Dogs for the Disabled – Big Dogs Breakfast

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Earlier in the year I received a letter from Dogs for the Disabled that explained their latest fundraising campaign, Big Dogs Breakfast. The idea behind BDB’s is to host a breakfast party for family, friends or colleagues and raise lots of money for Dogs for the Disabled in the process.

As a dog lover and supporter of Dogs for the Disabled, a charity organisation, who train pups to become assistant dogs that help enhance the lives of disabled men, women and children. I thought it would be a nice idea to host a Big Dog’s Breakfast morning here at Bath-Knight. To coincide with the Diamond Jubilee we decided that Friday 1st June would be an appropriate date for our BDB breakfast.

big dogs breakfast

Big Dog’s Breakfasts can be anything from a gourmet fry up, bacon sandwiches or simply tea and toast. However, facilities within the office are restricted so we opted for a cake and biscuit breakfast with members of staff each bringing in homemade goodies from donuts, biscuits, muffins, cookies and cakes.

Our Big Dog’s Breakfast went down a storm as everyone in the office indulged in the array of scrumptious treats and dug deep to into their pockets making generous donations to Dogs for the Disabled. To boast donations staff also dressed down for the day at the cost of £1.

Big Dogs Breakfast Bath-Kngiht

Bath-Knight’s Big Dog’s Breakfast raised a total of £97.55 which will be topped up to £100.00. The donation will go directly to Dogs for the Disabled who will use the funds to train and support assistant dogs and dog owners. After such positive feedback and plentiful donations I’m looking forward to hosting another breakfast fundraiser next year and would recommend a Big Dog’s Breakfast fundraiser to everyone.

If you’re thinking about hosting a Big Dog’s Breakfast check out the Dogs for Disabled website which contains tips and advice on how to organise and host your breakfast event including ready-made Big Dog’s Breakfast invitations, posters, menu cards and recipe ideas.

National Epilepsy Week 2012

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It’s currently National Epilepsy Week (20th-26th May 2012) and epilepsy organisation, Epilepsy Action, are using this week to raise crucial awareness of the neurological condition which affects over 600,000 people in the UK.

The theme to this year’s awareness week is achievement. Epilepsy Action are calling on epileptics to recall their proudest moments and most significant achievements to prove that epilepsy doesn’t have to stop people enjoying their life just like everybody else.

National epilepsy week

A whole host of epileptics have submitted their stories online. Their personal tales range from youngsters with epilepsy learning to swim, excelling at school and even sky diving! And adults achieving career successes beyond their expectations, having children and been able to take part in sporting activities after seizures, surgery and medication.

Each story is inspiring and it’s great to see a national awareness campaign that has such a positive approach. All too often we are bombarded with facts and figures. Epilepsy Action’s focus on achievements is refreshing and gives a personal touch that’s incredibly engaging.

In addition to promoting stories of personal achievement from ordinary epilepsy sufferers, Epilepsy Action also called on World Champion hurdler, Dai Greene, to recall his experiences of achieving great success whilst living with epilepsy.

epilepsy action

Dai’s story was published in an awareness supplement featured in Monday’s edition of The Guardian, which I’d highly recommend reading as it features a range of issues surrounding epilepsy including effective management of epilepsy in the workplace and in schools- read or download ‘Epilepsy Celebrating Achievement’ here.

Epilepsy is a condition which can affect just about anybody- old people, young people and fit and healthy people. The truth is you probably don’t realise the majority of sufferers have epilepsy which is why epilepsy is a condition that is worth supporting. During National Epilepsy Week why not spare half an hour to check out a local event, make a donation or just get clued up on the facts, it could really make a difference.

Top Tip: Did you know that people suffering from epilepsy can be eligible for a Disabled Persons Railcard and save up to 1/3 off rail travel. Visit for more information.

Annette’s Websites of the Week- Naidex National 2012

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Annette's websites of the week

Naidex National 2012 has been a focus point this week because of the annual exhibition at The NEC in Birmingham. Having already posted my highlights from Naidex I thought it would be a nice idea to finish the week with a Naidex themed websites of the week.  – If you visited Naidex this week you no doubt came back with a list of products that you want to research online. Thankfully the Naidex website is set up with a simple A-Z category system that makes searching for products and suppliers stress free. 

Naidex National 2012

Along with directing visitors to everything featured at the show- exhibitors, products, industry experts- I like how includes a live Twitter stream which made following the expo throughout the week easy and fun.

If you’re planning on visiting Naidex National next year I’d recommend visiting the site to get a feel for what you can expect from the show- check out the printable PDF’s of ‘Show Features’ including The New Product Showcase which I’ve found really useful. Rethinkthings is home to one of my highlights from this year’s Naidex the stylish ‘Flo’ walking frame. The website is full of quirky products which all have a similar artistic style to the Flo. Plus the site includes a blog that explains all of Rethinkthing’s products in greater depth which is definitely worth a read.

rethinkthing logo Orthros by Lepmis was my favourite product from Naidex 2012 because I was bowled over by how much joy the one handed video gaming joystick gave to its fans. A small but informative site, hosts a variety of different products which are all adapted to make video gaming accessible to disabled fans so it’s definitely worth book marking if you’re a gamer who currently has difficulties handling  generic controllers. I’m sure you can tell from my Highlights post yesterday Naidex is hugely diverse so it’s a delight to say that accessible gardening was also on display from The Mobile Garden who has come up with an in or outdoor gardening solution.

Their invention, a circular rotating planting tray, allows gardeners to plants vegetables, flowers and plants from their wheelchair or the comfort of a chair. It’s a lovely product which I’m sure all keen gardeners will be interested in especially as summer is just around the corner. I’d recommend visiting the website where you can watch a demonstration video which explores how the mobile garden works in its entirety.

www.ihusaccess.comThe Independent Living Home Show was hosted by iHUS who specialise in creating living spaces which are accessible to you. Their website includes an impressive portfolio of work which is exquisite and shows how homes can be adapted with additional living space.

Although I know that renovation is a big step for most people we have worked with customers who’ve used the Bath-Knight in speciality adapted Granny Flats, our latest was featured on Grand Designs. I think the iHus website is a great one to keep on file for future options and inspiration.

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