Olympic Torch Relay days 1-4

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Olympic Torch banner

The Olympic Torch Relay is in full swing and since starting on Saturday the torch has travelled from Land’s End to Plymouth, Plymouth on to Exeter and Exeter to Taunton in Somerset where today’s stretch of the relay began. Now in the fourth day of the relay the torch is en route to Bristol before making its way to Cheltenham tomorrow.

Excitement has travelled with the Torch since the relay began on Saturday as record numbers of spectators have turned out to see the flame travel through their home town. In most cases people from the local community have carried the flame however a couple of familiar faces have popped up along the way.

Ben Ainsile Torch Relay

Ben Ainsile with Olympic Torch at Land’s End

Adventurer Ben Fogle carried a lantern containing the Olympic flame in a hot air balloon whilst the relay visited the Eden Project and Olympians Jonathan Edwards and Amy Williams have both ran part of the relay. A more obscure choice of Torchbearer was singer and The Voice coach Will.i.am who carried it the flame Taunton yesterday.

Although there has been lots of excitement surrounding the relay it’s not been completely fault free as the flame went out when David Follett, a Torchbearer using a wheelchair was carrying the flame in Devon. Fortunately the team were able to relight the torch with the mother flame and the relay was back on track.

Amy Williams with Olympic Torch

Amy Williams carrying the Olympic Torch

The torches themselves have also made headlines as some Torchbearers have auctioned their torches on online auction site eBay. One of the torches fetched more than £150,000, which the Torchbearer will reportedly be donating to a charitable cause that she’s passionate about.

The torch will reach Staffordshire next week but in the meantime I’ll be keeping track of the flames whereabouts here on the blog. I’d love to know if you’ve seen the torch or are a torchbearer so please feel free to leave a comment below.

Websites of the Week 21st -25th November 2011

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Annette's websites of the week

ebay logowww.ebay.co.uk – Earlier this week I uploaded a beginners guide to online auction site eBay. Hopefully the guide will offer the basics to new users who are hoping to make a little extra money on unwanted goods from around the home.

For me the most fascinating thing about eBay is how vast the site is with thousands and thousands of items up for auction. It goes without saying that you can find almost anything on eBay regardless of how outdated, rare or utterly ridiculous it might be.

My reasoning for including eBay into this week’s selection is because these items all make money, sometimes much more than you might have expected, ultimately making it the perfect way to part with any unwanted goods.

Of course, eBay has a couple of downsides which include having to pay a small charge when listing an item over the price of 99p. However, as savvy users will know eBay often carry out ‘free listing’ weekends, whereby users can upload up to 100 item for any price without incurring any fees.

Ebay page

These weekend are the perfect time to make the most out of eBay, as you have a wonderfully opportunity to list your items at a worthy price for no charge. And the good news is that this weekend eBay are hosting a free listings event- running from Saturday to Sunday.

On the other side of eBay is of course buying. I really enjoy browsing the sites looking at old pictures, vintage furniture and craft goods. Furthermore the excitement of placing a bid, and winning, is very much like the feeling that you get at a real auction.

So if you’ve not yet explored the wonders of online auction eBay head over and check it out for yourself- www.ebay.co.uk


wifoods_logowww.wifood.co.uk – Yesterday the WI launched their new website WI Foods at BBC’s Good Food Show. Featuring homemade inspired produce the site truly reflects the WI’s reputation of creating great quality produce which everyone will enjoy.

I was thrilled to visit the site yesterday as it’s as good, if not better, than I’d hoped. Filled with beautiful images of what sound like truly delightful produce the site reflects the WI so well and is a real pleasure.


Currently the site is limited to selling only jams, chutney and biscuits. However, they look as pleasing as I’m sure they taste and charmingly displayed with ribbon and a classic tea room set up. It’s hard not to feel as though you’re day would be made better with a dollop of WI strawberry jam on toast.

I do have to say that I feel there is room for more produce on the site but that’s something which only the team at the Women’s Institute can determine. Fingers crossed their jams and biscuits will get the ball rolling.

Enjoy WI Foods at www.wifoods.co.uk


groupon-logowww.groupon.co.uk – I’ve recently joined ‘Groupon’ an online discount site which sources exclusive ‘deals of the day’ offers. The site has become a huge hit amongst businesses and consumers alike who are looking for alternative and cost effective ways to buy and sell.

By simply signing up to Groupon and selecting the city or town which is most applicable to you, Groupon will e-mail you daily with a range of hugely discounted offers from local and national business which you may be interested in.

The beauty of Groupon is that anything and everything can pop up. Today for example a paintballing offer sits alongside a discounted photo shoot session and reduced price beauty treatment- there really is something for everyone.

With Christmas right around the corner not only is Groupon a get place to purchase a bargain but also a wonderful way to get inspired. We all know how difficult thinking of gift ideas can be.


It worth remembering that Groupon offers only last for a day so do note the ending time which appears on your daily e-mail along with the details of the deal – discount, price etc. Before booking anything via Groupon always read the terms and condition. Often these exclusive offers work alongside businesses normal custom and therefore may not apply at weekends, evenings etc.

Overall Groupon is most definitely worth signing up to. It’s completely free unless you make a purchase. Enjoy!

Beginners guide to eBay

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Car boots sales are wonderful places to catch a bargain. However, I often associate them with the good old saying ‘the early bird catches the worm’, which may be why auctioneers are going digital and setting up shop on eBay.

ebay logoThe online auction site, which has become a huge commodity in online shopping, has the same principle as car boot sales or auctions; simply selling unwanted goods, however, to a worldwide online audience. 

