Britain’s Got Talent App

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BGT mobile app

Britain's Got Talent Mobile App

Britain’s Got Talent has become a phenomenon with Saturday night television audiences. Although I’ve only watched a couple of episodes (I like the doggie auditions) it’s a fantastic show which boasts huge variety and the winner’s prize is pretty spectacular too – a performance in front of The Queen at The Royal Variety Show.

Now fans of Britain’s Got Talent can join in the fun by playing along at home via their smartphones. The Britain’s Got Talent mobile app (available on iPhones) provides users with their own red buzzer which allows them to buzz during the show just like judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon.

The app also hooks up with Facebook so you can see which contestants your family and friends do and don’t like. All in all a great free application which will adds a new dimension to Britain’s Got Talent- follow this link to download.

Websites of the Week- Sport Relief Special

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Annette's websites of the week

Sport Relief is finally here as thousands of people will be pounding the pavements this weekend to run their Sport Relief mile. But before all that running we get to enjoy a Sport Relief telethon on BBC One this evening from 7pm.

With this in mind I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s website of the week to  and document some of the Sport Relief challenges which have caught my eye in recent weeks and months.

John Bishop’s Week of Hell- Only a couple of weeks ago we saw comedian John Bishop cycle, row and run from Paris to London for Sport Relief. I followed John’s challenge via both the Sport Relief website and Radio One– I even wrote about John Bishop’s Week of Hell here on my blog.

Astonished by the endurance which John showed throughout and the amount of public support which he received I was keen to tune into BBC One’s documentary “John Bishop’s Sport Relief Hell” last night which televised his challenge in full. After watching the programme I realised just how hellish John’s Week of Hell was.

john bishop finish line

John Bishop for Sport Relief

Despite being completely exhausted, both mentally and physically, John’s determination to make the finish line in Trafalgar Square never wavered and I think that this is the reason why he succeed. John’s challenge was a pleasure to watch and a remarkable achievement which has encouraged thousands of others to take part in the Sport Relief mile.

Can you believe that John covered 295 miles and burned 39,872 calories? For more information on John Bishop’s Week of Hell check out his Sport Relief webpage which has video, photos and a donation link- Enjoy!

Helen Skelton’s Polar Challenge- Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton is fearless and no stranger to Sport Relief challenges. So this year she was determined to push herself to the limit by skiing, bike riding and kiting 500 miles across the Antarctic to the South Pole.

Helen faced extraordinary conditions with freezing temperatures of-48 ˚C and terrain which proved difficult to travel across. Despite such she managed to trek the 500 miles, pulling a sledge of essentials weighing 82kg behind her, successfully reaching the South Pole in only 18 days.

Helen Skelton polar challenge

Helen Skelton in the South Pole

I was eager to keep track of Helen’s challenge because she had set herself such an ambitious task. No one has ever used a bike to travel across the Antarctic before and this method was met with some hesitation from experts. I was also keen to see how she would keep herself on track in such an isolated place. Luckily for us Helen kept an online blog which documented her journey and was a real pleasure to read.

Helen’s Polar Challenge is detailed in full on her webpage on which also includes more information on the World Record that Helen broke during her trek to the South Pole.

David Walliams Vs. The Thames- Another celebrity who is no stranger to Sport Relief is comedian David Walliams who has pervious swam the English Channel for Sport Relief. In September 2011 he took on the dangerous and gruelling task of swimming the River Thames.

After swimming in unpredictable water which was not only dirty but laden with traffic its came as little surprise that David become poorly during his swim. Nevertheless he successfully swam day after day for 8 days, racking up a phenomenal 140 miles and breathtakingly 111352 strokes- ouch!

David Walliams the thames

David Walliams for Sport Relief

David’s commitment to Sport Relief proves what a worthy charity Sport Relief is, helping both families abroad and here in the UK, some of whom will be featured on the Sport Relief telethon this evening.

Like John and Helen, David has a Sport Relief webpage which documents his challenge including photographs, his River Thames route and funny videos which really are worth watching especially if you’re a fan of David Walliams comedy- him dancing to Abba’s Dancing Queen is a definite highlight.

Sport Relief is on BBC One from 7pm tonight and Sport Relief Mile events are taking place across the UK on Sunday for more information visit the Sport Relief website.

Annette’s Websites of the Week 29tth August- 3rd September 2011

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Annette's websites of the week

sport relief logo– This week has been especially sporty with Team GB scoring a gold medal in the World Athletic Championships and 70 year old Roger Allsopp becoming the oldest person to swim the English Channel.

Such great sporting achievements provide an excellent excuse to talk about ‘Sports Relief’ the charity event ran in conjunction with Comic Relief.

This year actor and all around entertainer David Walliams is getting involved with Sports Relief again after participating in 2006 where he swam the English Channel. Later in 2008 he braved the shark infested waters of the Strait of Gibraltar, and in 2010 he took part in celebrity cycle relay to Land’s Ends.

Now David is embracing on his most dangerous and tasking Sports Relief challenge yet. He will swim the River Thames in eight continuous days covering a total of 140 miles starting from Lechlade in Gloucestershire and finishing in Central London with Big Ben as his finishing post.

David Walliams

David will be faced with the brutal current of the Thames alongside busy traffic and unpredictable weather. His swim begins on Monday 5th September; all money raised will go toward Sports Relief. I’d like to offer David the very best of luck and will be tracking David challenge online.

Sponsor David Walliams River Thames Sports Relief Challenge- here. –Age UK has featured on my favourite websites of the week previously and this is because I’m a huge fan of Age UK and the work which they do to support the elderly. Packed with endless and most importantly helpful information the website truly is a go to source for the elderly or carers.

Furthermore I admire the creative thinking which Age UK applies to their campaigns. Their latest is the annual Big Knit which is been ran alongside healthy smoothie company Innocent. To accompany their campaign Age UK has created a wonderful knitting pattern booklet– the perfect way to get started on mini woolly hats.

Age it’s a great site, which I really enjoy scrolling through from time to time. To find out more about Age UK and specifically the Big Knit 2011 event visit the website.

the big knit age uk – As much as I adore my e-reader, my saviour when on holiday or travelling, I will never lose my love towards books; curling the spine, flicking the pages from chapter to chapter and using a tatty old bookmark which travels from novel to novel.

However, it would seem that people have either stopped enjoying great literature or are instead making the most of technology to read great stories. As our libraries, the homes of great literature are sadly at risk of closure.

The Women’s Institute, an organisation which has shaped the lives of many women throughout the country are running ‘Love your Libraries’ campaign to encourage people to support libraries and show how much value libraries have on education and local communities.

love your librariesAs a former teacher I know the importance which libraries have on educating. Furthermore when I created my own business a trip to my local library was my starting point. Here I loaned every business book I could find and read each one from cover to cover. These are resources which wouldn’t have been accessible to me without my local library, and such held information which has been fundamental in my success.

For these reasons I am whole heartedly behind The WI’s ‘Love Your Libraries’ campaign and hope that lots of others get behind the campaign too. What could be more important to a community that a library filled with fantastic books?

Download a petition support form from The WI official website now.

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