cake with a cocktail stick and pour brandy in slowly and gradually. I made my own cake from a traditional recipe, which has always been a favourite. However, I’m really happy to see an easy alternative to making a Christmas cake is now available. A much better option than purchasing one ready made from the supermarket.

Although I couldn’t stray from my own tried and tested recipe, my own hitches occur when it comes to decoration, which is why I’ll be taking inspiration from Delia’s online exclusive tutorial that I plan on sharing later in the week. Of course, only decorating when the cake is ready to be iced and wrapped in time for Christmas. Yum!

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