Smartphone Apps should be used to monitor health and wellbeing

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Today I read that doctors are being encouraged to discuss smartphone applications (or “apps” as they are more commonly known) with patients. Medical and wellbeing based apps are said to be excellent ways for patients to monitor their own health and it’s thought that patients who monitor their wellbeing via such means are less likely to regularly visit the GP. 

I’m intrigued by the idea as I think that using apps in this way would utilise the capability of modern technology. Earlier today I searched for healthcare related apps and there are hundreds to choice from each covering different areas from health, fitness, nutrition and even specific medical conditions.

Elderly person using smartphone

Smartphone App's can monitor health & wellbeing

The NHS are leading the way as they host a selection of “NHS Choices apps” which vary in helping users to stop smoking, monitor weight and BMI and even give advice to people who suffer from mental health problems.

And it’s not only the NHS who can see the potential of digital applications as Diabetes UK have recently created an app which helps diabetics track their daily blood glucose and insulin levels plus weight and calorie intake. Cleverly the app creates graphs enabling users to work out their daily averages and all of this information can be shared with their GP who can monitor the information accordingly.


Medical based app to be recommened by doctors

For anyone concerned of a high (or low) blood pressure, something which I know lots of people including myself like to keep a close eye on, there are numerous applications allowing you to record your daily reading. Another favourite of mine is “Pill Monitor” simply input the medication which you take and tick-check when you’ve taken it; a brilliant tool for people who are forgetful.

I know that some people will criticise the introduction of technology into medical check-up or worry that they won’t be able to use such applications. But I believe that using technology for general health reasons is an excellent way to become involved in the digital world- no matter what age you are. The benefits to these apps are endless so I’d recommend talking to your doctor and finding out which are most suitable for your needs. But if you don’t think you are ready to explore smartphone apps just yet why not using the brilliantly resourceful NHS Direct website.

Give an Hour celebrity campaign 2011

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The Give an Hour 2011 campaign has worked with a number of well-known faces to help promote Give an Hour. Each is featured in a video explaining who they would like to offer their help to and importantly why.

The videos feature celebrities from all corners of stardom including Stephen Fry, sports presenter Gaby Logan, BBC Breakfast hosts Bill and Sian, athlete Colin Jackson, Chef Simon Rimmer, Bill Oddie and figures from entertainment including Linda Robson and Christopher Eccleston.

The diverse variety of individuals, who all have the same objective- to help a loved one get online- offers brilliant inspiration to become a Digital Champion yourself. Watch and enjoy!


itea and biscuits week 2011 with Age UK

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Discovering the digital world is an exciting journey, regardless of age or agenda. For example I use my website and blog to showcase both my professional and personal thoughts. For me the internet is a wonderful arena to stay connected.

However, the problem most people face is getting started. I know that lots of people want to be a computer whiz but are too worried that they might get it wrong to even start. Thankfully, this week Age UK is hosting itea and biscuit events up and down the country to get more people online and digital.

The events, which are free, are taking place in local schools, libraries, community centres and village halls and ran with new comers in mind. Offering the opportunity to get to grips with the internet, mobile phones and even digital cameras so that you can capture your favourite moments and send them on to family and friends.  

itea and biscuit

The idea behind itea and biscuit is basic but brilliant; making friends, socialising and becoming a little savvier with technology over a nice cup of tea. So if you’re thinking about creating a Facebook profile but worried that you might not have any friends online, get in touch with those in your itea and biscuit session so that you can learn together. It makes getting involved in the digital world easy and a whole lot more fun.

Remember that itea and biscuit session are for beginners so don’t feel nervous or intimidated. Go along with an open mind, willing to learn something new and you’ll be truly amazes by what you can achieve.

For more information about itea and biscuit session click here and to find an event in your local area click here.

We’re supporting Age UK’s myfriends online week!

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blog banner myfriends online week

It is great to see that Age UK is encouraging the elderly to get online.

Their latest campaign, ‘myfriends online week’, which runs from 21st to 27th March 2011 is encouraging elderly people to get online to connect with family and friends, and to even make some new ones.

The campaign is also hoping to get family and friends of elderly people involved. Age UK want relatives to pass on their computer skills to give their elderly loved ones a helping hand into the digital world.

In the community Age UK are hosting events up and down the country to support elderly people who wish to get online. Events include ‘a guide to social networking’ and ‘simple computer basics’ classes, which means that there is something for everyone regardless of experience.

The ‘myfriends online week’ campaign is hoping to open up the minds of elderly people, giving them a new perspective on the digital world. Introducing elderly people to social networking resources where it is easy to communicate with relatives and make friends online. Helping to avoiding the loneliness that many elderly people feel from time to time.

I think that getting more people online is great. In particular I love the idea of more elderly people using online resources such as Skype, where you can directly connect with friends and family via online telephone calls. Programmes such as Skype are brilliant if you have children or grandchildren who live abroad or maybe are away at university. Not only is the service free but you can see who you are talking to in real time.

As my grandchildren live in Italy I find that Skype is a great way to stay in touch.  Its video technology makes a phone call to them extra special. As not only do I get to speak to them, I get to see how much they are growing, they can even show me their new toys and school projects. It’s perfect and so simple to use!

As Skype is an online service which really does show off how easy it is to use the internet to stay connected, I’ve uploaded an easy to use guide. I hope it’s helpful and that your first Skype venture is wonderful!

Skype how to make free video calls easy to use guide

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