Louis Theroux: Extreme Love Dementia.

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Louis Theroux’s documentary ‘Extreme Love’ aired on BBC Two last night looked to the lives of people who are living dementia. Working in an industry which deals primarily with elderly people I understand how dementia can change lives, not only for sufferers but also carers, and feel that Louis Theroux’s documentary gave a touching insight into the reality of dementia.

Louis visited families in America who were affected by dementia. Interestingly he met a variety of people all of whom were at different stages of the disease and relied on care in one form or another.

Louis Theroux Extreme Love Dementia Gary

Louis Theroux with Gary

First was Gary, a 69 year old former dentist living in a care home. Although his memory would come and go, Garry didn’t remember his wife as his spouse. Instead he thought she was a former colleague which was incredibly difficult to watch but illustrated the reality of how much of an impact dementia has on everyone involved.

Across town Louis meet up with one of the most surprising cases for me, Selinda, a 49 year old mother to her 9 year old daughter. Although Selinda looked incredibly happy and healthy her dementia was progressively getting worse and will almost certainly lead to her having little or no memory of her family.

While the documentary sensitively caught the sad truth of dementia it also captured some fantastic moments which leads me to 89 year old Nancy, a charming lady with Alzheimer’s who is looked after by her husband John.

Louis Theroux and Nancy Extreme Love Dementia

Louis Theroux and Nancy

Although in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s and clearly forgetful and confused at times, Nancy was a joy to watch. Funny, charismatic and loving she and Louis appeared to have formed a real bond which was lovely to watch and probably why the programmed proved to be so poignant; maybe one of Louis Theroux’s most affecting pieces yet.

A real rollercoaster ride which gives a true insight into dementia definitely one to watch- catch up on BBC iPlayer now.

Comic Relief here in the UK

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Den Audrey Comic Relief Alzheimers society bradford

Den & Audrey get help from Alzheimers Soceity in Bradford

For many Comic Relief is an amazing charity which provides crucial help, support and the foundations to build a healthy life for people living in poverty all over Africa.

Many forget that the money which is raised by ‘doing something funny for money’ also funds organisations here in the UK, which have an enormous impact on the well-being of people across the country.

Comic Relief Stuart nervous breakdown depression drop in centre grimsbuy

Stuart has been getting emotion support at a Grimsby drop in centre for 13 years

At home Comic Relief works with countless organisations and charities which provide a wide variety of services.

It is great to see that elderly people here in the UK are getting long term help from funds which are raised by Comic Relief. The official Comic Relief website is a great source of information offering stories of real people who have benefited from Comic Relief’s help.

comic relief james scottish dementia working group

James recieve support from The Scottish Dementia Working Group

The website documents the help and support which is provided for elderly people here in the UK. Many have different problems and reasons for needing help. Ranging from depression to dementia to the fear of having to leave a loved one and move into a care home.

It is thrilling to see so much local help is available as well as being encouraging to see that your money is helping all over the world.

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