The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations so far… River Pageant, Street Parities and Diamond Jubilee Concert

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The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend is in full swing and I hope that everyone is enjoying the royal celebrations as much me. I’ve indulged in Diamond Jubilee biscuits and a drop of celebratory champagne in honour of Her Majesty.

Like expected yesterday’s Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, which saw over 1000 boats, vessels and barges travel down the River Thames, was absolutely spectacular. Having not seen a flotilla on such a large scale before, I was blown away by the grandness of the occasion. Its goes without saying that the River Pageant will be a moment in modern Royal history that will be remembered for a long time.

Although official Diamond Jubilee events are taking place in London (it was fantastic to see so many Union Jacks flying at the Pageant) it appears that Diamond Jubilee fever is successfully spreading across the entire country. I’ve already seen a handful of street and garden parties, beautifully decorated with patriotic bunting, which is great to see in the local community.

Diamond Jubilee Street Party

Lucky for us there are more jubilee celebrations on the way today as Buckingham Palace is hosting the Diamond Jubilee Concert, which will see performances from Sir Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue, Ed Sheeran and Cliff Richard plus many more. I’ll be watching coverage from the Diamond Jubilee Concert on BBC One from 7.30pm.  I’d recommend tuning in as the concert is promised to be a fantastic show, who knows what surprises organiser, Gary Barlow has tucked up his sleeve.

Annette’s Websites of the Week 6th-10th February 2012

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Annette's websites of the week

This week many of my blogs have focused around the start of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. As I’m sure you can tell I’m very much looking forward to the Jubilee in June and thought it would be a nice idea to share some Diamond Jubilee websites, which I’ve been browsing through this week. – The Diamond is the official website of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Sweetly the site is illustrated with an emblem created by 10 year old Katherine Dewar who entered her drawing into a Blue Peter competition.

A mostly fact based site it is incredibly informative and would be lovely to explore with grandchildren. As it documents the history of the Queen and previous jubilees, plus explains the role of the monarchy and how they help our country really well.

The Queens Diamond Jubilee wesbite

My favourite part of the site is the timeline which reviews the past 60 years in its entirety. From events within the monarch to general happenings which have been covered in the news. Cleverly designed with photographs and video footage you can easily scroll through each decade, recalling the pieces of history which you can remember yourself. I got a great sense of nostalgia from this section of the site and found it really enjoyable.

Overall it’s a pleasant and family friendly website which offers bucket loads of information and some fantastic photographs that I doubt you’ll see elsewhere. If you’re excited about the Jubilee I would definitely recommend checking out. – Earlier this week the line-up for the Diamond Jubilee concert, which will be held outside of Buckingham Palace on 4th June was released to the public.

With brilliant acts including Paul McCartney, Elton John and Tom Jones performing at the event, plus an invitation to have lunch in the Buckingham Palace Gardens prior to the concert, tickets are in great demand.

The Diamond Jubilee

However you can’t purchase tickets instead the event is open to everyone living in Britain. Those who would like to attend must enter a public ballot to be in with a chance of securing entry. You can sign up via post or alternatively apply online (this is the method which I chose to use).

The BBC Diamond Jubilee site is hosting the online application process, which will release ten thousand tickets. Easy to use and simply laid out the site only requires your name, email address and contact details for your application to be processed. But you should be aware that the application date closes on Friday 2nd March 2012. – I’ve chosen to share 2012 The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee because it has an online merchandise shop where all manner of Diamond Jubilee themed goodies can be purchased. They are currently selling a collection of china wear, calendars and books, plus commemorative coins which are great keepsakes.

Diamond Jubilee Merchandise

Most excitingly they currently have a selection of themed street party goods, which would be prefect for a Jubilee gathering with friends and family. Their range includes Diamond Jubilee paper plates, napkins, flags and party bunting all embellished in regal designs, which are very reminiscent to the street party decorations used during the Royal Wedding.

If you’ve already got a Diamond Jubilee street or garden party planned I’d recommend bookmarking this page so you can return to it later in the year, who knows they might have more selection closer to the Jubilee weekend in June.

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