Give an Hour celebrity campaign 2011

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The Give an Hour 2011 campaign has worked with a number of well-known faces to help promote Give an Hour. Each is featured in a video explaining who they would like to offer their help to and importantly why.

The videos feature celebrities from all corners of stardom including Stephen Fry, sports presenter Gaby Logan, BBC Breakfast hosts Bill and Sian, athlete Colin Jackson, Chef Simon Rimmer, Bill Oddie and figures from entertainment including Linda Robson and Christopher Eccleston.

The diverse variety of individuals, who all have the same objective- to help a loved one get online- offers brilliant inspiration to become a Digital Champion yourself. Watch and enjoy!


Give an Hour- Meet Digital Champions

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give an hourLast week I blogged about ‘Give an Hour’ the scheme which is encouraging people to share their computer skills and in turn help someone else get online.

Making the most out of the hour which we gain when the clocks go back this weekend I think the scheme is a brilliant way to get more people online and make the most out of our free time.

I caught a segment on BBC Breakfast this morning as report Richard Westcott visited George Higgs who is a Digital Champion at the aged of 104. George, who uses the internet to keep in touch with family and online shopping, is helping his partner Stella aged 87 to use the internet.

George and Stella


The segment was wonderful as watching George and Stella spend their ‘Give an Hour’  hour looking at cruise holidays showed that you don’t have to be a computer whiz to be a Digital Champion. You simply need some basic skills which you can pass on.

Along with George others are encouraging loved one to get online- including some famous faces. In a fantastic video Stephen Fry explains the brilliance of the internet and why he thinks Give an Hour is a fantastic scheme which we should all take part in.

I’m really excited to hear more positive stories much like George and Stella’s. To watch more videos and for further information about Give an Hour visit the BBC’s Give an Hour page.

GO ON Give an Hour

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go on give an hourSetting up my blog a year ago I wanted to inspire other people to get online by showing them how easy the internet is once you know the basics.

Within the last year I’ve kept abreast of campaigns which encourage people to get online as I understand the importance of being digital. Only last week I blogged about Age UK who are currently searching for their 2012 Internet Champion– a great feat for an individual who has gained a lot by simply using the internet.

Elsewhere the UK’s Digital Champion Martha Lane Fox, who has worked tirelessly to get people online, has introduced a brilliant incentive encouraging people to offer their help to friends and family.

give an hour 1

‘Give an Hour’ intends to turn ordinary people (who are able to use the internet) into Digital Champions, which sounds incredibly grand but is in fact brilliantly easy. The scheme is pretty much self-explanatory as Martha and her team are simply asking you to donate an hour of your time and in doing so helping someone into the digital world.

You’re possibly thinking ‘where am I going to find an hour of free time?’  So here comes the clever twist. On 30th October the clocks go back an hour, meaning that we all gain one hour for free. Give an Hour wants everyone to do something productive with their free hour by helping someone get online- using the time whenever is convenient for you.

I personally think that it’s an incredible idea as we don’t have the excuse of not having time or being too busy. One hour is the perfect amount of time to go through the basics and everyone is a winner- you become a Digital Champion and your loved one learns new and increasingly vital skills.

give an hour 2

On the Go-On Give an Hour website the team have created all sorts of ways to get people inspired but most importantly a ‘Digital champion pack’, which is free to download and includes everything you’ll need to transfer your skills to someone else. Including booklets for beginners, certificates and a mythbuster for anyone who isn’t convinced they’ll get anything from the internet.

It really is a wonderful idea one which I am certain will be a success. Here at Bath-Knight I’ll be encouraging the team to donate an hour of their time and hopefully be transferring my own skills to a friend in need.


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