An easy guide to throwing a Diamond Jubilee street party

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Street parties are the perfect way to bring entire communities together and this Diamond Jubilee weekend streets across the country will be lined with bunting and filled with party food for neighbours and friends to enjoy together.

If you want to organise your own Jubilee Street Party read my easy guide for hints, tips and advice.

people enjoying streey party

Get involved-

When I was growing up street parties were thrown for all royal occasions and they were an absolute ball. I’ve always found that the trick to the perfect party is getting everyone involved, even the children. Make a plan and draw up a list of things that need to be done for the big day then assign your neighbours specific tasks- this is a really efficient way of spreading cost, time and effort.

jubilee bunting

Food and Drink-

Food and drink are an essential part of a street party. For the Diamond Jubilee go all out with traditional British party food- Victoria Sponge cakes, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, trifle, finger sandwiches which can all be made from scratch. Work out which of your neighbours enjoy cooking and ask them all to bring something different. If no one volunteers to cook then order in from Sainsbury’s who are offering a Jubilee party food service.


Bunting is a must for a Diamond Jubilee street party so stock up on patriotic union jack bunting from supermarkets or pound shops. Ask a neighbour with a set of long ladders to hang bunting up sometime this week as it will set the mood for the weekend’s celebrations.

Other essential decorations are table clothes (ask neighbours to donate old table clothes which they don’t mind getting dirty), flags and crowns. Don’t be tempted to buy everything from the shops, save money by using the creativity of your grandchildren or young neighbours.  Encourage them to colour in flags and making bunting, this way everyone, even children have contributed to what will be a fantastic party!

jubilee bunting


Getting into the party spirit will ensure that everyone has a fantastic time so think up some party games which both adults and children will enjoy. Remember musical thrones from the Royal Wedding? It would work really well at a Diamond Jubilee party too.  And don’t forget a face painting station. Why not charge a pound and put the money toward the cost of the party.

Check regulations and alternatives-

If your street party means closing a road then ensure that you’ve got the go ahead from your local council. Getting the all clear does take around 4 weeks so if you’ve not asked your local council by now chances are you won’t get permission in time. If this is the case then think about alternatives. How about a garden party with your closest neighbours? Or using your local community centre for a bigger gathering?

Keeping safe around Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner and it’s an occasion which I know many people look forward too as it’s a great chance to dress up and have fun with friends and family.

For children the best part of Halloween is collecting lots of sweeties from their neighbours whilst showing off their scary costumes of course.

However, it’s important to remember that Halloween can bring unwanted guests for some as Trick or Treating visitors can cause real worry for older people.

No Trick or Treat Whilst driving to work earlier this week I heard about an incentive which is aiming to protect vulnerable neighbours from Trick or Treaters. Staffordshire Police along with constabularies  from across the country have designed posters, which residents can display in their window or front porch asking to not be disturbed by Halloween enthusiasts.

No Trick or Treat

I think the scheme is a wonderful idea as an unexpected knock on the door can cause genuine worry for older and vulnerable members of a community. The inconvenience of answering a Trick or Treat visit can be a real problem and cause unnecessary distress.

Older people with mobility problems may struggle getting to the door, others may be concerned about letting the cold in, whilst some may stress about what to give Halloween guests resulting in handing over valuable items or even money.

If you’ve got an elderly neighbour or family member who you think would benefit from not been disturbed then collect a poster from your local police station or download one here. They are a polite (and official) way to note that you would prefer not to be visited. Offering peace of mind to everyone involved. 

Worried that you won’t be able to offer a sweet treat to your young neighbours on Halloween? Why not send a pack of sweets into your local school and get the teaching staff to hand them out. Alternatively post some sweeties through your neighbour’s letter box when you’re passing- they’ll go down a storm as an after school treat!

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