You can sell everything and anything on eBay from old to new and strange to bizarre. So with Christmas around the corner, now is the perfect chance to get online and start selling your old possession. Helping you earn a little extra money for Christmas treats.

Getting started:  

  • Like any other online site you need to register and set up an account. Do this by simply clicking ‘register’ next to the eBay logo. Here fill in all of your details not forgetting to create a User ID which will become your eBay account name.
  • eBay is really easy to use once you get used to it. However, I’d recommend reading eBay’s ‘Tips for New User’, which suggests some handy ways to get started.
  • When making a transaction on eBay payment can be made in a variety of ways. However, most users use eBay’s preferred method PayPal, which is a secure method of payment. Simply set up an account here- www.paypal.com

Now your account is set up you can start selling:

  • To sell an item you simply click ‘Sell’ at the top of the eBay screen.
  • Enter details of what the item is and click ‘Start Selling’
  • Here a variety of options which appear, simply click on the options which correspond to the item you’re intending to sell.
  • Now you need to create your listing. This basically means you need to detail the item ready to sell. Try and be as precise as possible. Remember to title your item with key words which people would potentially search for.

Ebay selling

  • Upon listing a written description is needed so be as informative as possible. Note how old the item is, exact measurement and mention any wear and tear. It’s really important to be as honest as possible here, as if your item isn’t as described this can lead to disgruntled customers.
  • Always add a photograph of your item as they can really push a sale forward. Remember people like to see what they are purchasing. Make sure the photograph is of good quality and highlights the item nicely.
  • I like to list my auction item at a starting price of 99p as there is no fee for listing. However, if you would like to start at a higher price no problem, just be sure to check eBay fee’s to see what charges you may incur.
  • Finally don’t forget to add postage price to your listing, be realistic and weigh the goods to calculate a fair postal cost. It’s also worth remembering that any item sold outside of the UK will cost more to ship.
  • Once you’ve completely created your listing confirm the details ensuring that all information is correct and accurate. Once confirmed your item will appear in your listings and ready for bidders to start bidding!

garden tool set listing

Sold items:

  • Once you’ve sold an item eBay will notify you via e-mail. Follow links in the e-mail or use ‘My eBay’ tool to arrange postage and further contact with the buyer.
  • Always ensure that payment has processed before posting, then use the details shown on the order and proceed to post.
  • Always remember to keep the buyer in the loop. Let them know when you’ve dispatched the item and leave them feedback on how the transaction went. Receiving good feedback is always a nice feeling and encourages other users to use that seller!
  • Sold- now you can relax!

My ebay

Handy tips:

  • Before selling something do a little research. Search eBay to find out how much other people have sold similar items for. This way you will have an idea of how much the item might fetch.
  • Some items such as alcohol and tobacco are prohibited from eBay. Make sure what you’re about to sell is within the rule of eBay otherwise you may find yourself in trouble.
  • Keep in touch with your buyer- if you’ve sold an item but are struggling to get it dispatched let them know. If you’ve had an unexpected hiccup send them a quick e-mail they will appreciate your communication.
  • Finally, check all fees and costing. EBay and paypal do take a small percentage from sales and listing so this is worth keeping this in mind.

Check out Bath-Knight’s eBay store here.

Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding Hat- The Winning Bid… £81,101

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Princess Beatrice Wedding HatAs frequent readers might have already noticed I have added a new feature to my blog ‘Annette’s websites of the week’, where I list my favourite websites.

Last week the famous online auction site Ebay was on the top of my list, as I was busy watching Princess Beatrice’s designer Royal Wedding hat by Philip Treacy be auctioned off with the proceeds going to charity.

The bidding ended on Sunday evening and sold for a massive (and record breaking) £81,101.00. With so much media attention I’m not surprised by its phenomenal success and I’m really happy that Princess Beatrice has chosen to give the money to her favourite charities Children in Crisis and UICEF.

A great end to the Royal Wedding!

Websites of the Week

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Annette's Website of the Week

Princess Beatrice hat on EbayEbay- Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Hat by Philip Treacy

The Princess of York has decided to auction the Philip Treacy hat she wore to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding after it received a huge amount of media attention.

Thus far the Phillip Treacy creation has collected £50,400.05 with all funds going to Princess Beatrice’s chosen charities Children in Crisis and UNICEF.

I’ve really enjoyed following the bidding and will be keeping my eye out for the winning bid on Sunday!


Spring Online

Earlier this week I blogged about Spring Online a website which works alongside Digital Unite– the aim of this site is to encourage more people to get online. My favourite part of the site is ‘Event Finder’, closely followed by the huge variety of online guides. Super helpful and really easy to navigate around!

Youtube- The Internet Grandad

I found ‘The Internet Grandad’ after reading about 83 year old Youtube star Peter Oakley in The Telegraph. Peter uses Youtube to upload videos which see him talk about his life. It’s great to see someone like Peter making the most out of the internet and it is really interesting to watch him share his personal stories online.

Net 2 Nana– Gifts for Mums and Grandmothers

A beautiful site which features unique gifts for Mums, Grandmother and Aunts- or anyone you like really. The site features all sorts of gorgeous gifts- I really like the scarf selection. Net 2 Nana is the perfect port of call if you’ve got a special birthday coming up.

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