Cold Weather Alerts Service

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Last year we experienced the coldest winter in 100 years and despite efforts from various organisations to keep vulnerable sectors of society safe thousands of older people died simply due to the cold weather.

In an attempt to tackle the estimated 27,000 unnecessary winter deaths a ‘Cold Weather Alert Service’ has been launched today.

Provided by the Met Office and Department of Work and Pensions the scheme principally works with the NHS and other agencies such as social services to help implement safe guards against winter deaths.

Cold Weather PosterUpon reports of significantly bad or server weather approaching the Met Office will now issue weather alters (ranging in levels dependent on circumstances). From there the NHS and other organisations involved take actions to ensure public safety.

Read a full report from the Met Office regarding the Cold Weather Alert Service here.

These actions involve ensuring that vulnerable older people receive a daily house call when the weather is particularly bad, providing human contact and ensuring personal safety, which is particularly reassuring.

It comes as no surprise that Age UK– the UK’s largest charity for older people are backing the weather alert service incorporating the service in their ‘Spread the Warmth’ winter campaign.

Personally, I think that the service is a positive step forward. However, it’s difficult to avoid the problem of ever increasing high cost of energy bills, which is ultimately causing significant problems. I think many would agree that until people can heat their homes significantly winter will continue to be a difficult time.

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