Annette’s Websites of the Week 31st October- 4th November 2011

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 Annette's websites of the week website hosting National Sausage Week is a dedicated online community for foodies who enjoy great quality pork produce.

In the midst of Sausage Week the site is heavily focused around great British bangers featuring an endless variety of recipes, which display the diversity that sausages have in cooking. Like most, I instantly think of creating bangers and mash, sausage sandwiches or toad in the hole.

However, Love Pork has come up with some really exciting recipes from an Asian inspired sausage salad to sausage Paella creating a whole new take on sausages.

Further to its great recipe collection Love Pork genuinely knows lots about pork and how to make it a wonderful ingredient, which is delicious to eat and a healthy option. Featuring video tutorials, the site uses experts to tell you all about they’re take on pork, what they use it for and even how to make sausages from scratch.

prime cut

Learn more about pork and how best to cook it!

Most impressively ‘The Prime Cuts’, an interactive display featured on the site illustrates each cut of pork and which part of the pig it comes from. Detailing the best ways to cook and prepare specific cuts with videos. This is particularly insightful, especially if you’re looking to explore different (maybe more affordable) cuts of meat.

For more information on National Sausage Week including Noddy Holder’s sausage tour of Britain visit


Kirstie’s Handmade Britain- Yesterday I wrote about Kirstie Allsopp’s new TV show ‘Kirstie’s Handmade Britain’ which explores the world of craft making- an instant favourite of mine.

kirstie_allsoppAired on Channel 4 the show also has its own dedicated webpage on Channel 4’s website where visitors can revisit episodes and watch on demand. Further the webpage features all crafts, techniques and methods which Kirstie uses in the programme.

As a craft lover I’ve really enjoyed looking through the site as most impressively its features video tutorials and step by step guides on each craft. Perfect if you’ve seen something on the show which you’d quite like to have a go at, at home.

Additionally including recipes from Kirstie’s baking episode which is always a sure hit with me. The site also lists craft exhibitions, fairs and country shows here in the UK where people can enter their work into shows, and has a great selection of craft courses to inspire crafty people like myself to go and learn something new!

Overall a really great site to get lots of inspiration from, at least until the next episode!

Country Life- Recently Country Life, the publication which encompasses rural live, has joined the campaign to save Sealyham Terriers from excitation.

COuntry LifeAs an animal lover I feel strongly about ensuring that Sealyhams remain a breed which can bring pleasure and joy to families and this is why I’m happy that Country Life has chosen to celebrate Sealyhams with a front cover story and feature both in print and online.

Although I do read the magazine I hadn’t visited Country Life’s online counterpart until this week. I have to say that it’s a lovely site featuring all of the things which you’d expect- luxurious country properties which are exquisite, property news, country news, gardening tips, books reviews, fine arts, culture and delicious wholesome recipes.

A great alternative to the magazine- I’ll be returning for an easy read every so often.

Country Life campaign to Save Sealyham Terriers

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As an animal lover I know the pleasures which pets can bring to a home especially dogs who have a great way of making a family feel complete.

My own dogs Toffee and Summer are great companions and here in the office Lucy’s dog, Portia is always a welcomed guest.

Sadly it would seem that the adorable Sealyham terrier breed is now at risk of becoming extinct. A news report which I read recently stated that only 49 Sealyham puppies were recorded here in Britain last year.

A popular breed in the 1920’s Sealyhams were considered somewhat of a fashion statement. A favoured dog choice amongst Hollywood A-Listers and Royalty alike, however, now it would seem somewhat different.

sealyham country life

Country Life SOS: Save Our Sealyhams

They are brilliantly charismatic and genuinely loyal making them a perfect family dog. On top of that Sealyhams are brilliant working dogs. Often used as pest control in farming to get rid of rodent and other unwanted guests. Unfortunately it would appear that they are now becoming ‘rarer than a tiger’.

Country Life Magazine, an advocate for all things rural, believes that letting Sealyham become extinct would be tragic- and I agree too. In their latest edition Country Life are getting the word out there about Sealyhams with the ‘SOS: Save Our Sealyhams’ campaign.

Encouraging people to think about dogs and the qualities which they possess, the campaign hopes to highlight the lovely qualities of Sealyhams and help save them from extinction.

Visit My Sealyhams for more information about Sealyham Terriers and Country Life to read their feature on Sealyham’s.

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