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Did you know that here in the UK 5.7 million over 65’s have never been on the internet? That sadly means that an awful lot of older people are missing out on the benefits that the internet offers.

Age-UK-Logo-WebCampaigners and internet advocates (including me) highlights these fantastic benefits because they really are tremendous; staying in touch with loved one, finding new hobbies, banking, paying bills, and finding bargains by shopping around online are all incredibly easy and instantly available via the web.

Though some over 65’s are apprehensive to try something new, others can’t wait to take on a new adventure and the internet is just that- a digital adventure which can take you to lots of new and exciting places.

So it’s great to see Age UK are once again acknowledging those people who have taken on the challenge of becoming internet savvy by searching for ‘Internet Champion 2012’; two people who have gained a lot from simply using the internet.

age uk the internet changed my life

This year the Age UK team are looking for people whose life has changed since getting online. They want you to share your personal stories about getting online including the ups and downs which you’ve encountered along the way. Explain the pleasure of the new skills you’ve learnt and how you would inspire others to get online (if you’re not doing so already).

Last year’s Internet Champions went down a storm, and since been crowned they’ve shared their victory with lots of internet users at various events throughout the year. By sharing their hints and tips they’ve helped others make the leap online.

age UK internet champions 2011

Personally I think it’s incredible to hear of how the internet has created positivity in people’s lives. As I understand how much of a lifeline the internet truly is. By using my blog alone I get to connect with people who I wouldn’t have before, along with being able to share my thoughts and opinions. It’s just one fantastic element of the online world which anyone can explore.

So if you know, or you are a King or Queen of the internet, then what are you waiting for? Age UK want to hear from you. Tell them how the internet has changed your life and you could potentially be Age UK’s Internet Champion 2012.

Apply online at Age

Is there a website for grandparents…? Yes!

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Lately I’ve come across lots people asking the same question, ‘Is there a website for grandparents?’

With a huge push to get people online, especially the elderly, I think it’s important to highlight the huge range of websites which are online and available to explore. 

But the question is what websites are out there specifically for digital grandparents?

grannynet logo


Are focused around been a grandparent, offering support, advice and some of the the best information available online. The greatest thing about Gransnet and Grannynet is the community feel which they offer. Both sites boast forum set ups, which run solely on the interaction of users- the perfect place to tell your thoughts and opinions. With such a niche audience finding friendships is really easy and makes surfing the internet good fun.



I thought it was important to include websites which cover the legal rights of grandparents. Both Grandparent Association and Grandparent Plus offer legal help in regards to a grandparent’s role within the family. These sites contain valuable research and campaign policies which can be a greatly inspirational to grandparents.

digital unite

Having a go-to source when you get stuck, confused or aren’t sure what you should do next is really important when getting started online. The Digital Unite website has a specially designed ‘Learning Zone’ which can help get you on track.

I’d recommend this site to everyone because the online guides, which range from how to set up a document, setting up a Twitter account, downloading music and how to watch TV programmes online are incredibly easy to follow with step by step instructions making learning accessible to all. Brilliant!

Are you a grandparent? If so, what websites do you enjoy using or would you recommend to a friend?

Spring Online with Digital Unite- Celebrating Silver Surfers

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The benefits of using the internet are unmistakable, and with a huge government push to get everyone online; David Cameron appointed Internet Guru Martha Lane Fox as England’s ‘Digital Champion’ there are hundreds of ways to get started.

It’s great to hear that ‘Spring Online’ hosted by Digital Unite are celebrating Silver Surfers between 16th– 20th May with digital taster sessions up and down the country. Introducing the elderly (or anyone who chooses to attended) to the digital world.

Spring Online

I was overjoyed to see a massive 10 events taking place within my local area all at different times and venues to accommodate everyone.  Simply type your postcode into Events Finder or call 0800 77 1234 for more information about what’s available near you.

If you do decide to attend a session, what can you expect? A general introduction to computers the internet and how you can use such to your advantage. Sessions are run by experts who are there to teach you all about the internet, its purpose and functions. Importantly they can help you apply the internet into your life whether you want to use the internet to pay bills, order shopping or email friends and family.

In some sessions little helpers might be on hand too, as Digital Unite have worked alongside some schools, getting school children to sharing their internet knowledge, which has been a great success and perfect way for the community to come together.

spring online digital unite

What’s great is the help doesn’t stop there. The Digital Unite website has kitted itself out with ‘Learning Zone’ where you can find amazing features to help silver surfers and internet novices. There are hundreds of online guide which cover computer basics- as simple as ‘how to turn on a computer’ to more intermediate activities like ‘digital photo sharing’ and downloading.

The selection of help is quite outstanding and reflects how important getting online seems to be. I’m really passionate about encouraging everyone, and specifically elderly people to get online as I believe that the digital world can open up an entire new dimension in life.

So take full advantage of Spring Online- learn something new and become a Silver Surfer!

Gransnet- new online site for Grandparents

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I recently read about new site ‘Gransnet’ on The Telegraph website. After reading the article I headed over to the site, which calls it members Gransnetter, to see it for myself.

granset Developed after the success of ‘Mumsnet’ the new site is aimed at the older generation and is ultimately creating an online outlet for Grandparents.

I was really impressed with everything that Gransnet has to offer. Firstly you can become a member or Gransnetter for free, from there you can explore the site at your leisure and there is plenty to feast on.

It is set up in a forum style, encouraging members to comment and leave feedback on anything which they feel passionate about. Such discussions take place on the ‘Hot Discussion Board’, where questions are put forward by fellow Gransnetters. There is an endless variety of areas covered, from personal questions about family life to more formal discussions about politics and news.

Exploring more I found that there is lots of features online from gardening, cooking, photography and do’s and don’ts. I should add that all features cleverly try to integrate how to involve your family and specifically grandchildren into such activities; making the site a hub of useful resources for all 21st century, online grandparents.


I was really happy to see that the site also has Twitter and Facebook accounts, which make the content easy to follow and encourage more elderly people to get into social networking. Even better Gransnet also has great guides which offer step by step help into social media. Offering realistic expectation like don’t expect all of your grandchildren to accept Facebook friend requests and if they do be prepared to see silly photos! This sort of thing makes Gransnet really personable, realistic and quite charming.

I’m really excited by Gransnet and will most definitely be telling my friends about it. The online site really does offer a community feel with lots of discussion and a huge variety of content. Most importantly the site is ultimately offering an online space for Grandparents something which I think is really fantastic. Thanks to Digital Unite there are lots more ‘silver suffers’ but remember that you don’t need to be a computer whiz to get involved you simply need a computer and internet connection.

So go ahead and join the discussion and become a Gransnetter!

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